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Guangxi Heqing Construction Machinery Manufacture, established in 2004, is a private enterprise specializing in R&D, designing, manufacturing, selling and leasing of construction machinery, mainly producing builder hoist, mast climbing work platform, superdeck loading platform, temporary suspended platform, building maintenance unit etc.

Taking product sale and leasing as the basic market strategy, the company has effectively built “Heqing” and provided steady cash flow. On one hand, it pushes the independently developed builder hoist, mast climbing work platform, superdeck loading platform, suspended platform and other standardization products to Germany, Sweden, Australia, Malaysia, Singapore, India, etc.; on the other hand, it energetically expands leasing business of builder hoist, superdeck loading platform, suspended platform and other products. Till now, we have established leasing branches in Guangxi, Beijing, Shanghai and etc. Besides, according to the different requirements of customers, our company actively develops design, production, sale and other business of building maintenance system, steel aluminum shuttering and other non-standard building machinery and metal parts.

High-quality technological management team and first-rate production and detection equipment lay good foundation for the steady development of the company. Its technology and management personnel, including many senior engineers, have college degree or above, and skilled workers mostly have vocational school degree or above. The company also has over 200 general and special production equipment and over 300 measuring instruments for detection. The company passed the certification of ISO9001 Quality Management System in 2002, providing reliable guarantee for the management system and product quality.  

Our “Heqing” concern requirements of modern city construction and strive to provide products with advanced technology and rational price, furnish good technical support and pre and after-sales service for customers. We hope to create beautiful future with customers.

Corporate Vision

Vision:Become an ever-green construction machinery enterprise and maximally meet customers’ requirements
Core Values】  
Quality: High quality, innovation, safety and reliability.
              High quality is the basis of the enterprise.
              Innovation is the soul of the enterprise.
              Safety is reverence to life.
              Reliability wins the trust.
Service: Customer focused, customers are existence value of Heqing people, do what we have promised.
Responsibility: Attentive and responsible, brave to undertake and fully perform individual, company and social responsibility.
Hard Work:Industry, simplicity, perseverance and hardships are the source power of Yuhuaxing to achieve transnormal and leapfrog development.
Struggle:Concentrated reflection of brave advance, assiduous seeking, brave challenge and enthusiasm and progress of Heqing people.
Pioneering & Progress::Promote traditions, keep pace with the times, have the courage to innovate and pursue excellence in work

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Q:What is the meaning of E and F in the elevator?
To see what model you are the elevator alone is a letter can not answer the elevator and elevator models represent the meaning of different
Q:Staircase, staircase hall, elevator, elevator hall, front room, ladder, elevator room difference
Stairwell refers to the location of the entire stairs in the building, sent to the top, including stairs and stairs platform. In addition, the first floor or the ground floor from the entrance hall to the stairs of the first step so far, in this range of space belongs to the staircase hall, is in the staircase projection level plane. The front room refers to the space from the building into the front room. It is quite when you enter the hotel hall. Elevator is the scope of the elevator to run, the elevator hall is the elevator where people stand or range. The elevator room is above the elevator, and the elevator is equipped with various control boxes and other spare parts. In fact, sometimes the staircase hall and the elevator hall is in a place, there is no clear distinction, the building, as long as you know what is probably in what position, do not distinguish so clear.
Q:What is the ox in the elevator shaft?
Can do it. Is a fixed use of the ground, is necessary to have, or the elevator side to do. Just the money.
Q:When the girl came home, she was tracked by a man when she entered the elevator.
Shibi problem, why do not kill in the elevator, why the door closed also laugh knife also dig a knife. What a messy assumption
Q:Conan has a set is the body hidden in the elevator, which is caused by overload ah
50 sets of this set looked more horrible. The The
Q:How to set the elevator shaft
There is a special quota, 01 quota is 3-85,04 quota is 5-29, according to the design conversion.
Q:District elevator no signal tube should be how to do?
1. The problem has nothing to do with the property company 2. You can collect the views of the owners to the mobile company reported to install the signal receiver & lt; wear flat bark strong Ducson Platinum Brush & gt; 3. Many owners do not want their own roof to install Signal receiver, you can collect the views of the owners or ask the owners to call the phone to the mobile company 4. Remember to ensure that the emergency call with the monitoring room communication links.
Q:The main difference between the elevator and the engine room elevator on the installation
Organic room elevator and no machine room elevator, as the name suggests, is a separate room, a no separate room. General organic room elevator will be in the top of the elevator set up a separate room, called the elevator room. The main role is to put some related equipment in the engine room. No machine room elevator, that is not alone to leave an elevator room. Then the elevator some of the relevant equipment directly into the elevator shaft. From this point of view, the organic room elevator compared to the place, need to separate it with a room, no room, although not occupying the place, but the shaft had to do wide, deep point, because the equipment in the shaft. In addition, the structural professional impact is relatively large or no hook beam. General structure on the roof of the elevator room will be dedicated to set up a hook beam, its use is not used to lift the elevator, is used for maintenance. Such as the elevator is broken, you need to repair the time, have to hang up the relevant equipment and cars or pull up to repair, then you need to use the hook beam. There is a hook on the hook beam, is bent with a round steel bar, the hook will play a role in the maintenance. No machine room elevator related equipment is installed directly on the side wall of the hoistway, so do not need to set the hook beam, and the organic room elevator, you need to set up in the elevator room roof hook beam. This is the difference between the elevator room and the elevator room for the structural professional.
Q:Why is the gearless traction machine installed in the elevator?
Because the wheel on the traction wheel of the elevator is improved! The elevator gravity is safe on the wheel
Q:Elevator positioning problem
In the outer door of the elevator along a limit switch! Under normal circumstances under the control of the elevator in front of the floor will be close to the front of the deceleration! And then slowly cut into pieces and make up the old table, The bar stopped the switch, the car stopped! Basically there is no "occurred when the ground with the ground floor height error of tens of centimeters" of the situation! Because it is mechanical control, so when the power outage does not matter! People are trapped inside the elevator! And the elevator car did not reach the position before the floor will not open the door! Because there is a layer of the door lock! Must be when the top of the car on the top of the top of the roof lock, Open! This is also purely mechanical!

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