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Q:pretty self explanatory. i need new tires for my truck and i‘d like to have some off road tires but i don‘t really want to shell out $300 per tire. thanks for your help
Buy BIO SHOUT from your Super market. Put some on the stain and start rubing for a white. After that leave it somewhere for a couple of hours and then throw it in the washing mashine. Hope it worked ! ! ! ! ! ! !
Q:What are the car tires?
The tire carries the maximum speed of the specified load under specified conditions. The letters A to Z represent the certification speed of the tires from 4.8km / h to 300km / h. Y: 300km / h; S: 180km / h; T: 190km / h; H: 210km / h; V: 240km / h; W: 270km / h; H; Z: ZR speed is higher than 240km / h.
Q:Me again. Which bike tyre size is wider?a 700x38C tyre or a 26x1.75 inch tyre?
You are aware that you are comparing tires for two different wheel diameters, right? A 700-something won't fit on a 26something.
Q:Why high-end car tire rubber are relatively thin steel ring are relatively large? Low-end car just the opposite.
The big ring is nice and the tires are widened. Advantages: stability, good handling. Disadvantages: fuel consumption increased, sacrifice a certain comfort. Low-grade car with small steel ring cheap, fuel-efficient. Small Japanese cars such as Nissan series of tires are very narrow, flat than the value of large, comfort will be better. Tire has a flat ratio, the smaller the value, the more flat.
Q:I am having trouble understanding what exactly balancing a tire does. If i were to take my tire off to change my brakes would it then need to be rebalanced. thx
No. Balancing a tire is to make sure that at high rotations it will not wobble due to weight distribution in the tire tread and rim. It wont matter if you remove and reinstall the wheel from the car.
Q:Anyone know where i can find a good deal on tires for my kia spectra 5 like 4 for 100 anything?
Check your news paper for sale's. But first find tire size on left front door.
Q:Chinese car tires which brand the best
Michelin tires are of good quality and now many cars are used. Such as Bora
Q:we are moving to milwaukee and have regular Tyre‘s on our car. Do we need to change the Tyre‘s to snow Tyre‘s? or any regular Tyre‘s will do good. pl advice
They should be fine. Technically, the snow tires should be about 1/2 taller (so a 1/4 difference all the way around), and are slightly wider, but they're probably just fine. Your speedometer will be off 2% (i.e. not enough to really ever think about)
Q:Are boggers good for a daily driver? Or are the Irok tires any good?
Look at General Tires. They rock.
Q:My 1998 Toyota Camry XLE v6 has P195/70/R14 all season tires and since I put around 60 psi and nothing happens is still normal acceleration if high pressure tire.
60 PSI is way too high. Most midsized cars have them at 30-32 PSI. To know the exact recommended tire pressure for your Camry, open the driver door and look at the door jam. You will find a white or black sticker (probably white) that has the tire pressure listed there.

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