Passager Car Radial Tyre 245/35R19 LY566

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Product Description:

Size:245/35R19 LY566

Application:The tyre is used to deluxe car

Pattern Characteristic:

1,The strong rib in the middle makes sure the stabllity when runing

2,Samll lug design can reduce the nolse greatly and offer best gripperfomance on wet road conditions

3,Big block on the shoulder offer more stabllity widle turning in high speed the design can bring more fun to driver.

4,Four straight lines offer the good drainage perfomance

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Q:who uses bontrager xxx tubular tire?
cs I do. A good tire. I use mine with a Mr Tuffy and have had no road flats in over three years. Soccerref
Q:Odometer affected by larger tires?
On newer vehicles you can update the computer for larger tires so that it makes the correct calculations for the speedometer also. Because Larger wheels and tires also affect ABS systems and traction control because all these work off magnetic sensors at the wheels or at the differential. but the answer is yes with larger tires you cover more ground cheating the odometer.
Q:What causes a bubble in a sidewall of a tire?
Tires are inflated to a known pressure - every tire is supposedly inflated to standard pressures. If the process of inflating the tire exposed a defect in the tire-wall - the fault is with the tire itself. This is based upon a series of reasonable assumptions. I would say the manufacturer of the tire is responsible, not the local shop. The fact that you purchased the tire through a discount tire outlet is irrelevant - the tire would be expected to perform its duty and function as a tire. In this case, it was faulty right out of the gate. You now have the job of proving that the tire you bought was in fact faulty - good luck with that.
Q:What is the life of the car tires?
The use of tires generally do not exceed three years, mileage of not more than 60,000 km. Although slightly over the years and mileage also hinder the overall situation, but the winter low temperature and summer rain will make the tire wetlands grip and dry handling "stretched." More attention to the side wall: With the gradual aging of tire rubber, tire sidewalls will appear deep lines. But as long as the tire sidewall without impact, the cord is not broken, you can continue to use. The triangular mark on the sidewall of the tire can help the owner find a protrusion in the groove of the crown, and determine the actual wear limit of the tire, which should be greater than 1.6 mm.
Q:is loud tire noise common on cheap tires? I have cheap tires on my ford focus and they are loud. Is that norm?
The tread pattern and the MATERIAL or stiffness of the tire is what can cause tire noise. Some are just noisier than others and in a Focus, with minimal sound insulation you're going to notice it. Usually, I have found that a cheaper no-name/knock-off tire (like a discount tire brand, or other cheap brand tire) are the LEAST noisy. They are made of softer material and, although they don't last as long, will be quieter, and, most importantly, less expensive to replace. Having been in the industry, 90% of the time when you buy a cheaper model of a name-brand tire you are getting a chinese/korean made tire that is really poorly made/designed and will howl like a mofo. If you don't have a sloppy wheel bearing, you are just a victim of cheap tires.
Q:how to fix a flat tire in a bike? front tire?
get thee to your local bike shop and ask for a demonstration written instructions are just too long and boring.
Q:toyota 2004 tires question?
This tire you are considering will fit your 15 inch rim. Will have the same profile, sidewall height. And will be the same width. This tire should work without any problems. Personally, I would change at least 2 tires or all 4. You want the same tires on both sides of the front and the same tires on the both sides of the back. Slight difference between the size of the front and back tires usually make no difference.
Q:used tires quick 10pts best answer?
examine the tire allot lol check for dry cracks or missing rubber around the belt also see if there is a ton of patch on the tire and check the tread on the tire also examine the steal belt on the inside make sure no metal showing inside the tire or around the bead were it mounts on the rim
Q:what does tire inflation mean?
Normal inflation on most cars is 32psi (pounds per square inch)
Q:How is the car tires packed and transported?
General tires next to a formation of a column, installed in the iron shelf inside!

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