Automatic Rolling Sectional Garage Door for Overhead Use

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200000 set/month

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Finger-protection design, sandwich panel, high density PU foam over than 45kg/m3,Made by European continue line,stable quality

Sectional Garage door

Finger-protection design, sandwich panel,

galvanized steel, high density PU foam ≥45kg/m3,

Imported Europe line, automatic producing.

Capacity: 50,000sets/year

Balance torsion spring, galvanized steel hardware,

Garage door opener with 2pcs remote controllers

CE Certificate


1.Product Details


1.color: White,Golden Oak, Walnut

2.Pattern: Classic block (W460xH330mm),Slime Line,Flat

3.Grain: Wooden grain, Orange grain

4.Warranty: 5years



Galvanised steel;

 powder coated white,


Garage door Opener




4.with 2pcs remote controllers

5.motor shaft:3m,3.6m,3.9m etc.

6.Warranty: 2year


Other Optional


2.Waring light

3.Wall switch: wireless or with wire


4.door-in-door: W900xH1800mm


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Q:What is the size of the car with the garage door and the road?
Garage door must be at least 10 cm higher than the car, library door width than the length of the car length of two or three meters, so as to go out
Q:Garage door at least how wide!
Generally: Need for type: body width +1.5 times the door width (conditions permit the best is) 2 times the door width, on and off do not knock the door; Economy: body width plus 1m, up and down the door do not knock the door.
Q:Is the three-dimensional garage easy to sell?
Three-dimensional garage industry has great prospects for development, and the annual sales are also many, but do the three-dimensional garage brand is really very much, if you want to stand out, in addition to product quality, publicity is also very important, such as the country to do Of the relatively large number of three-dimensional garage enterprises such as: Hangzhou Xizi, OKorder Yee Fung, the two companies is our website for more than 10 years members, in the promotion and promotion of a great advantage, which also makes their three-dimensional garage sales can lead Other three-dimensional garage manufacturers.
Q:Electric garage door, can the code with the key?
On the remote control, the motor controller has a digital I have experienced this, the original remote control behind the number 290'433 these are the frequency, with a new remote control, it should be the same with the original
Q:Electric garage door why always open their own
There may be problems with the shock circuit, when there is power outage and power, causing the main control board drive door action, this time can be used repeatedly power-on Way to experiment which part of the circuit problem, to improve this part of the reset circuit and CPU program and the oscillation circuit, can achieve the purpose of solving this problem.
Q:The yard door to the garage door to resolve
As people's living standards are getting better and better, there are more car owners, but there are a lot of people do not know, there will be a lot of car problems, the parking garage is a strong and strong feng shui characteristics Of the decoration of its design can not be ignored. Garage feng shui introduced to you to see it!
Q:Electric garage door can not open how to do how to manually open
Is there a power failure or a mechanical failure? If the remote control no electricity can change the battery. Mechanical failure you open the external key switch, pull the pull line, the clutch open force test to open.
Q:How to open the garage door
There may be a lock on your remote control.
Q:How to adjust the upper and lower limits of remote control garage doors
(OK) to the desired position Press the Setup key to turn on the lamp (Status light) Blinking Press the Close button (lower stroke) to the desired position (the next step) to the desired position. Address by setting the key to complete some open the door to automatically run up and down a trip
Q:How does the manual garage door be converted into electric
Under normal circumstances manual garage door modified electric procedure is very simple, with the corresponding motor and controller can be; find the local electric garage door sales installation manufacturers; fill in the notes, pay attention to warranty.

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