Paito Wicker Corner Sofa Set

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A.Frame: aluminum frame with high quality powder coating.

B.Rattan: 3000hours UV-Resistant,Weatherproof,waterproof and colourfast.

C. Cushion: USA fireproofing standard,water resistant polyester fabric,high desity foam,removable and washable cover.

D. Tempered glass: clear,forested,silk-screen.

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Q:when is it the best time to buy a new sofa?
when you don't want to get home because you just hate it! hahahaha. The sofa is a very important focal point in decoration, so it may imply changing the rest of the decoration, which can be fun. It's always good to change. Look for the local sales. Avoid the do-it-yourself thing, it can get very frustrating. Have fun!!!
Q:Will costco give me a discount on a sofa set?
If you are a member of Costco you are already getting discounts because of the membership. I'm not sure if they will give any further discounts on the sofa set but you can always ask.
Q:What should be the color of my leather sofa ( 3 seater, 1+1 seater)?
i would recommend neutral colours as room is rather small . as you have a brown settee i would look to do the woodwork a chocolate brown to match the furniture and include the dado rail in that paint the top have a light colour say hessian include ceiling and below a slight darker colour .if you opt for a Hessian carpet go for a mixed fibre one with darker flecks in it to match paint colours (it also wears well and doesn't show up dirt easy . you could be brave and paint one wall a plum /Burgundy colour and the rest a lighter colour as this gives you a feature wall and goes well with creams on woodwork and your brown furniture . one a dark wall put a large mirror on wall this will give yo a feeling of space and light as well . tip to get colours right cut up the colour book and put over each other in the room you are to paint in the sunlight you get a idea of what you want before you spend a fortune on sample pots
Q:What type of cushions go well with a brown corner-leather sofa?
I think it will look good, and i would get some in that color but with pattern on it to break up the monotony, keep it from being boring.
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Q:Does Argos display its sofas anywhere?
Argos Sofas
Q:Help me find a similar sofa for less Crate and barrel
IKEA also has a lot of other styles that look similar. Check 'em out!
Q:What method do you recommend using to celan and sanitize/disinfect furniure like sofa's and mattresses?
well honestly i would not do that you are just bringing a problem into your own home.... buy new or get something from family vacuum it and lysol and air it...sun helps... *(*
Q:will a green sofa go on white walls ?
White walls will go with a green sofa and make the room look brighter but it will also make it look kind of simple if that is what you are looking for. Home depot has a computer where you can pick a color and room and I believe furniture to see how your place will look before you buy the paint. Good luck!
Q:Where to purchase a butterscotch colored leather sofa?
I got my sofa and chair, both leather butterscotch at Macy's Dept. Store. You can probably get it online if you don't have a Macy's near you.

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