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Heater &AC blower motor will not work in 2000grandam se? Already replaced blower and resistor.Still nothing?
Check the fan switch, it may be shot.
Can current transmitter and VFD be used for the same motor?
What is a current transmitter?
Squirrel cageWound RotorSynchrosVariable reluctancePM rotorsynchronous condenserHybridsynchronous reluctanceswitched reluctance
Squirrel cage that are sold as components of products are manufactured to suit the requirements of a specific product. The motor characteristics can be expected to be generally similar to standard motors of a similar type nad size. The characteristics of other types of motors are discussed in general terms in text books etc., but specific information is probably available only from the manufacturers. Some manufacturers have very detailed product information online.
hey please help my assinment id due soon and i cnt fail!!! lol mum will kill me!!! i have a few questions please if you are answering tell me which question it is from thanx and please help :D!!!Question 1:How do you tell if an electric motor is AC or DC. AC is alternating current and DC is direct current.Question 2:How could you measure or calculate how much power (in watts) an electric motor produces?Question 3:Please explain where the force comes from that makes an electric motor move.Thank you soooo much to the people that actually helped!!! :D
Q1. a DC motor only has one coil of wire, and a left and right magnet. (Single Phased) An Ac motor can be two or three phase. so the AC motor has more than one coil of wire. Q2. power = amps x voltage.... the voltage applied times the amps applied would give your power in watts. amperage can be measure with an amp meter. Q3. The force that moves the motor comes from electromagnetism. There are magnets and coils in the motors. When the coils are energized with they become magnetise and the opposed the magnets forcing the rotor (in which usually the coils of wire are) to turn For more info read on wikipedia
Who knows the main difference between DC motor and AC motor, I hope to say a little more simple, thank you
DC characteristic:(1) good speed control performance. The so-called "speed performance" refers to the motor in a certain load conditions, according to the needs of artificially change the speed of the motor. The DC motor can achieve uniform and smooth stepless speed regulation under heavy load condition, and the speed range is wide. (two) starting torque is large. The speed regulation can be realized uniformly and economically. Therefore, all the machines which start or require uniform speed regulation under heavy load, such as large reversible rolling mills, winches, electric locomotives, trams, etc., are all driven by DC motors and motors.Communication characteristics:The AC motor has higher working efficiency, no smoke and dust, no pollution to the environment and little noise. Because of its series of advantages, it is widely used in industry and agriculture, transportation, national defence, commerce and home appliance, medical equipment and so on.
Name two different types of ac motors?
Universal (brushed) and induction.
Why is DC motor speed regulating better than AC?
The magnetic flux can remain the same when the excitation voltage is constant at the time of DC speed regulation.
Why is the AC motor connected to the capacitor?
AC motor to connect the capacitor, in brief, the capacitor is to produce a phase difference, and let the motor magnetic field "asynchronous", the motor will rotate.