Sofa Set Sitting Room Furniture Outdoor Sofa Leisure Sofa Wicker Sofa Wicker Furniture

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Sofa Set Sitting Room Furniture Outdoor Sofa Leisure Sofa Wicker Sofa Wicker Furniture

Sofa Set Sitting Room Furniture Outdoor Sofa Leisure Sofa Wicker Sofa Wicker Furniture

Sofa Set Sitting Room Furniture Outdoor Sofa Leisure Sofa Wicker Sofa Wicker Furniture



 sofa chair : 1pc
Alum frame:28x28mm,powdercoating finish
Half round PE wicker
Chair and stool with cushions T15cm  




  1. Environmental protection and morden

  2. UV Resistant, water proof

  3. Suitable for outdoor and durable

  4. Multiple colors/size optional, PE rattan material manufacture,

  5. Fast delivery with reasonable price

  6. Abt 70set per 40'HQ container



Packing & Delivery:


Packaging Detail:  bubble bag + Cardbord

Delivery Detail:25-30days after receive the deposit




1.Several years leather sofa experience,excellent technique with professional design
2.High quality and good taste,cater all the requirement
3.Suitable for outdoor and home use
4.The perfect and elegant face
5.The best choice for the outdoor using
6.Very comfortable and convenient, let the customer relax, forget the whole day's tried
7.The rattan and fabric's color can choose freely
8.Customers' design for sofa's appearance is available
9.Various designs, good quality, competitive price, short production cycle

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Q:Poll: Do you like sleeping on the sofa?
I don't like sleeping on the sofa we have now. It just doesn't lend itself to that kind of action. lol I definitely have a problem sleeping in my own bed. I lose count as to how many times I flip my pillow over looking for the cool spot. I can fall asleep immediately when I sleep in any one of my kids' beds. Isn't that funny? Our old sofa was excellent for sleeping on. When we finally got rid of it, I felt like I was saying goodbye to an old friend.
Q:My sofa injured father & friends & Ashley wont let me trade it back..It closes on people when they sleep on it
Is Ashley the manufacturer..?... or just the 'dealer'? I would find the tag that tells who manufactured the couch and call them directly. Search for them on the net if you have to. Keep going up the management ladder at Ashley until you get some satisfaction. Bottom line is that you are not happy with the product....make them make it right.
Q:Where can I find a good sleeper sofa?
Lazy Boy
Q:Curious Sofa by Edward Gorey Ending?
Um. It's three o'clock in the morning where I am so I won't be able to get my hands on the book for some hours but... The first point is this book, like most of Gorey's work is a game. If you read ABOUT him, you will discover he was more reticent about his private life than Andy Warhol (and this was apparently less of a pose). The book can be described as about innuendo more than anything else, so, while one might possibly say, the sofa ATE everybody, the proper response to that would be how inappropriate. In other words, he was writing a book about his attitude towards discussing sexuality, and this was why it was called A pornographic work. He clearly thought it was a good thing to convince people the sofa ate everybody, but he wanted to leave a little mystery about it. EDIT: Checking it, of course, has proved more complex than -- it should have. I finally have, though. What I said was almost correct. Simply put, yes. He is alluding to the story of the Egyptian -- queen, I think it was -- who invited her enemies to a feast then then in the middle of the meal let in the Nile, or the story of Dracula who invited some poor citizens to a feast in a hut he sealed and burned the house down. I won't say Sir Edward murdered everyone for the reason I cited above: it's inappropriate. Gorey wanted the end of this book to be as ambiguous as possible.
Q:Where can i find a pink fur sofa at?
Q:Micro-fiber sofa stains?
it particularly is particularly useful to objective soaking a cotton ball with 3% Hydrogen Peroxide and gently dabbing the blood stain. The peroxide will covert the stain to hydrogen and oxygem with a effervescent action. maximum, if no longer all the stain might desire to disappear.
Q:Which would constitute a more miraculous answer to prayer: finding change for a burrito in the sofa or...?
Wow, I think the burrito in the sofa would be pretty cool. It would be literally cool if it was frozen. Now that would be perfect- if the burrito were still frozen and you had a microwave nearby.
Q:what do you use to get urine smell out of a sofa?
Oy...lthe . Other products could cover the smell, but if you want to truly destroy it, use this product. Seriously. And for the price, you will have some left in case a pet has an accident at a later time. If you have pets, it will be imperative to get the urine smell out, or you may find them marking on the sofa too. Good luck!
Q:anyone got instructions on how to make pillows for a sofa?
This is actually not that hard. I've recovered a lot of sofa cushions. Most pillow covers on sofas zip off. Unzip each cover and take out the stuffing. Turn the pillow cover inside out. Then take a tape measure or ruler and measure the size of each of the pieces of fabric that are sewed together. Draw a sketch of each piece, with the measurements. Add about 1/2 to 1 around each edge for the sewing seam. Once you've got all of the pieces written down, figure out how much fabric you will need by making a diagram of all of the pieces. Most upholstery fabric is about 54 to 60 wide. It can be very expensive but there are a lot of discount places that sell remnants. Be sure to buy zippers in the right length or a little bit longer than the old zippers. After you buy the fabric, you can either layout the pieces to cut from the measurements on the sketches or just lay an inside out old cover on the fabric, pin it down and cut around it. Sew the zippers into the side pieces just like the original covers. Sew the tops and bottoms of the pillows to the narrow side strip piece. Be careful to make the corners line up. If you go to a sewing and fabric store, most of the major dress pattern companies also sell patterns with instructions for making slipcovers, which can be helpful. The salespeople who work at such stores can usually help you out a lot with measuring and with instructions, too. By the way, if you get washable fabric and want to be able to launder the covers, be sure to machine wash and dry the fabric BEFORE you cut it and make the covers.
Q:Your thoughts on this reclining leather sofa?
It looks great but I can't comment on the mechanics, don't know the company who made it.

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