Car Radial Tyre of Green-Max-Winter-UHP

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Product Description:

 1.Pattern of Car Radial Tyre Description:


The tyre used for snow ice road condition in winter.The variety of steel disc style makes the pattern stiffness distribute more reasonably, good for realizing each performance


Wide lateral grooves inside, along with high-density steel disc, effectively improve snow evacuation, while high-saturation blocks outside provide tyre excellent handling performance.


Pattern ribs on the crown center of tyre ensure excellent longitudinal maneuverability, the steek disc on which helps offer a comfortable ride.


Four wide circumferential grooves of tyre improve snow evacuation performance.


2,Main Features of Car Radial tyre:


Used in winter

Special pattern design

Long life

excellent handling performance


3,Ridail Car Tyre Images:

Car Radial Tyre of Green-Max-Winter-UHP

Car Radial Tyre of Green-Max-Winter-UHP


4,Radial Car Tyre Specification:


Car Radial Tyre of Green-Max-Winter-UHP





We have organized several common questions for our clients,may help you sincerely


1,How to guarantee the quality of the products?

We will give clients compensation if the tyre is manufacture defect.The clients just povide the tyre NO. and pictures of defact position.


2,How long time delivery tyre?


We can delivery the tyre within 30days after receive down payment or LC.


3,How many containers can get the sole agent?


Upon to the market,the quantity will be more if big country,oppositely,it should be less.For example,three containers per month for UAE,but 15-20 containers for USA.

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Q:Tires PSI???!?!?!??!?
I don't have one handy but what you need is a load/inflation table( and a better size tire, perhaps). The selected size is a tick small. the OE load index should have been 88(h) your current size is an 87(w). With that said you should be running approx.33-35psi in the Lighter load tire. The 44psi max inflation is for driving at speed over 100MPH. 35psi is the max load capacity of any standard load P-metric tire.
Q:Honda new tire inflation?
Actually when you change away from the car manufacturer's tire size, you can put whatever pressure you want. Lower pressure for softer ride, slow handling, more pressure for a firmer ride and handling. The pressure on the side of the tire usually says maximum pressure and the manufacturer puts them there so you don't hurt yourself.
Q:Tires on my hyndai genesis were incorrectly rotated (front to back). What can happen to my car?
Nothing will happen to your car. Might make your tires wear unevenly but that's about it.
Q:what is the proper method for tire rotation?
tire rotation depends on the type of tire you have. for radial tires: left rear to left front left front to left rear right front to right rear right rear to right front NEVER change the side of auto a radial is on. non-radial tires: left front to right rear right rear to left front right front to left rear left rear to right front
Q:Where should i get my tires?
a used tire most anywhere they sell tires might have one easy to call a few places close by 14 inch being a hard to find tire now days might have a problem so calling a few tire stores easy
Q:Tire Brand and Model Help?
If you have enough money go for Michelin and if your budget is same as me please go for Yokohama, both are reliable and safe to use, use only the tire size within the range recommended as per your car model.
Q:Would anyone know how much tire balancing costs at Firestone tires?
Yes, it is. Vermiculite is heat expanded mica. Perfectly safe.
Q:when a tractor trailer blows a tire.?
When they blow a tire on the trailer or even the back wheels of the tractor they can still drive, at least for a while. They are all double tired, so when one goes they just lose the rubber and can move on until they find a place to replace the tire. Now, trailers that are extremely heavy may have to replace the tire right away or risk blowing the second tire due to the weight.
Q:How to check the car tires to determine if they need to be replaced
Car tires are critical to the safety, performance and efficiency of the car. Tire wear bars can help you determine if the tire needs to be replaced. Tires should be evenly damaged, so when you find that the tires on both sides of the damage are inconsistent, then you should check the car by the professionals. You can join the Castrol Manor Maintenance Institute, test your skills and enhance your knowledge of conservation.
Q:Why haven't they invented recycleable tires yet?
tires get recycled every day. playgrounds in my city all have recycled-tire surfaces, that's just one example.

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