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Q:tire size difference?
they should be just a little narrower and a tiny bit taller(60 series) it should be an issue at all. your car is rear wheel drive so it doesnt have to have same size tires front and rear just same size on each axel. (55's on front 60's on rear). but you may notice a small handling difference with the taller narrower tires.
Q:what is this tire size?
Seems like a fat tyre to fit a 15inch rim. Will go on almost any 15 inch rim for most cars depending on clearance between the insides of the wheel arches.
Q:changing low profile tires for regular tires?
The PT Cruiser depending on model year and trim came with 3 different tire size options, all inflated to 34 psi front and rear: P195/65R15 89T P205/55R16 89T P205/50R17 XL 93H Your 2001 model likely has the P205/55R16 89T tire size which is an extremely common size found these days on such mundane but nice riding cars like the Toyota Corolla. 30 years ago when this tire size debuted on the front of the Porsche 911 Carrera it was considered low profile. Today it is considered normal and boring. If you bought some 15 wheels you could downgrade to the P195/65R15 89T tire size which will give you a bit more sidewal cushion but I doubt it is going to ride significantly better. The basic problem is the car. I've driven lots of PT cruisers with all 3 wheel options and personally feel that every one of them rides and handles like total rubbish. The convertible is I car I actually rank as the second-worst car I've ever driven, being behind only the Yugo.
Q:how to properly use the ultra bike tire inflator sealer?
They come with directions.
Q:Why am i kinda tired after eating?
u mite b tired bc its 2am but if it was during the day and u wer tired after eating its bc eatin a big meal makes ur metabolism slow down so u get very lethargic (lazy) :)
Q:yerf dog front tire ware?
Tire ware. where? There is no ware there, only wear. Dude, seriously! If you are going through tires (9/32 tread) in a couple of hours they are sideways out of alignment. Get it up on an alignment rack. The most expensive front end alignment is far cheaper than a set of tires.
Q:question about rebalancing tires?
no you don,t have to have the tires balanced again just by taking them off and putting them back on. even if you rotate your tires you don,t have to have them balanced again. the only time you need to have them balanced is if you lose a weight or have a tire broke down or when your buying a new tire you have to have them balanced. balancing tires is so the tires will roll evenly.
Q:Would it make a difference if I used passenger tires on my tacoma then light truck tires?
I have a car, and my 2 year old has been getting into her own carseat since she could walk. She's able to get into it if we're using the van or the car. She likes to do things herself though and won't have it any other way.
Q:Is this tire a good tire?
Usede KUMHO tires for years - never a problem
Q:Where to install tires?
I use the front brake, exactly as guardrailjim described. If I have to sit there a bit, I'll hold with the rear brake and relax my arms. (Neutral, watching the mirror) At my warning to get ready to move, I swap. I don't usually sit in neutral unless it's a long wait and my back isn't totally exposed. I love having two-finger operable levers.

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