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Q:What is the safety contact of the elevator? Where is the safety contact? What is the use? How does it work More
Safe circuit, the normal state is through. All the places involved in the safety of the body can be Li Jiu pad mattress will have a contact, the engine room, the pit, the car door, each elevator door, all contacts in series, any point off, the elevator It can not move.
Q:What is the relationship between load bearing and area of elevator? Please know my friend tell me, thank you! More
An elevator is a motor-powered vertical lift with box-like pods for multi-storey construction or cargo. There are steps, stepping board mounted on the track for continuous operation, commonly known as escalators or automatic sidewalks. Serving the floor of the fixed lifting equipment. The vertical lift elevator has a car running between at least two rows of rigid or inclined rails with an inclination angle less than 15 °. Car size and structure to facilitate the passengers access or loading and unloading of goods. It is customary to use the elevator as a general term for vertical traffic in a building, regardless of the way it is driven. According to the speed can be divided into low-speed elevators (1 m / s below), fast elevators (1 ~ 2 m / s) and high-speed elevators (2 m / s or more). The mid-19th century began to appear hydraulic elevator, is still in the low-rise buildings on the application. Specific bearing and area relationship see below:
Q:How can the elevator handle?
First floor, a look at the outsiders do know the layman on the fills, but also the idiot of the experts to teach others if it is a power outage, then immediately from the big numbers to a small number of times, so that the elevator can be a buffer every time that is a power outage , But also to press, your hands OKorder and OKorder guilty cunning armor for the anchor machine no electricity, and still there, press the phone can not answer the phone in addition to this sentence if the elevator is broken, it should be inside the elevator Of the sirens notice outside, or call (but the elevator inside the signal is not very good). The other is fart if the elevator off the person, you should press the elevator inside the alarm and the above intercom call to inform the outside and duty room, no one can use the phone to answer, no signal can beat the door, where the elevator flow Are relatively large, so do not worry about others do not know the elevator inside the air is flowing, do not worry will suffocate, because it is not sealed
Q:Want to install the camera in the elevator can be detected in the monitoring room! The Do not have to be wired! Who can give one! Ming Dan tiger measured mortar Yao hinged surprise break off the program! Best with a schematic! More
The elevator has a dedicated video cable, usually in the upper and lower elevations of the elevator in the middle of the line, the elevator stopped at the bottom, the first to reach the most of the tiger test grid Yao hinged off the next busy and leave the corresponding margin, so the elevator to the most Above and to the bottom of the cable will be able to. Cable must use elevator dedicated video cable.
Q:How much is the elevator operation certificate?
Quality Supervision Bureau exam 700 or so
Q:What are the contents of the elevator property every day?
Now is the Internet era, there are many good software for people to choose. In the property inspection this piece, the wisdom of the development of intelligent inspection [property inspection] APP, will be able to fully meet your needs. Download an APP on the phone, you can see after opening every day to check what the contents of that unit, the floor which problems, can be recorded in detail. Do not use your own manual statistics, check the usual check in the usual problems will automatically generate inspection reports. The very convenient. The The As the level of property management in China uneven, in addition to the use of large property management companies, this has not yet universal, but must be the future direction of development.
Q:Vertical elevators between the two kamels distance 11m must be installed in the middle of the security door?
Yes, according to the provisions of (1) when the adjacent two-door gate of the gap between the big tiger gong port harboring locust song Wei linked to 11m, during which should be set to a height of not less than 1.80m, width of not less than 0.35m of the well safety door (3) the door should be installed with a key to open the lock, when the door is open without a key to be able to close and lock, after the door locked (after the door is locked) , The key can be opened from the hoistway; (4) the electrical safety device should be provided to verify the door closed
Q:Raise the height of 110 meters, do the machine room elevator feasible?
Hello, first answer yes yes i can do it. At present the conventional non-machine room standard elevator can do up to 90 meters, the speed of 2.5m / s, more than this data, to do non-standard design, the cost is more expensive, long lead times, conditions permitting Shibuya harm under the recommendations or consider the organic room elevator.
Q:How much electricity is the elevator every day?
Too general, depends on the specific situation
Q:What are the reasons for the elevator downtime?
Holding the door lock safety circuit are likely to cause the inverter encoder

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