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In the airport shopping mall and other public places up and down the stairs or escalators should rely on what to stand?
Some people say that the right, it was said to the left. A professional escalator engineer will tell you that the middle of the station. why? First, the user long-term left or right, will make the escalator long-term pressure, the side of the parts of the high frequency of damage, shorten the life of the escalator. Second, we rely on the side of the station, leaving the other side, is implied to let others walk from the gap. To know that the escalator is automatic, you use it to ask you to obediently stood. Please take the ordinary stairs to go. Or you go anxious, met someone else, we fell, and on both lose, haste not up to.
Inside the restaurant such as the kitchen in the 1L and then the food to the top of the restaurant inside a machine called what name?
Machine car
What is chemlon533G material?
What is chemlon533G material?...
Elevator is divided into: passenger ladder, cargo ladder, passenger and freight ladder, sightseeing ladder, medical ladder. The Wait. Basic functions: Complete set of automatic control more
What are your basic functions, basic decoration configuration, matching function he has ``
This is a question, who can give a full answer
Commissioned to the qualification of the unit or the original manufacturing unit for daily maintenance. Maintenance and maintenance of the number of quality supervision; check whether the maintenance unit on time to maintain maintenance personnel maintenance elevator, whether according to the provisions of the time-by-day maintenance. Security personnel to provide a valid qualification certificate and do a good job in each maintenance note...
What are the electrical parts of the elevator and what are their roles?
Control cabinet, used for daily operation to control the inverter, drag the system control, running curve, speed, torque, etc. Weighing, provide car weight information, auxiliary frequency converter communication system for car personnel and room calls and remote control and many more. Door system for door control to open the door
Grocery elevator is always automatically anti-leveling what is the reason
There are two reasons: 1, the master set the problem, the general control of the general options, when the stop after the automatic return to the base station, this time can be set. 2, the normal operation, the elevator automatically back to the base station to correct the pulse. It is not good to be your flat board, or it is not vertical. Resulting in pulse is not allowed, so the need for correction pulse. Elevator has automatic correction of the pulse function, for security reasons, the correct floor are generally in the bottom, that is, the base station.
For example, what records, is not to monitor what the third party? The More
Elevator overhaul formalities; first reported to the local special inspection hospital, to be approved after the overhaul, overhaul units have a large valve, such as the replacement of accessories or changes to the procedures. And then need to test the local special inspection again before the normal use.