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I'm a gamer and when it comes to the pc I need a good office chair that DOES NOT lose its cushion over a month period or so. Can anyone recommened a good office chair that doesn't loose its cushion? Thanks.
I okorder / But if you're playing games at your desk, it would likely be lower than a typical desk chair. I guess it would depend totally on your setup.
I am practicing Zen Meditation but cannot use the lotus or seiza position anymore because of legs issues. I was told to use a chair. Should I purchase a zafu to keep my back straight by putting this one on my back? Or should I just stand straight on the chair naturally?
I'm sorry to hear about the leg problems... I have sciatica, so I also cannot sit in lotus position any more. But it's really no problem as far as the ability to meditate goes. Really, any position which is relatively comfortable but not conductive to falling asleep will be fine... especially if you are already skillful at meditating.
I have a very simple computer chair--not a fancy office chair or anything. I was was wondering if I could spray paint the black plastic frame of the chair with a gold metallic spray. I would cover the fabric so it doesn't get paint on it. Would the paint stick? Would it flake off? Do I need a primer? Thanks!
of course you can!
Me my fiance are paying for our entire wedding ourselves so we are on a major budget. Our wedding reception is at a VTW hall, which mean those ugly brown folding chairs that i hate! Our wedding is in October is a fall/harvest theme. The colors are claret, burnt orange and sage green accents. I am looking for a way to spaze up these chairs. Completely covering them is out of the question because it is way to expensive, so i am wondering of any other ways. PLEASE HELP !
I can't say I remember the kind of chair I've sat in at ANY wedding I've attended including my own! LOL ! If you are paying for this soiree yourself it's truly best to focus on a few important things or what you fiancee think is important.. For us it was the FOOD, BEVERAGE MUSIC- So, that's where are money was mainly spent. We paid for most of wedding/honeymoon ourselves and it was UNDER 6k! Good Luck
This chair is very common in hotel conference rooms, weddings and other events. Does anyone know where did the design come from ? or who was the first to produce this kind of chair ?
Interesting okorder /
Ok one of my cats (layah a one year old Manx) got diarrhea and it got all over one of my kitchen dining chairs. There was also a nice mushy nugget on another chair. I clean the poop off the floor, and took a soapy hot sponge and cleaned the chairs (they have a fabric seat) is that enough? Or is there more that I need to do?
Heidi Anne has got distraction. But greed is the fraction. Someone scared those cats to shame. And your fault I tend to blame.
I find a deal for Boom Chair…It is on sale now
I okorder /
Ok on an Advair(medicine for asthma) I saw one of the actors in a big clear,plastic chair a half circle hanging from the cieling does anyone know what im talking about and where i could buy one thank u sooooo much in advance!!!!!!! I'm remodeling my room !!!!
I believe you're looking for the Bubble chair... Here you go: images.google.ca/imgres?imgurl=ht...