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how to choose the bearing block 10Bearing inner diameter 50, outer diameter 80, width 10, code type 160106000, what kind of bearing seat should be chosen?I should check to insert ball bearings in there?
Does not match 16010 of the bearings of the bearing seat, 6210 of the okay, the inside is also 50, the load is also large.
The bearing on what is the role of the top wire
This kind of bearing friction coefficient is small, high limit speed, different size and forms, used in precision instruments, low noise motor, automobile, motorcycle and general machinery industry, machinery industry is the most extensive class of bearing.
What is the meaning of ucf207 bearings UCF
The landlord of this bearing is mainly divided into two parts, one part is the bearing seat, the other part is the representative of UC bearings, bearings, f bearing seat, UCF means a complete spherical bearings
Excuse me, bearing is often used in what place, what are the characteristics of ball bearing.
This kind of bearings are mostly used in rough machines, and the installation is not accurate enough.
The two bearings are inside a base, about 25 centimeters wide, and want to remove the bearings from the axle, even the base. The length of the wheel pulling machine is not enough. Who knows anything better?.. (bearing behind Kodak 30KG Jieshen washing machine).
Can you put a picture to see, the way is always there.There are only unexpected difficulties in the world, and there is no unexpected way.
How can I take the bearing seat down?
if it is to repair the heating processing factoryIf the split bearing block is simpler, the bolt is screwed down and the upper cover is removed and the bearings can be taken out
What is the maximum speed of spherical bearings
It depends on what type, small model, high speed, big point speed is relatively lowGenerally around 1500--3000 rpm
How to install the slider bearing?
The bottom of the slider bearing seat needs a threaded rod to slide into the slide block and slide on both sides of the block, and also have an external frame