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Q:wht is the height and width of a 255/75/17 tire?
the tire is 255mm wide.the height from the rim to the top of the tire is 75% of the width of the tire so it would be 0.75*255 191. So the tire height from the rims to the top of the tire is 191mm. and it is a 17inch tire so it would fit a 17 inch rim
Q:what are the composition of a tire black?
Tires are surprisingly complex. I'm not sure exactly what you are asking in the question. Specifically, the black in tires is carbon black (i.e. soot!) that has been mixed into the rubber during processing. This is done to give the rubber additional strength and to lower costs. (This is known as rubber compounding). The rubber used in tires if I remember correctly is usually a blend with a major part natural rubber. When the tire is assembled the rubber will be cured (usually with sulphur + accelerators and high temperatures). Tires also usually have fabric plies and steel inserts for additional strength and durability.
Q:Radial And Ply Bias Tires?
radial tires handle better then bias and you get a better ride with radial tires because bias tires are harder then radials.
Q:Tire warming on the formation lap?
Ofcourse a cold tyre offers less grip than a hot tyre. I don't know how much you could heat up your tyres by switching off the traction control. Anyway its not advisable because you will simply waste your tyres. In F1 they use the tyres for hardly 100 km but you have to use them for couple of thousands, and whatever driving we do, i'm sure does not require that kind of warming up. We are not on the circuit so why waste?
Q:How good are Kevlar bicycle tires?
There are tires that are puncture resistant, but there really is no puncture proof tire. There are quite a few systems for making a tire more puncture resistant, kevlar belts under the tread is only one of them. Schwalbe tires use a dense rubber belt under the tire to improve flat resistance, other companies use other materials. One thing to consider: punctures are not the only cause of flats. Insufficient air pressure is a very common cause of pinch flats. I see people riding all the time with tires that are obviously under inflated. Another cause is a defective rim tape. Before you do anything, try to figure out what is causing your flat tires in the first place. You can do this by examining where the puncture occurs. If it isn't on the outside of the tube under the tread with a corresponding hole in the tire itself, your flats won't stop if you buy a different tire. Tire liners won't prevent pinch flats or flats caused bu the rim or the rim tape
Q:Tire Tread - Why am I not getting longer life in my tires?
Where is it leaking from? How much is leaking out? Additives are kind of a last resort solution that never work out the way you'd hoped. It could be as simple as a value cover gasket. Easily replaced by youself in the driveway.
Q:change tires get better mileage?
I know they do this kind of stuff on a daily base's,All there thinking about is getting the car from point A to point B at any cost.If your car is rear wheel drive then he could have unhook the drive shaft and the car would have rolled right off the tow truck.
Q:Tire mounting question?
with only 4k on them, not really. just have them put the two that take the most weight to balance on the rear of the car. unless they are directional tires then you put the one of the two per side with most weight on the rear.
Q:tire plug tire steel belt question?
NEVER PLUG! ALWAYS PATCH! Even if it cost more. Which it will.
Q:Can the car tire break the insurance?
Tires are not covered by insurance. But when you buy a new tire, ask the dealer to see if there are reasons for quality can be returned. The quality of the reasons are born by the individual.

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