Dumbwaiter Elevator

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China Main Port
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1 Unit unit
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1000 Units per Month unit/month
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Product Description:

Detailed Product Description

Rated capacity: 100kg, 200kg, 250kg

Rated speed: 0.4m/s

Car size: 800*800, 1000*1000 


Standard function:

Group selection control

Reopen with hall call

Car stops and door open

Automatic returning to the base station

Directly running

Automatic pass without stop

Repeated door closing

Power on re-leve ling

Overload holding stop

Anti-stall timer protection

Startup protection control

Inspection operation

Up/down over-run and final limit protection

Down over-speed protection device

Upward over-speed protection device

Photocell protection

Emergency car lighting


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Q:What is the relationship between load bearing and area of elevator? Please know my friend tell me, thank you! More
An elevator is a motor-powered vertical lift with box-like pods for multi-storey construction or cargo. There are steps, stepping board mounted on the track for continuous operation, commonly known as escalators or automatic sidewalks. Serving the floor of the fixed lifting equipment. The vertical lift elevator has a car running between at least two rows of rigid or inclined rails with an inclination angle less than 15 °. Car size and structure to facilitate the passengers access or loading and unloading of goods. It is customary to use the elevator as a general term for vertical traffic in a building, regardless of the way it is driven. According to the speed can be divided into low-speed elevators (1 m / s below), fast elevators (1 ~ 2 m / s) and high-speed elevators (2 m / s or more). The mid-19th century began to appear hydraulic elevator, is still in the low-rise buildings on the application. Specific bearing and area relationship see below:
Q:Who can talk about the details of the use of contactors on the elevator, I have come into contact with some of the circuit can see a little bit to understand, but in fact to Mongolia, who can elaborate on what, the best example, such as Some of the contacts of the contactor, interlock, the purpose is to see the intestinal 礌 spotting alone do sweepers of the contactor I can understand which line is the coil, which line is the main contact, which is Interlocking, and some other what, depressed do not know even asked do not know how to ask, who can elaborate under the big brother. More
This is not a good way to say. Specifically you can look at your circuit diagram, combined with the actual circuit. In addition, the label on the circuit diagram corresponds to the label of the component in the actual circuit. Interlocking point as long as the principle and role of interlocking, you can understand
Q:Title: a woman was followed by a man, she went into the elevator and found the man also came in. She let the man first press, the man pressed the second floor, so she pressed the third floor. To the 2nd floor, the man out of the elevator was often angry angrily seized the whole move, smile back to her. The elevator shut the moment she saw the man pull out the knife to the 3rd floor. The The woman is dead. Then in the case can not cancel the third floor, how can the woman rescued? Do not go check Google. I came up with the answer. At present, only a special forces to say the correct answer! More
Man purpose is you, your home on the third floor. Since there is no danger in the 1,2 layer, then please go to the top, to confirm that he reached the thirteen layers (before playing 110), closed to the first floor. And then escape, it is best to call the speaker, give him a deterrent.
Q:How much is the elevator operation certificate?
Elevator service card (operation card) posts necessary, the quality supervision issued by the elevator operator to run the elevator maintenance and operation of the elevator installation and installation of elevator drivers, maintenance, installation examination evidence collection group more favorable, more than 30 people can be in the training. Electric performance burning bite to eat the feast to find the way to find the driver 400 yuan elevator operation and maintenance 400 yuan elevator running to install 400 yuan
Q:Elevator door in the sub-door and the difference between the two points is defined as the god of God ah? Have to answer. The
In the sub-door: door split, opening and closing the high efficiency, commonly used in passenger ladder and passenger and freight ladder; in the sub-folding door: composed of four door panels, both sides of the opening and closing sides of the door through the door arm to the two. The elevator door can be divided into two types from the installation location, which are installed at the entrance of the hoistway at the entrance to the entrance. Floor doors and car doors in accordance with the structure can be divided into sub-door, next door, vertical sliding doors, hinge doors and so on. Fractional doors are mainly used in passenger lifts, side open doors in the freight ladder and bed ladder on the more common use, vertical sliding doors are mainly used for debris ladder and large car elevator. Hinge door in the country less used in foreign residential ladder used more.
Q:There is no exhaust fan in the elevator
There is a fan, but did not open it Although there is ventilation, but the circulation will be relatively poor, slightly stuffy, can not be said to be hypoxia, and then meet the low blood sugar, fainted
Q:Elevator in the first floor has set fire switch, and fire linkage What is the difference? More
Elevator fire linkage, refers to the fire alarm, the fire building all the elevator will be forced to the first floor. Elevator in the first floor of the fire switch, and fire linkage has nothing to do, in two cases: First, the fire is not set up automatic alarm building, elevator landing, the direct start of the first floor of the fire switch; Second, set up a fire alarm system Building, when the elevator down the function of failure or failure, you can directly start the first floor of the fire switch to start landing.
Q:What are the eight systems of the elevator!
Traction system guidance system car door system weight balance system electric drive system electrical control system security protection system! The
Q:Rated capacity of 1050KG elevator on the weight because of how much (we are Fu Shida Elevator 1.75m / s) more
The weight of the weight is 150 percent of the rated load.
Q:Our company is equipped with seven passenger and cargo elevator, is the door to the door, there are modern Korean THJ3000 / 0.75 and THJ3000 / Tam Square, both the eternal tea compensated leaching; 0.25 two models are mainly used for cargo. There is a certified elevator driver to operate, but because the staff to streamline the elevator driver resigned in the elevator to install the camera. The company has a elevator safety management, certified. Will this situation can not operate the elevator driver? Which elevator must To be equipped with the driver? The best relevant laws and regulations can explain, because the company has engaged in ISO environmental management system, special equipment requirements. Thank you! More
But there is little need to add is: cargo elevator if the car area exceeds GB7588-2003 "elevator safety technical specifications" requirements, the use of units should be Equipped with driver's license.
We have introduced production facilities and inspecting equipments with advanced world levels from Germany, Italy and other countries, so that keeps a manufacturing capacity about 40,000 sets as annual output, which is a large-scale and modern manufacturing enterprise, facing the global market for elevators, escalators and parking system equipments.

1. Manufacturer Overview

Location Zhejiang,China (Mainland)
Year Established 2007
Annual Output Value Above US$100 Million
Main Markets 90.00% Domestic Market
2.90% Southeast Asia
2.10% Eastern Asia
1.50% South America
1.20% South Asia
1.00% Africa
0.60% Mid East
0.50% Central America
0.20% Oceania
Company Certifications Machine Roomless Passenger Lift CE Certificate; Passenger Lift CE Certificate

2. Manufacturer Certificates

a) Certification Name  
Validity Period  

3. Manufacturer Capability

a)Trade Capacity  
Nearest Port Shanghai port
Export Percentage 11% - 20%
No.of Employees in Trade Department 11-20 People
Language Spoken: English, Chinese, German
b)Factory Information  
Factory Size: Above 100,000 square meters
No. of Production Lines Above 10
Contract Manufacturing OEM Service Offered Design Service Offered Buyer Label Offered
Product Price Range Average
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