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With wide and stabile tread, Excellent traction and adhesion. Designed to deliver exceptional operator comfort and for articulated trucks.

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Q:Need 4 new tires for a grandprix and a alignment need best deal
Just about every tire store these days has tires on sale. Without knowing your tire size, it's impossible to estimate how much they will cost. Almost all tire shops have an alignment department and most places charge in the area of $30 to $40.
Q:bike tire help
They come with directions.
Q:What is the name of the pattern for rotating directional tires on an AWD? What about non-directional?-Thanks
I'm not sure the name of the pattern, but on a AWD vehicle you would rotate the front tires to the rear and the rear tire forward to the front and keeping the tires on the same side of the vehicle that you removed them from. This applies to both directional and non-directional tires. Vehicles with different size tires front and rear can not be rotated. Hope this helps.
Q:Members experts to ask my home is Futian 480 truck tires for the 600-14 want to ask the numbers are what it means. The tire models seen on the web are all (175 / 65R14) explained differently
Hello: trolley and truck tires that tire type is not the same, and the car is used in vacuum tires, your truck is the use of nylon tires, which must be loaded with a tube can be used, the vacuum tire does not need inner tube The! But the meaning of the number 14 is the same as the tire is the steel ring with 14-inch! Thank you for adoption!
Q:I have a 07 Jeep Liberty Sport and it did not have the right size tires on it when I purchased it. The tire size I have now is 225/65 r16 and I would like to know what the proper air pressure is for that tire.
no it will not. same reason the front clip wont fit on a v6, they just arent compatable. you can get dual xhaust for ur v6 tho wont sound nearly as good because its a 6 cyl. the pistons dont fire equally. i dont think pistons is the right word but it wont sound as good at a v8
Q:What tires have you had good luck with in winter, snow, ice, wet traction ? Front wheel drive cars only, thanks.
sophisticated subject. look from the search engines. this will help!
Q:What should you pay attention to when using car tires?
Load load The tire load has a significant impact on the service life. Trucks loaded goods should be distributed evenly, as far as possible due to uneven distribution caused by overload; heavy truck overnight should be the top of the car beam to prevent the tire sinking volume is too large, causing carcass deformation.
Q:are street bike tires bigger then mountain bike tires?
Road bike tire are 700c or the same as a 29er in MTB terms. A mtb is 26 inch, 26er. So yes, bigger than 26 about the same as a 29.
Q:Are tires balanced during manufacturing? Is there a marking on the new tire signifying the perfect balanced area? In return, should the person mounting the tire on a wheel place the mark in alignment with the valve before inflating air and balancing the wheel?
there is a mark on the tire but its a mark to keep in a certain distance from the valve and isn't critical. There is a machine that does spin the tire letting the technician know where weights need to be placed to properly balance the tire. So that being said no tires are not balanced during its manufacturing process.
Q:which company manufactures the best tyres (tires) bridgestone, pirelli or is there anyone else ?
All of the major name brand tires are about the same. There is no brand that is superior to the others. If any brand of tire were really superior to all of the others, this would be the only brand of tire that anyone would buy. The other tire manufacturers would be forced to stop making tires that they could not sell. Any answer you will get with a question like this will be based more on brand loyalty than fact.

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