Passager Car Radial Tyre 245/35R19 LY566

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Product Description:

Size:245/35R19 LY566

Application:The tyre is used to deluxe car

Pattern Characteristic:

1,The strong rib in the middle makes sure the stabllity when runing

2,Samll lug design can reduce the nolse greatly and offer best gripperfomance on wet road conditions

3,Big block on the shoulder offer more stabllity widle turning in high speed the design can bring more fun to driver.

4,Four straight lines offer the good drainage perfomance

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Q:What are the figures above the car tires?
Hello, the numbers and symbols on the tires reflect the size and data of the tire as a whole, 245: tire tires wide. 45: tire flat ratio. R: Radial tire. 96: Maximum load of tire. V: the highest speed of the tires.
Q:What is the use of car tires?
Increase friction,The load index is the maximum load that a tire can bear
Q:1999 Ford F150 super cab New Tires?
Some people's got no idea what they're saying.. At the tire shop they will be able to tell you how wide you can go.. 295 for sure.. maybe more.. A vehicle that's got wider tires it's got more surface on the road so it will waste more gas but nothing serious and let say you gonna go on a long trip you just rise the tire pressure and that's it, wider tires in a rear wheel drive truck like yours will give you more traction which is awesome and you should have not that wide tires in the front so you get better cornering and such, 255 front 295 rear.. following the tire size from factory it's only for people that's got no idea what's going on and also the factory it's always looking to minimize expenses when making a car unless it's a performance vehicle.. now related to snow or rain well.. as long as u have 65% thread on it you will be fine.
Q:how to tell my car tires need to be changed? what tires are best for corolla?
SA,, as suggested to see what is highly rated and what would be best for your driving needs. Your Corolla S either has the tire size of 195/65-15 or 195/55-16. There are great tires available to you in either size. Some really good budget prices tires in definitely available. Allow me to suggest a few: Goodyear Assurance ComforTred Touring Best tire currently available in your size. Expensive at more than 100 a tire, but worth it. If you have the $$ get them. Hankook Optimo H727 Excellent budget priced tire. Perfect for your Toyota if you simply need a comfortable, long lasting tires of good quality. Can handle snow too, if needed. Probably your best choice. Pirelli P4 Four Seasons Outstanding touring all season tire. Neck and neck with the Hankook H727.
Q:Why the car tire pressure will be puncture
The cause of the puncture: tires were punched, bad repair, valve rubber aging, check the pressure after the valve core is not reset, etc., the above conditions will lead to tire fatigue, lack of air pressure.
Q:Car tire model, 195 / 70R15C meaning
Should be a bike!
Q:You should rotate your vehicle's tires to?
equalize tire wire
Q:I need to replace the tires on my 97 Porsche 911 C4S; What tire would you recommend?
Pirelli Scorpion off road tires. REAL BIG ONES!
Q:How to identify the type of car tires
Can be classified by structure. Classification of tires by type of vehicle classification, probably can be divided into eight kinds. O-light truck tires; TB - truck and tires; AG - farm tires; OTR - tires for construction vehicles; ID tires for industrial vehicles; AC - aircraft tires; MC - motorcycle tires. Tires for tires are classified according to their use, including tires, tires for passenger cars and tires for mines. In addition to the tire size marked on the sidewall, but also must be marked level. But here we need to tell you that the number of tires of the tire does not refer to its actual number of layers, but refers to the use of high-strength material cords made of carcass tires, the load performance is equivalent to the use of cotton cord production carcass The number of tire ply. This is because the cotton cord is the earliest for the production of carcass cords, therefore, the international practice that cotton cord layer that the number of tires for the benchmark. Different levels, the tire load capacity is different. Even if the same specifications of the tire, because of its different levels, its load capacity is not the same, so different levels of tires, can not be used in the same axis, otherwise, at high speed and load conditions will be dangerous
Q:roadbike tires?
It is about thread count and compound. (well puncture resistance too.) Michelin Pro 2 Race are EXCELLENT! The compound is formulated from F-1 racing technology. They are slicks, but have great traction in the rain. Another is the Bontrager Race X Lite. Similar to the Michelin without the color choices. If you choose either tire, you will notice the difference as soon as you make the first revolution of your wheels. They handle fantastic. They roll easier to reduce your effort.

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