Office Sofa 2015 High Quality Leather Office Sofa T32

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Office Furniture

Specific Use:

Office Sofa


Racing Chair


 Genuine Leather/PU/Lether Fabric




All color are available








Chrome,Nickle Brushed,Stainless Steel



General Use:

Commercial Furniture,office chair,office furniture,for executives/directors/presidents


5 sets

Payment Term


Delivery Time

15-20 days


We specialized in office desk and office seating .Our factory has been engaged in office furniture for more than 10 years. Our factory is well-known in the high quality and competitive price of our products. Therefore, we completed in specifications and win warm praise from customers. In addition, the design of our products is deft, modern and beautiful. There are many types and colors for your selection. Our goods are easy and simple to handle and durable in use.

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Q:How does the leather sofa distinguish between true and false
Leather sofa with leather and imitation of the skin, leather using natural leather, mainly leather and pig skin; imitation leather is man-made. The two performance, the price difference is large, when the purchase should pay attention to distinguish
Q:How to protect the leather sofa? Do you want to wipe oil? What about the oil?
Leather sofa maintenance is very important, if improper maintenance will fade, old, loss of luster, so that the lack of ductility of the leather deformation of the sofa.
Q:Can the sofa be scrub with 84?
Or Baidu Web Search: How to buy leather care agent? Leather sofa maintenance of the basic principles, leather sofa and other leather for the better private hard to crack? Leather sofa and other leather hardened how to do?
Q:What should pay attention to the sofa?
Sofa the main frame, then look at how the use of materials, some of the sofa can be opened under the sofa to see the zipper, or their own like to try to try, emphasis on the wood better; and then is the density of the sponge sponge, high density sponge more use, feeling Will be relatively hard; solid wood sofa, then the key is to see what the wood, the general oak on it;
Q:Leather sofa skin surface cracks how to do
Before use, use a clean soft cloth to wipe the surface of the sofa dust and dirt, if the cow leather (leather) production, must be used before the first use of care workers gently wipe the sofa surface one or two times (do not use waxy care products), so In the leather leather (leather) surface to form a protective film, so that the dirt is not easy in the future depth of the pores, easy to clean later.
Q:What is the difference between leather sofa and fabric sofa?
Leather sofa is the use of animal skin, such as pigskin, leather, sheepskin and other animal skin, after a specific process into the leather made of the seat, due to the leather, with breathable, it is important that the softness is very good and other functions, So use it to make seats
Q:What's the height of the sofa?
In general, the height of the sofa should be consistent with the height of the knee after bending, in order to make people feel comfortable; general single sofa seat height should be maintained at about 42 cm (this height includes the seat after the weight of the pressure scale ).
Q:How is the leather sofa in addition to smell
Clean the sofa when you use cotton or silk wet after gently wipe, wipe the ball can be used after the Biluo beads or waxing spray again to keep its smooth. If you accidentally draw a ballpoint pen on a leather sofa, in the effective time with a rubber wipe can be removed.
Q:When buying leather sofa, how to identify true and false leather goods?
Leather sofa is a generic, pig skin, horse skin, donkey skin, leather can be used as a sofa raw materials, you must figure out what is the use of leather. Which leather cortex soft, thick, the best quality, and now the sofa is generally used buffalo leather, cortex thicker, affordable. Better there are brown leather, green leather. Horse skin, donkey skin pattern and leather similar to the skin, but the surface of the skin green relaxation, a long time easy to peel off, not durable, so cheap.
Q:How does leather sofas care? The
In order to extend the service life, to avoid the child jumping on the sofa to play, sweat of the body can not be directly contact with the sofa.

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