Radial Passager Car Tyre Green-Max HP010

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Product Description:

1.Structure of Radial Car Tyre:

The tyre used for passager car.Four straight wide circumferential grooves reduce hydroplaning effectively.

Symmetric tread pattern design of offers comfort and quietness.

A solid center rib of tyre enhances handling stability.It can promot tyre speed.

Optimized pitch sequence reduces tyre noise.It can make the car is very comfortble.


2,Main Features of the Car Tyre:

Used for high road condition

Four lines design

Loog mealige

High speed


3,Car Tyre Images:

Radial Passager Car Tyre Green-Max HP010


Radial Passager Car Tyre Green-Max HP010Radial Passager Car Tyre Green-Max HP010

















4,Car tyre specification:


Radial Passager Car Tyre Green-Max HP010




We have organized several common questions for our clients,may help you sincerely:

1,How to guarantee the quality of the products?


We will give clients compensition if tyre has manufacture defect.Clients just provide NO. picture of defect position.


2,How long can we receive the product after purchase?


Generally,we can deliver tyre winthin 30 days after receiving down payment or LC.If the sizes you ordered are available,we can arrange shipment within 7 days.


3,How many quantity can sign sole agent?


Regarding the sole agent,up to the market capacity and area.We can accept 3-4 containers per month if samll country like UAE,but we need 15-20 containers per month for USA market.

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Q:My cadillac has P235/60R18 in the front and P255/55R18 in the rear. This is the factory spec. When I bought it, all threads are the same (new tires) but the front tires run out of thread when there is still 50% left in the rear.Question is 1. Why?Question 2. Can I just replace the two front tires with new ones and leave the rear as it isQuestion 3. The tire store said since it is 2005 cadillac srx AWD, they recommend all new tires on all four wheels, otherwise it will hurt the transmission. Is that true? I am fine if the tire ware is same, but looks like I have been driving with unequal threads in the front and back for a while when the threads have been waring out faster in the front wheels and thus the rear tires are becoming to have better threads.
The reason for the tires wearing more rapidly on the front is because of the steering, all cars will wear the steer tires at a faster rate than the non-steer tires.Thats the reason to rotate the front to rear tires in a criss cross pattern. Your car like other high performance cars utilize smaller tires up front to allow the vehicle a nose to the ground attitude, more slipstream and wind defeating.Unfortunately that eliminates tire rotation . Your factory tires I beleive are patterned directional and should not be rotated even front to front. You can replace just the front tires without ill effect, it is frequently done in the industry iecorvette,nissan, etcYou will not have transmission problems the final gear ratio is aquired by the tire itself, a difference between the right and left and front and rear overall outside dimension would be processed by the traction control module and compensate for iminor rregularities.It will not work on large tire changes as it will think the smaller tire are slipping because they rotate at a faster rate than the larger tires. Remember the tire store job is to sell tires. Your best bet is to consult the Cadillac dealership and see what their take is on it, good luck. nice car by the way
Q:I am shopping for winter tires for my Alero. According to my owner‘s manual the tire size I need is 215/60/R15. I looked back at an old invoice from 2009 when I purchased new all-season tires for my car and the size stated is 205/65/R15. My question is - does it matter if the tires aren‘t the EXACT size they‘re supposed to be? I have had my 205 sized tires on now for 2 years and haven‘t noticed anything different. If anyone can answer this question for me it‘d be much appreciated.
This Site Might Help You. RE: Tire size for 2002 Oldsmobile Alero GX? I am shopping for winter tires for my Alero. According to my owner's manual the tire size I need is 215/60/R15. I looked back at an old invoice from 2009 when I purchased new all-season tires for my car and the size stated is 205/65/R15. My question is - does it matter if the tires.
Q:The tires are on the F150, but nobody I know has ever heard of them.
Just put a new set on a Ford Flex. To say they are noisy would be an understatement. Going back to dealer to figure out how this much noise is possible.
Q:wher can i buy new tires onlinegive me some trusted websites please.
Discount tire direct and Tire rack. Discount tire has free shipping and excellent prices. I have bought 6 sets from them.
Q:I looked for my size on Costco website and they said $170 + installation + tax which should push it over $200 per tire (225-75R-16). Is this how much this tire cost or are there cheaper places?
That's a good size tire, but as always- shop around. Do you just need one tire? Many places have sales where if you buy 3 they will give you the 4th for free. Tire brand will also make a difference in the price. Also tire type. I am assuming from the size that this is going on a truck. Can you do a P (passenger car tire) as opposed to a LT (light truck tire)? The P tire will ride a bit smoother, but isn't rated as high for weight as the LT tire. The P tire should also be a bit cheaper. Shop, shop, shop. :)
Q:Car tires no gas, but also open it?
For bicycles, electric cars and motorcycles, after the puncture can be slow forward or implementation. Because the tire is not gas, the tire deflated if the high-speed operation, then its action trajectory is not a straight line. It is difficult to grasp the direction, easy to accident. Car, then the same, after the puncture is difficult to stop the steering wheel. Especially in front of a tire burst.
Q:Bought it from Tires Plus for $73.99 but had $20 off coupon, total mounted $74.71.
We just got the Valera Touring put on a 2003 Windstar and they are by far the loudest tires I've ever had. It sounds like 2 helicopters flying 20 ft. above me. You can't hear the person sitting next to you and turning up the radio doesn't even cover it. It's also a very loud white noise which may help kids in the back fall asleep but it will also put the driver to sleep. I haven't had them long enough to say about traction, only that they are better than the previously worn Cooper tires we had on (which also sucked on traction wear but was much quieter). I want them off or get rid of the van. After not driving the van for a day or two, I'll start to think it can't be that bad but then I start driving it despite knowing it's loud, I still am amazed and infuriated at just how LOUD. I can't drive the car without feeling like I'm being tortured. They said it will quite down after breaking it in but it's been well over 500 miles and it hasn't changed. The tires are the only point of contact to the ground, I'd say pay the extra money and get ones you know are good or have proven good ratings. There is nothing much out there on these.
Q:How to choose car tires
Only to sell expensive on the right. The The
Q:iam looking for 20 inch bmx style gt airbag tires. they are no longer in production so now gt puts kendas on their bikes. does anybody know where to find these tires??
There's something wrong with your story. Most bicycle companies put OEM, Original Equipment Manufactuer, tires on their bike. I don't like the tires that come on the bike when it is new, they are tighter on the rim, and hard to remove and reinstall if you need a new innertube. Kenda makes fine tires. Kendas are inexpensive, but theres nothing wrong with them. You could easily get 3,500 miles rear and 5,000 miles front on a set of Kenda Tires.
Q:Hi,I want to change my Corolla tires(back ones), where should I go? Costco or Sams Club?Which tire is the best one? (brand)Also, while changing tires is it good to install new one in the front?Tire size: P195/65R15
After my tire buying experience at my local Costco I will not buy tires anywhere else. All the brands they carry are good.They give you a warranty that works and give you a schedule to bring in your car for free tire rotation. I had a slow leak in a tire on my truck. I put up with it for months because I had lost the receipt. When I bought tires for my wifes car they said to bring the truck in and they would fix it. I asked about the receipt, they said no problem I was in the computer. They took the tire off the rim and replaced a faulty valve free, then gave me a receipt(no charge) to bring it back in a few miles to have the lug bolts retightened for free. If you have a choice, always put your best tires on the rear. A blowout in front could send you out of control. (advice of race car drivers).

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