Luxury Modern Sectional Leather/PU Office Sofa/Chair CN27

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Type:Office FurnitureSpecific Use:Office SofaStyle:Sectional Sofa
Material:Synthetic Leather,Leather,PU,PVC,FabricFolded:NoColorAll color are available
MetalChrome,Nickle Brushed,Stainless SteelAppearanceModernGeneral Use:Commercial Furniture,office chair,office furniture,for executives/directors/presidents
MOQ1 setPayment TermT/T,L/CDelivery Time15-20 days
Packaging Detail:F6026 Modern Leather Office Sofa: Carton paper wrapping around the sofa,out layer with plastic bag
Delivery Detail:20-30 days

1.Seat/Back foam:Thickened soft and comfortable moulded foam with strong restoring function

2.Seat board: 18mm thick High density plywood  seat pan with wood veneer finish helps for sound absorption.                                                                                                           

3.Back board:Rectangular shape plywood outer back surfaced with wood veneer

4..Armrest:Imported Oak wood with  with MDF board,painted or melamine for option,Lacquered with high quality painting.

5.Station foot: High quality 3mm cold rolling high-carbon steel oilpressure welding system forming.

6.Seat reposition:Tip-up seat with counterbalance mechanism allows for a lifetime of smooth operation, air-pipe driven slow 

7.Fabric:1.premium various cloth;2.genuine leather 3.artificial leather.    

Q:What is the color of the leather sofa?
Save the way, the wet towel wring dry, repeatedly wipe, you can dip the temperature of the detergent, and then let the natural dry. You can also use rubber, toothpaste, alcohol and other wipes, life can use a lot of things, are able to make the color black place to earn clean.
Q:Can the sofa change the skin?
Sofa for the skin is not a very difficult thing Oh, you go to the place where you buy a sofa, there should also be provided for the sofa for the skin. Now a lot of professional home for the company. You can search the Internet.
Q:Light yellow leather sofa dermabrasion how to repair it?
After cleaning, should be on the sofa layer of protective solution to prevent the dirt once again into the cortex pores caused by secondary pollution. The protective liquid is best used in leather sofa special liquid soft wax, otherwise the cortex will harden quickly aging.
Q:So many of the couch are peeling off, how is it going
People sitting on the leather sofa, the gravity through the mat, they are first to the suture place to pass, from this position after the commitment, and then passed together to the spring
Q:High imitation leather sofa for a long time easy to split it?
If you turn over the beverage on the leather, you should immediately dry with a clean cloth or sponge, and wipe with a damp cloth, let it naturally dry. For the newly purchased leather sofas, first wash the towel with water, wipe the dust and dirt on the surface of the sofa, and then gently wipe the sofa surface one or two times (do not use waxy care products), so in the Leather surface to form a layer of protective film, so that the dirt is not easy to deep into the future pores, easy to clean later.
Q:Buy a new leather sofa, do not care how to mark the track how to do
This sofa is cloth, and why spend so much money to buy the leather? If you want to deal with this, had to buy cloth, and cheap and beautiful.
Q:How to repair the leather sofa? maintenance?
Leather absorption strong, should pay attention to anti-fouling, the best in the spring and autumn with a leather softener maintenance. Usually wipe the sofa can not be rubbed, so as not to damage the epidermis.
Q:How did the sofa fall off?
The leather surface of the crack; surface off the skin; mostly due to improper daily maintenance, resulting in severe degreasing cortex; and then lead to cracks in the leather surface; skin surface appears skin phenomenon; one is improper cleaning; maintenance; and the use of the environment is too wet Cause
Q:The basic knowledge of leather sofas
Leather "in the leather products market is a common word, is the difference between synthetic leather and natural leather, a customary call in the consumer's concept," leather "also has a false meaning.It is mainly from the The leather is processed from a variety of leather, variety, different structure, different quality, the price is also very different.Therefore, the leather is both natural leather collectively, but also a vague logo on the commodity market.
Q:How to clean the leather sofa. Maintenance?
On the newly purchased leather sofa, wipe the surface of the sofa dust and dirt, and then gently wipe the surface of the sofa with a care agent one or two times (do not use waxy care products), so that the surface of the leather to form a protective film, so that the future The dirt is not easy to penetrate the real pores, easy to clean later

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