• Luxury Modern Sectional  Leather/PU Office Sofa/Chair CN70 System 1
Luxury Modern Sectional  Leather/PU Office Sofa/Chair CN70

Luxury Modern Sectional Leather/PU Office Sofa/Chair CN70

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Type:Office FurnitureSpecific Use:Office SofaStyle:Sectional Sofa
Material:Synthetic Leather,Leather,PU,PVC,FabricFolded:NoColorAll color are available
MetalChrome,Nickle Brushed,Stainless SteelAppearanceModernGeneral Use:Commercial Furniture,office chair,office furniture,for executives/directors/presidents
MOQ1 setPayment TermT/T,L/CDelivery Time15-20 days
Packaging Detail:F6026 Modern Leather Office Sofa: Carton paper wrapping around the sofa,out layer with plastic bag
Delivery Detail:20-30 days

1.Seat/Back foam:Thickened soft and comfortable moulded foam with strong restoring function

2.Seat board: 18mm thick High density plywood  seat pan with wood veneer finish helps for sound absorption.                                                                                                           

3.Back board:Rectangular shape plywood outer back surfaced with wood veneer

4..Armrest:Imported Oak wood with  with MDF board,painted or melamine for option,Lacquered with high quality painting.

5.Station foot: High quality 3mm cold rolling high-carbon steel oilpressure welding system forming.

6.Seat reposition:Tip-up seat with counterbalance mechanism allows for a lifetime of smooth operation, air-pipe driven slow 

7.Fabric:1.premium various cloth;2.genuine leather 3.artificial leather.    

Q:How to clean fruit juice drops on leather sofas
Add a tablespoon of white vinegar to the half-basin water and mix thoroughly, the wipes soaked, wring dry glass wipes, can not afford static electricity, not easy to stick ash. Sponge dipped in white vinegar to clean the stainless steel table, can restore the original luster
Q:How to remove the leather sofa taste
In the room placed 1.5 meters high plant 2-3 pots more appropriate, the use of the characteristics of natural adsorption plant itself. But can not fundamentally reduce the presence of harmful gases, can not cut off the source of pollution.
Q:Leather sofa pig skin and how to distinguish between leather
In general, the surface pores of the fine, dense and distribution is the main basis for distinguishing them. Pig skin: pig skin leather pores are relatively large, the surface of the pores were arranged in a triangular shape, composed of three pores, each group is far apart, and the use of pig skin sofa surface is not smooth and relatively rough, Will not be used for leather sofa selection of raw materials, widely used in uniforms, pig leather shrinkage treatment, become more soft and flexible, so compared to the use of clothing
Q:How do I remove the correction fluid on the leather sofa?
Method one: can be stained in a few drops of fresh oil spirits, rubbing the number of, and then rinse in the water, you can remove. (Longer amendments to liquid stains can also be removed.)
Q:How to repair the leather sofa damage
You can go to the furniture city to find a salesman so that they can give you to find the furniture city maintenance workers repair home. General furniture city will have 1 - 2 of this professional leather repair workers. The sofa coated with a certain amount of cream coupled with the same paint spray on the sofa on it. Either you can go to a large supermarket to buy a special spray ----- size and anti-mosquito spray the same. All kinds of colors are, to repair their own.
Q:Does the leather care oil care for the leather sofa?
First, to ensure that the room ventilation, too dry or wet will accelerate the aging of leather; Second, the leather sofa should not be placed in the sun direct place, do not put directly on the air-conditioning place, this will make the leather hardened, fade
Q:How does the white leather sofa decontaminate?
Remove the gum (such as chewing gum): can be ice pack or ice water after cooling, take a fine silk cloth gently wipe away. Remove the ballpoint pen or ink traces: can be wiped with a soft eraser, in order to prevent fade, you can first drop a few drops of water in the stains.
Q:The classification of leather sofas, leather grade classification?
Half of the sofa in the back of the sofa, the bottom and some other hidden parts to PU leather or artificial leather PVC instead of leather, but the body directly contact parts are still higher value of leather, thereby reducing the cost of the sofa, more affordable.
Q:What is the cleaning agent for cleaning the leather sofa?
Simple way: wipe with the egg white dirty CBD leather sofa can be a clean velvet dipped in some egg white wipe, can remove the stains, but also make the skin bright as ever
Q:Leather sofa was painted after the crayon, how to clean up
The second method: with napkins stacked into eight or sixteen layers, covered in the crayon traces. And then use the iron, turn off the jet switch, only heating the file, low temperature ironing.

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