Panorama elevator

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High performance more comfortable.
Reliable driving system, safe and smooth operation.
Frequency conversion energy-saving.

The innovative technology of the sightseeing elevator.

Pollution-free elevator.

Extremely low electromagnetic radiation.

Elevator car standard allocation:

Top and bottom cover: Streak stainless steel plus decorative lights.

Ceiling: Mirror surface stainless steel

Panorama wall: Glasses with safe doubling

Front wall: Streak stainless steel

Handle: Stainless steel circular tube full-length handle

Floor: PVC

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Q:Elevator positioning problem
In the outer door of the elevator along a limit switch! Under normal circumstances under the control of the elevator in front of the floor will be close to the front of the deceleration! And then slowly cut into pieces and make up the old table, The bar stopped the switch, the car stopped! Basically there is no "occurred when the ground with the ground floor height error of tens of centimeters" of the situation! Because it is mechanical control, so when the power outage does not matter! People are trapped inside the elevator! And the elevator car did not reach the position before the floor will not open the door! Because there is a layer of the door lock! Must be when the top of the car on the top of the top of the roof lock, Open! This is also purely mechanical!
Q:Always dream of the elevator falling
The elevator usually hints at the cause of the business, and it is a hint of the state of the LZ business, or something that is down to earth, and nothing may fall. Another logic to explain, always appear and immortal dream is a memory, but because this memory may not be willing to slash the old lure is the LZ in this world, all because the rules of the game can only be in the dream Was recalled.
Q:What are the contents of the elevator property every day?
Regret the kitchen flue did not play out, and now as long as the building was cooking, their own off the hood must also open at the same time, or full of smoke
Q:Offer an elevator what parameters are required
Quality, the number of steps, the type of motor, motor voltage, motor speed, motor current, the maximum load, the maximum speed, etc. ... ... of course, the volume of the box, such as the price, cost, etc.
Q:How to measure the safety dimensions of the elevator
Find GB7588 to see to know, very detailed
Q:Does the state require the number of floors above the elevator?
Housing construction use function is not the same, the provisions are not the same for the general residential buildings, seven or more residential or residential entrance floor from the outdoor design of the ground height of more than 16m residential must be set up the elevator. 12 or more high-rise residential buildings, each building should not be less than two sets of elevators, which should be equipped with a stretcher can accommodate the elevator.
Q:No machine room elevator working principle
Non-machine room elevator with permanent magnet synchronous traction machine, small size, high efficiency, light weight, easy control, low cost of machine room elevator is often used for the transformation of old buildings, through the elevator shaft, the production of steel stent, traction machine installation In the top side of the side due to the permanent magnet synchronous traction machine speed is higher, commonly used pulley group speed and increase the torque, and some brands of elevators in the car on both sides of the bottom with a turn rope [or called other name pulley] , Wire rope - counterweight - hoisting machine --- car bottom left - right - top turn rope round - car top, loaded wire rope - enough long winded enough trouble, a wheel is ramp loading of
Q:What are the reasons for the elevator downtime?
Personally feel that, in addition to holding the hold is not tight, the other will not cause a decline. Door locks and security circuit if the problem, and finally also hold the hold and have to light hair scallion Gui Gui Phthalate Pharaoh, if the brakes no problem, no matter what the problem, will be locked. Under normal circumstances, the host any abnormal operation, the encoder can be detected, the inverter will be protected. Do not know what the concept of your decline is Is the loss of control, or the normal range of decline?
Q:What is the elevator called?
Fire switch, moving switch elevator will return to the first floor. Fire lifts need this switch, the fire is prohibited when using the elevator.
Q:Analysis of the causes of broken wire rope in elevator
There are two cases of wire rope section: 1, the quality of wire rope is not good; 2, up the wheel of the force there is a problem, the state is not allowed to 5%, if the force is greater, may lead to damage to the traction wheel. Wire rope in general if there is a phenomenon of shares have to be replaced. These standards you can find in the State Quality and Technical Supervision where it is, where more complete it

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