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across that particular region of the sofa pad and did you immediately get up and scrub your eyes and face with lava soap? Has this ever happened to anyone but me?
I know that if anyone plops face down on a sofa that they are generally under the influence -- so, how would they know? Kinda' like: If a tree falls and there is nobody there to hear it, does it make a sound? Really -- It's a brilliant question posing the ultimate futility. GREAT QUESTION -- aaaaand, you put yourself in this question! BRAVO!
My living room has brown carpet and brown/beige sofa. I would like to use like a sage or green curtain.Basically I would like to incorporate green somewhere. what other colors can i add or choose from?
Wow you have sooo many options with a brown or beige sofa almost any warm tone color will work with brown and any cool or warm tone with beige. You definitely have more options with beige but its harder to keep clean. With beige you can do anywhere from aqua blues, yellows, pinks reds, oranges and yellows. With brown I would stick with colors that make it pop such as peaches, oranges, yellows and reds. Anthoer good idea is to use throw pillows choose lighter shades in the summer and spring and deeper shades in the fall and winter. Its an inexpensive way to change the look of the place without committing to one look and getting tired of it. Good luck. :-)
I want a leather sofa, but I have two dogs and two cats. They are not destructive, but are allowed on the furniture. Any leather furniture owners have recommendations for me? Will they damage the leather just by walking on it?
I have four leather sofas, one in the living room, one in the master bedroom, one in my office, and one in the great room. As long as you buy top quality, whole hide (not patched together strips), leather is far more sturdy than cloth - for animals and humans. I do put throws on the sofas, especially over the backs because I have 6 dachshunds and they all like to perch on the back of the sofas - and all over them in general. Haven't had any damage from dogs yet.
As in a chair which you sit on in the main room in your house. In the UK we call it a sofa. And the main public room is called a living room. What's it in the States? Thanks in advance!
a chair is a chair that you sit on. a sofa is the same as a couch that you lay on.
are sofa tables and coffee tables the same? if not whats the difference?
A sofa table is generally a tall long table that is set BEHIND a sofa that stands in the middle of a room (rather than against the wall). They are usually 48 to 72 long, about 30 or 32 tall and maybe 12 deep. A coffee table is a low table that goes in FRONT of the sofa. they can be any shape or size but are usually no higher than the seat of the sofa, about 20 tall.
Working on a new couch/sofa decor in my living room (Macy's) and I do need the feature of it opening into a bed so i can place a guest in there... However i am NOT looking for a futon... Any ideas how I would find out if the cushions come out and you just pull it out? Some description? Anyone dealt with this before?
You can't have been looking into this very seriously so far since EVERY furniture store I have ever been in has multiple options for pull out sofa beds. Just go to any furniture store and they will demonstrate how the various models work and you can lay on them and test the comfort. But, as others have pointed out, unless you pay a lot of money for a really good model, the beds themselves tend to not be very comfortable (matresses have to be thin to fold into the couch and often the frames can be felt through the bedding). If you can afford it, look at sofa beds from Arhaus or West Elm -- they are a bit more pricey than the department store brands but should be more stylish and sleepable. Or do the inflatable bed options. I agree those inflatables are extremely comfortable and a hell of a lot easier to move. If you plan on moving any time in the future you will HATE the sofa bed -- they weigh twice what a normal couch does.
hi, i have recently bought a sectional sofa..but i am confused as how to arrange has a 3 seater+a curved sofa+2 seater.can anyone pls tell me ASAP as how to arrange them in the living room? thanks u
However they fit comfortably to have a good seating area. You can fit them together or seperately. Usually the curved sofa goes in a corner or on the corner where the dining room and living room come together. Make sure you have good walking space.
Is there a Difference Iraq SOFA and SA/SFA ?
The SOFA is the Status of Forces Agreement. This is an agreement between the government of a nation, and the military being stationed in that country. In this case, it's the agreement between Iraq's government, and the United States Military.