Paito Wicker Corner Sofa Set

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Product Description:


A.Frame: aluminum frame with high quality powder coating.

B.Rattan: 3000hours UV-Resistant,Weatherproof,waterproof and colourfast.

C. Cushion: USA fireproofing standard,water resistant polyester fabric,high desity foam,removable and washable cover.

D. Tempered glass: clear,forested,silk-screen.

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Q:Rattan sofa is good, rattan sofa buying skills introduced
Rattan furniture is warm in winter and cool in summer, plus its after cooking, bleaching, drying, mildew, sterilization and other processes, in the original process is durable, a choice of twenty years or even thirty years can benefit. This is one reason for the high price of rattan.
Q:I am in practicing englishI have a problem about how to speak english clearlyAnd i got a problem I can't read so far and sofa When i read so far Its always sofaSorry for ask stupid question I am amutuar for english (i am try hard)(English is so hard bro:(
Sofa ends in a 'u' sound, like when you're thinking and you say, uh... Far ends with an 'o' type sound as in the word 'octopus' followes by an 'r' sound, as in red. You could remember by always doing the 'sof...' part, but for 'sofa' just say 'uh' after it and for 'so far' just say the name of the letter 'r' but be sure not to pause inbetween the sounds in order to sound more authentic. Additionally, it might have help if you had said what your native language is so that I could have compared the sounds to your native language.
Q:Hi I was giving a beautiful sofa today and was gonna use it in the only space available which is an empty upstairs bedroom the only problem is it wont fit threw the hallway vertically and theirs a wall in the way of the door entranceso the only option i have is to try to get it threw the window in the room which both panes open inward so theirs more than enough space, the problem is how would i go about doing this?i'm thinking there is more than enough space to put a few ladders to the window with rope on the top tied down so it doesnt slip back wrapping the sofa in pad liners tieing rope around it and halling it upIs there an easier way to do this task without hiring someone to do it for me for $300? thanksbtw its on the backyard side of the house so i cant hire someone with a crane
Get two ladders that are exactly the same, set them up with their tops just at the bottom of the window. (The longer these ladders are, within reason, the easier this will be.) Make sure their bases are stable and will not move. Before wrapping the sofa for its trip up the ladder, securely fasten two 2 x 4's- 8' long to what will be the bottom end of the sofa when it will go sliding up the ladders at the end of your rope. It would be best to keep your two friends that will be helping, off the ladders used to slide the sofa up. Therefore have two more ladders, one set on each side of the sofa slide, for the help. When the sofa reaches the window, gently lift the sofa over the window sill. At that point your friends that have been helping you pull the sofa up the ladders should go downstairs and start up the ladders and push up on the 2 x 4's as you continue to pull the sofa into the room. You will need three friends, two of them should be fairly strong, to complete the work. The third one should be used to film the process. The sale of the film may result in some rewards for you friends and pay for the ladder rental. I'll lmao when I see you on AFV.
Q:I need to buy a leather sofa or sectional but I am having a problem figuring out what color will go with my room. In addition to the walls I have new carpeting that has light browns and golds in it. Dark brown seemed like a good choice but my issue is the recliners.
Work off the burgundy recliners. You can also go with a burgundy sofa. You can put a splash of color on the sofa with colorful pillows. My choice would be the burgundy sofa rather than the dark brown. Think the brown would be too dark for the room. Remember the throw pillows can have a beige, yellow, burgundy or what every colors you choose to brighten things up. That way everything would tie in with your carpeting and wall colors. Good Luck
Q:Hey there, I'm decorating my apartment on a budget, and am in love with two different design schemes. The first being shabby chic and the second being a bright happy type pallet (bright greens, pinks and purples). I just found a very nice sofa and loveseat set and the price is right, but was actually looking for something different. (Here is the pic)Do you think I can work it in somehow? Or should I change my original design ideas? To make is easier to visualize, the livingroom, and dining room are together (one long room) with the kitchen off to one side. The walls are currently beige, and I have walnut floors. The kitchen has blonde cabinetry and a black with brown and gold flecked countertop.Any help you can give me is really appreciated!!!
The sofa is fine. For a shabby chic living room, choose a lot of pale colors, preferably white. The shabby chic style is light and feminine. Add some fresh flowers to the room, romantic floral painting, vintage accessories etc. If you are going for bright colors, than I would choose earth tones such as greens and blues. But hot pink would look great with brown as well. ;) Add some throw pillows to the couch, some colorful art work on the walls, an area rug, etc. Hope this helps and good luck! =)
Q:I have looked about everywhere online and at stores, and i can not find a pink fur sofa!! i found one, but it was for a dog or a cat!! i would really, really like to find a pink fur sofa for my room!
If okorder
Q:Some months ago, I disputed a game of cards won by Earl Cranworth, having accused him of using a system of weights and pulleys to cheat. I refused to pay him what I owed.This afternoon, quite out of the blue, the Earl visits my manor in a tempest of fury, demanding I pay him his dues. He did not even allow my butler to announce him, but thundered through into my drawing room. Well, I had no option but to summon a henchman to soften him up. I currently have the bounder trapped in my sofa and have been sitting upon him for five hours. His muffled cries are dying down. How long is safe to keep him there, bearing in mind that I wish to send a clear message?
It truly would depend upon what the sofa was constructed of. A leather sofa would safely keep the Earl for a good 6 hours; whereas a cotton fabric sofa would safely keep him for well over a day or so, since cotton breathes.
Q:What is the meaning of Sectional Sofas?
a sectional sofa is made up of several chair size pieces that are shoved together, there is usually a corner piece
Q:Less than a yr ago i got a sofa sectional w- 2 recliners a sleeper. Less than a month after i bought it i had some friends spend the night the sleeper closed on them. Nobody got hurt thankfully. I then called Ashley Furniture the next morning complained. I did have a warranty insurance on the couch. I had to spend months complaining 3 mos later they send someone to look at it. It takes him another month to send a replacement sofa. I got the new sofa in so i felt it was safe i had my parents sleeping on the bed and it closed injured my 64 year old dad. (He has back problems anyhow). I felt it could have been the hard wood floors making it close up. So i got carpet installed under the sofa area. Well sure enough my best-friend was here sleeping over. It closed again injured my friends knee. I called told them all this asked if there was a recall on this sofa they said no. The model # is 8890397. I can't find the sofa on the website anymore. Where can i go to find out.
It doesn't matter whether they are making or selling the sofa any longer. The important thing here is that you take action QUICKLY! If your warranty is like probably has a one year expiration date. If it's longer...then great. Either way, you need to contact the company and let them know what has happened and that this problem has occurred on several different occasions. Then, you need to tell them that they need to replace your sofa, but not with the same model you had before. There is obviously a manufacturer's defect here that they don't want to admit to. I would let them know that you want to go into their showroom and pick out another (comparable) sofa and have them deliver it to your home when the pick up the defective unit. Let them know that if they give you any argument, you're going to contact your attorney. I doubt they'll give you any grief after that. Perhaps this time you may want to stick with something that does not fold out? Good Luck! The Coach
Q:i have a tiny 1 inch cut in sofa, how can i fix it myself??
If it's fabric you could try an iron-on patch. A largre one like for a knee could be cut down to size and you might be able to find a color that will blend with sofa color. Of course, if the rip is on a spot that gets lots of tension you might want to try the large size.

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