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Q:What is recommended tire pressure?
Recommended tire pressure for all car tires is 32. However my 1960 Buick Electra weighs about 2 of your cars combined. So, what the tire manufacturer recommends is not knowing the weight of your vehicle. That you owner's manual should state the tire pressure for your car. Which could be 28 all around. Definitely not 60. Your tire is over inflated. What happens is that it wears in the center prematurely wearing out your tire. Most tire stores should know what the tire pressure is suppose to be for that car. It is also on a sticker on the door jamb or in the glove compartment stuck onto the flap. Some even have it in the trunk where the spare is located. If any tire has 60 PSI it is the spare, for who knows when it will be used and if it is a front tire or rear tire.(some auto manufacturers recommend different pressures between front and rear. It is easy to let air out, but how many people are carrying a pump to add air to the tire? . This recommended air pressure is put on by car manufacturers since they made is really been there forever. The manufacturer knows about their car and what is the best for it so you get the greatest traction and soft ride, and longest tire life. . Do you think the tire manufacturers KNOW which car or truck these tires are going on? And their maximum pressure is 32PSI. 60 is a bit high. So far you are lucky, for I have heard of cases where the tire exploded and took the drivers head off with it. Instant death. You don't notice the wear immediately but when you do, it is too late so fork out another several hundred and replace all the tires. For they all will wear the same way. You definitely will not get 60K on those tires. Lucky if you get 8K.
Q:How does the car tire model distinguish?
Usually the car tire size logo is *** / ** R ** * part is the number. You can find the tire size information for your vehicle in the vehicle user's manual, the cab door (near the B pillar), the tank cover, the storage box, and the like.
Q:Car tires will not be due to how much weight and the lack of pressure situation
1, the tire load capacity is the upper limit. Please refer to the sideways load index. 2, tire use is a tire pressure conditions. Please refer to the manufacturer's tire pressure recommended value.
Q:Dangers of Old Tires?
With tires, you do get what you pay for. I always spent the most money I could afford on tires and shocks. If the tires are old, say older than 10 years, examine them for drying out and excessive wear. I would refrain from high speeds as the excessive heat can result in a possible blowout. Recently, news reports told us that some tires in the warehouses from years ago were displaying symptoms of dry rot ON THE SHELF!. Check with the specific manufacturer by e mail or regular mail (so you have documentation should the need arise). Good luck
Q:How do I read my tires?
The 205 means the tire is 205 MM wide, the 55 means the tire from the rim to the ground is 55% of 205 or 112.75 MM tall, the R stands for radial, the 16 is the rim diamater, I don't know what the 91 is but the H is the tires speed rating, which means the tire is built to sustain 120 MPH for an extended period of time.
Q:Soft vs hard compound tyres?
A softer tire will grip better, but wear faster. A hard tire will have less grip, but last longer. Some newer tires have a hard compound in the middle sipes and a soft compound for the outer shoulder blocks since the outer parts of the tire grip more in turns. There's no tire that lasts a long time, is sporty and great in all weather. Also, weather is a factor. Many tires are meant for summer and are usually soft tires, but snow tires are also pretty soft. The different temperature tires are basically useless outside of their temp range. A winter tire will wear quickly in the summer and a summer tire will have no grip in cold weather. Tires are pretty advanced and there are a lot of variables beyond hard and soft.
Q:What is the flattening ratio of car tires?
Give you a little explanation for it. The flat ratio is a proportional value: the ratio of the thickness of the side of the tire to the width of the tread. For example: 205 / 60R15, flat ratio is 60%, recorded as 60, 60% of the tread 205 is the tire thickness. 15 is the hub diameter, the tire of this model that put all the dimensions of the tire are included.
Q:' 02 rsx tires?
finally nice to see someone getting 40k out of a set of tires, it just blows my mind when people come into my shop with say an 06 vehicle and two tires are bald because of lack of rotation. Shop around, I like the bf goodrich traction ta,s they have a 60 k mile warranty and if you rotate them like you have been, they will last that long good luck to ya
Q:International famous car tire brand?
Michelin: high comfort, poor wear resistance. Bridgestone: the most wearable tires, control grip and comfort is very general. Hankai Kumho, Yokohama, not a grade, not comment. Goodyear: US goods, what All lots == low end, only price. Pirelli: my brother, Ferrari matching is patience is good. Porsche Cayenne is Hantai? The The You check the Internet to know. Pirelli supporting the driving force of the two kings one (Ferrari, Lamborghini, Maserati)
Q:Front tire, rear tire . what is the difference?
Our four wheeled 'friends' steer much differently. On a bike you are leaning more than steering. If you look at the size and tread pattern of most bikes you will notice that they usually have close to the same diameter overall but the front is usually a larger rim. This is because of the gyro/weight/control factor that a larger (read heavier) wheel would put on that dynamics. You should also notice that the tread pattern is reversed, this is done fore two reasons. One the front pattern is angled to 'wash-away' water for more traction to the rear in it's same path but also to give you more of a 'cat's-paw' effect in the road surface.

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