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With wide and stabile tread, Excellent traction and adhesion. Designed to deliver exceptional operator comfort and for articulated trucks.

Q:Nascar is a competition sport, right? Why not let multiple tire manufacturers compete for the most competitive tire? Would race results determine who makes the best tire?
A few years ago nascar let the teams run other tires if the driver and crews wanted to but i they had more tire problems with them and a few drivers were injured in crashes with the other tires so i belive that good year makes a better tire becouse since they have went to only good year tires they have had less tire problems and less driver injury due to tire related crashs
Q:How is the car tires packed and transported?
A lot of tire manufacturers are directly wrapped with a direct tire around the tire, and then paste the label on the tire surface can be. Generally were "people" shaped stacked in the container for transport, of course, there are many forms of stacking, not to hurt the tires.
Q:Tires incorrectly rotated.
I trust the 1st answer published. I had what sounds like the comparable difficulty with a used truck I have been given some years back. I saved utilising it, and via the time the venture grew to grow to be glaring, i grow to be fortunate to get away with changing the bearings and in basic terms the brake rotor. the recent bearings would not seat interior the old rotor. i could recommend making a while to llook into this, whether that's in basic terms to save some funds if no longer for secure practices.
Q:I bought this car in Florida but now I have to move to boston and I do not have the time to check the tires. A friend was telling me that you need to change tires when you move up there, but maybe my car already has it. Does somebody know?
The best tires for dealing with winter conditions that you will experience in Boston are a full set of winter tires. All weather tires are essentially aggressive all season tires. They are okay but for best winter traction, you need proper winter tires.
Q:Is the car tires easy to ignite?
Not easy to be lit, if easy to ignite the words, the car on the road running is not very dangerous.
Q:The right side of the car tire wear serious problems
Single check your car's suspension system there is no problem if there is no four-wheel positioning adjustment
Q:my car recommends 94 V, but they are more expensive , and harder to afford/.? is it ok if i replace all the tires with 98H rated tire, or would it not have good handling,please help??
As a tire industry professional I always recommend sticking with tires of the same speed rating as originally installed at the factory. Tires have more to do with how a car rides, stops and handles than anything else. Put on less tire than what the car was engineered for and you do run a risk of downgrading those capabilities. And besides, you bought the car because you liked how it drove, right?
Q:Ok is it possible to use a 175/60/15 tire on a car that has 175/65/15 tires
Yes but unless you use a pair of them I'd only use it temporarily though.
Q:I got all brand new tires. The max PSI writtin on the tire is 51. I put them to between 49 and 50. About a month later maby less, they all dropped down exactly 10 psi. Why? Im from south louisiana and its hot and humid.
The new nature of the tires, road use, a hot climate, or the high pressure. There are a lot of reasons. I would check your car's tire pressure with the owner's manual. I have a 1989 Nissan truck that holds only 35 psi in its tires. But, different tires, made for different vehicles have different tire pressures. Ford tried to make their SUVs more fuel efficient so they increased the tire pressure slightly. That was how they got the nickname Ford Exploders. For an SUV you might want to keep the tire pressure 10% to 15% below max. One good reason for this is that the slightly deflated tires grab the road better. I don't need to worry about that much for my little truck, but you probably have a much larger one.
Q:What is the difference between winter tires and snow tires? If I use only two snow tires on the front wheels, during snow, in my front wheel driven car (Brand of the car - Chevrolet), then safety wise shall it make much difference then if I had used snow tires on all the four wheels? Also, If I want to use only two snow tires in my another old seldom used rear wheel driven car, then should I use them on rear wheels or on front wheels (Brand of the car - Ambassador)? Do snow socks works same like snow tires? Thanks for your reply help in advance. Negi
I have a small pickup truck which is very light in the back end. I use studded snow tires on the rear in the winter time. And if I have to drive when the roads will be slick, I add about 200 pounds of sand over the rear axle. Works great!

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