Automatic Rolling Garage Door for Overhead Use

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Garage Door--International standard manufacture. 
High quality steels 
Various surface management methods 
Strict technique

Garage Door--International standard manufacture

All the hardware is manufactured strictly according to the international standard. Therefore, our product meet not only China but international relevant standards;


Garage Door--High quality steels

The hardware such as tracks hinges etc are adopt non-spangles hot-galvanizing armor plate, configured with high anti-rust capability, long service life, and beautiful appearance.


Garage Door--Various surface management methods


It provides standard non-spangles hot-galvanizing management to truck and hinge hardware surface, together with white electrophoresis, black electrophoresis, white plastic spaying, black plastic spraying, and special color plastic spaying.


Garage Door--Strict technique

All the hardware accessories are manufactured strictly according to the techniques. Therefore, they not only possess better precision and appearance but also guarantee silence, smoothness and credibility during the garage door movement.


Garage Door--Perfect balance system

We provide suitable tensional spring balance system for each garage door after exact calculation. Therefore, our garage door always operates under balancing state which will extend the life of our products.


Garage Door--Tensional spring break protection

The specialized garage door tensional spring protection device will hold back the door when the spring is breaking suddenly.


Garage Door--Side track insert protection

Specialized whole sealing reveal design for villa which will protect finger from inserting the aperture between the vertical track and the wall.



Garage door: Human-nature pinch resistant design

Garage door: Noble elegant  graining style


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Q:Can the electric garage door be opened with a mobile phone?
In the past, a friend tried to dial the phone in the case, the remote control to open the door.
Q:Garage door remote control how to match
There is a learning switch on the anti-theft device, the switch and then press the remote control on the OK
Q:Electric garage door why always open their own
Should be open the door of the problem: 1) first look at the remote control is not a fixed code, if it is necessary to adjust the code, fixed code will occasionally string code phenomenon. 2) If the remote control is a rolling code, there should be two possible: 1 is a single chip chip itself, poor anti-jamming performance, the interference signal, mistaken for the door signal. 2 kinds of single-chip program itself can not be stable operation, this situation door machine manufacturers should be able to find earlier, should not enter the market. Unless it is a new brand, has not been a wide range of applications, the problem is not found in time. 3) Another note is not every time the door will open their own, if it is for the automatic closing function, your motor line reversed, swap on the line. But I think this is unlikely. Now buy a door machine is cheaper, I suggest or for a forget.
Q:Import and domestic garage door motor / door machine What is the difference
The United States Martin's best motor, lifetime warranty, you can use more than 70 years. Is more expensive, Oh, generally a motor to about 15000.
Q:I would like to worry about what the garage door is
According to the installation of the garage door classification, the garage door is divided into five kinds, namely, flap garage door (also known as sub-section garage door), the whole car garage door, open garage door, shutter-type garage door, Garage door. You can see the following describes the different types of garage doors to install the garage specifications size requirements.
Q:How to adjust the garage door trip
Press the FUNC key on the control panel, then the RUN light starts to flash, press and hold this button for more than 8 seconds, RUN light becomes straight, then the program into the door and the overload of the process of learning process; Press the INC key, then the motor starts to run in the direction of opening the door, hold down, the motor running speed from slow to fast, while RUN indicator light flashes, indicating that the motor running up. After the desired position, release the button, the motor stops running; if you press the DEC key, the motor runs from slow to fast door, STA light flashes. Use these two buttons to adjust the position in place. If the position of the upper position is adjusted properly, press the FUNC key once, then the RUN indicator will flash quickly after the start, indicating that the completion of learning on the same time; STA indicator light, the program into the next place in the learning process; Use INC and DEC two buttons to adjust the next position in place, after reaching the predetermined position, press the FUNC key once, this time STA light flashes, indicating that the next place to complete the study;
Q:Garage in front of other cars blocked! Can I have an alarm? How can we solve?
I also met you the same thing, I alarm, the police simply do not care, told me to do a taxi, take the bill to find the car to report reimbursement,
Q:Garage door wire rope fell down how to install on
Do not know which city you are, I can give you recommend it. But do not get their own, looking for professional installers or maintenance workers get
Q:Can the garage door be on the road?
What kind of garage is it? You did not know how to give you a way to find ah! Am I right!
Q:Electric garage door can not fall to the end
This is the motor limit set wrong, you can look at what your motor brand is on the Internet to find a manual. Very simple.

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