Radial Passager Car Tyre Green-Max HP010

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Product Description:

1.Structure of Radial Car Tyre:

The tyre used for passager car.Four straight wide circumferential grooves reduce hydroplaning effectively.

Symmetric tread pattern design of offers comfort and quietness.

A solid center rib of tyre enhances handling stability.It can promot tyre speed.

Optimized pitch sequence reduces tyre noise.It can make the car is very comfortble.


2,Main Features of the Car Tyre:

Used for high road condition

Four lines design

Loog mealige

High speed


3,Car Tyre Images:

Radial Passager Car Tyre Green-Max HP010


Radial Passager Car Tyre Green-Max HP010Radial Passager Car Tyre Green-Max HP010

















4,Car tyre specification:


Radial Passager Car Tyre Green-Max HP010




We have organized several common questions for our clients,may help you sincerely:

1,How to guarantee the quality of the products?


We will give clients compensition if tyre has manufacture defect.Clients just provide NO. picture of defect position.


2,How long can we receive the product after purchase?


Generally,we can deliver tyre winthin 30 days after receiving down payment or LC.If the sizes you ordered are available,we can arrange shipment within 7 days.


3,How many quantity can sign sole agent?


Regarding the sole agent,up to the market capacity and area.We can accept 3-4 containers per month if samll country like UAE,but we need 15-20 containers per month for USA market.

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Q:Air Pressure for Tires?
Just like someone else mentioned.open the driver's door and there should be a sticker on the side of it that tells you the recommended psi for each tire. They should all be the same pressure.
Q:proper air pressure for tires 275/ 35R19 96w?
Usually, when you open your driver side door, on the car itself on the door jamb will be a label listing the appropriate manufacturer's inflation. If it's not there, check your car's manual. Inflate to whatever it says there. Tire inflation is based on the CAR, not the tire. The number listed on the sidewall of the tire is MAX pressure that the tire can be inflated. If you don't have a manual and there's no label, then inflate to about 34-38 PSI. That's usually an acceptable tire pressure for passenger class cars. The key thing is to make sure you're not too low on air (34-38 should probably be okay), as low air will allow the tire to deform, especially under speed and cornering, which generates a lot of heat, and eventually tire failure (blowout!) Also, whenever dealing with inflation pressures, you are talking about cold inflation pressures, meaning the car has sat overnight in the shade or a garage.
Q:Why does my tire thump?
you prob have a broken Belt.
Q:question about rebalancing tires?
no you don,t have to have the tires balanced again just by taking them off and putting them back on. even if you rotate your tires you don,t have to have them balanced again. the only time you need to have them balanced is if you lose a weight or have a tire broke down or when your buying a new tire you have to have them balanced. balancing tires is so the tires will roll evenly.
Q:Tyre Recycling?
Q:Wow someone slashed my tires?
In Chicago? They wouldn't dare!!! :)
Q:Tire Rotation?
Tire rotation is moving of the tires of a vehicle or automobile from one position to another to ensure tire wear. It is an important factor to be considered to extend the useful life expectancy of a set of tires. Tire rotation is very easy auto maintenance tasks to perform, though it is equally important.
Q:Tire Pressure?
It's on the door post in the driver's door along with the tire size. It's also in the owner's manual. When you check pressure, You are suppose to check it in the morning or after the car sets for 30 minutes. The pressure is for cool tires, not hot. However, Sometimes this isn't practical after driving, so expect the pressure to be a few pounds higher if the tire is warm. Don't over inflate. This will cause possible lose of traction and tire wear.
Q:Tire pressure question for ya?
Should go with auto manufacture for the best tire wear if your at the ideal weight listed right along with the tire pressures. Some say running them higher will increase MPG's but it will cause the center to wear out faster and reduce the life of tire. Make sure to check them while they are cold or barely warm. If their hot and you add air there will be a slight difference when they cool off. If you have a heavy duty truck they'll give you a couple recommendations depending on if your under heavy load or not.
Q:Max weight of tires?
Max weight shown on a tire is the weight that the tire will carry.If you put 4-300 lb capacity tires on an object that means you could carry a total of 1200 lbs on the objectIf you have dual (side-by-side) tires, you could carry double the weight.

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