Luxury Modern Sectional Leather/PU Office Sofa/Chair CN11

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Type:Office FurnitureSpecific Use:Office SofaStyle:Sectional Sofa
Material:Synthetic Leather,Leather,PU,PVC,FabricFolded:NoColorAll color are available
MetalChrome,Nickle Brushed,Stainless SteelAppearanceModernGeneral Use:Commercial Furniture,office chair,office furniture,for executives/directors/presidents
MOQ1 setPayment TermT/T,L/CDelivery Time15-20 days
Packaging Detail:F6026 Modern Leather Office Sofa: Carton paper wrapping around the sofa,out layer with plastic bag
Delivery Detail:20-30 days

1.Seat/Back foam:Thickened soft and comfortable moulded foam with strong restoring function

2.Seat board: 18mm thick High density plywood  seat pan with wood veneer finish helps for sound absorption.                                                                                                           

3.Back board:Rectangular shape plywood outer back surfaced with wood veneer

4..Armrest:Imported Oak wood with  with MDF board,painted or melamine for option,Lacquered with high quality painting.

5.Station foot: High quality 3mm cold rolling high-carbon steel oilpressure welding system forming.

6.Seat reposition:Tip-up seat with counterbalance mechanism allows for a lifetime of smooth operation, air-pipe driven slow 

7.Fabric:1.premium various cloth;2.genuine leather 3.artificial leather.    

Q:Light color leather sofa how to clean
On the stains, a variety of color leather sofa, especially the light color of the leather surface, use a little longer will be stained with stains. Can be diluted with detergent and the like, with a towel dipped and soaked wipe the leather surface, and then use the glass bottle of "safe bleach" towel dipped to wipe the dirt, and finally soaked with water towel Sofa surface wipe clean.
Q:Does the leather sofa have formaldehyde?
Poor quality of the leather, the producers in order to make the skin look brighter, spray the pulp and fixative thicker, formaldehyde content will be more harm to the human body even greater.
Q:Leather sofa with a sofa towel is good, or with a sofa cover it?
First said sofa towel. The focus is "towel", that white is a piece of cloth to the sofa cover up. Even the armrest and back are covered. Advantages: simple, fast, clean up more convenient.
Q:I ask: how to distinguish genuine and fake leather when buying leather sofa?
Leather leather will be issued a touch of natural skin taste, if the issue is pungent odor or after a special treatment completely no smell of leather, may not be leather.
Q:What can be wiped clean
Take a dry towel and wipe the toothpaste on the couch. The third step is to give the sofa oil. With a multi-functional shoe polish to play the oil once, but also according to the sofa pattern, or a long time, the sofa is easy to harden the leather. Three steps are completed, look at the results of it
Q:Leather sofa, cloth sofa, mahogany, should buy that kind
Mahogany, hardwood less and less, the landlord do not buy pity, and now many countries limit exports. Mahogany new Chinese can be considered, the European also have, in fact, is solid wood. The color of the deep like to pick acid, shallow on the pear. The main point, I asked the leather fabric high, but not the same as mahogany. Redwood is a Chinese culture, never forget it
Q:Does the leather sofa wrap up with a cloth cover?
With cloth, there is a problem, the cloth is bad, or the color of the cloth rub into the skin. If the family has a child, the cloth on the bacteria will bite the ass.
Q:Baked ointment to get the skin on the sofa how to clean?
With hot water for 5 minutes and then soap soaked in soapy water, repeated several times should be more and more light
Q:Is it possible to have a leather sofa on a leather sofa
Lazy sofa ~ that is leather sofa, foreign popular cortical sofa, because the fabric sofa love to smoke, need to wash regularly, and often after washing and washing will cause the sofa sets of discoloration, deterioration, if encountered a liquid, such as the child's urine Liquid beverages such as milk spread to the sofa, fabric sofa will be instantly absorbed, the coat needs to be cleaned, even the sponge need to clean, not clear sponge will become hardened bacteria
Q:Does Chinese decoration fit leather sofas?
Chinese decoration living room sofa placed from the home Feng Shui is not arbitrarily arranged, the Chinese-style sofa in the living room in the important position, as if the country's important port, must be able to as much as possible water, can flourish

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