Paito Wicker Corner Sofa

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Product Description:

American style salon sofa set
Aluminum frame+PE rattan wicker hand weaving
UV resistant 3000Hours
Green products

single sofa 70*72*74 cm

Double sofa  136*72*74 cm

Element: 1set=2 single sofa +1double sofa +1coffee table+1end table

Loading quantity: 40sets/40HQ container


A.Frame: aluminum frame with high quality powder coating.

B.Rattan: 3000hours UV-Resistant,Weatherproof,waterproof and colourfast.

C. Cushion: USA fireproofing standard,water resistant polyester fabric,high desity foam,removable and washable cover.

D. Tempered glass: clear,forested,silk-screen.

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Q:I am getting new sofa and love seat,...should I match wallpaper to sofas or sofas to wallpaper?
I think you will find it much easier to match the walls to your sofa. I agree that wallpaper is much less sought after at the moment than paint-I think because of the difficulty of changing your mind and removing it, plus it is more costly. If you do wallpaper your walls, choose something that would go with a variety of colors and you will like for many years. That way if you tire of your sofa, you can always slipcover it and have a whole new effect, without changing your wallpaper. If you paint your walls, it is so easy and cheap to paint again if you don't like it or change your mind, that I would choose a sofa that is not too trendy in either color or style. That way you can express the latest styles and colors through your walls, but your sofa won't look too dated. I always think of the avocado and gold kitchen refrigerators and stoves which represent a large investment, but now really date a kitchen, yet are so expensive to replace. I usually buy white kitchen appliances and toilets, that way they are never out of style, but I can change smaller items in the room to reflect the mood I would want to create. That's the philosophy I would recommend in your decorating of the walls and sofa.
Q:I love a heavy cotton. But some people use polyester blends. I found one that is 80% polyster and 20% linen. SHould I be weary of this? What to look for to determine quality?
i have leather :) love it
Q:The sofa in my apartment desperately needs cleaning and there apparently is some melted chocolate under one of the cushions. What are the best products/methods to get a sofa clean?
I clean my sofa with the vacuum cleaner. If you have a pet you can use dampened rubber gloves by running your hand over the surface to attract hair.
Q:Thoughts on this sofa?
Hey thats the Dolce sofa... I have the blanco sectional you can see on the website. I love my sofa/sectional. The leather is sooooo soft and I even love sleeping on it. I think the sofa you like is really nice and can go modern or transitional depending on your other decor. I love Zgallerie and most of my furniture is from there. The only bad thing about getting furniture from there is the crapy return policy on furniture. I think you will be happy with your decision. I go there often and am yet to find any of their furniture uncomfy. Their quality I think is good and from my good sources, they carry furniture from Crate Barrel retailers that are exclusive to Zgallerie. Good luck and enjoy!
Q:I have an old sofa that's not in very good shape anymore and I need to get rid of it. Unfortunately, our city's bulk garbage day won't be for another two months. How do I get rid of this couch?
Also, consider donating it to a charity (Salvation Army, Goodwill, etc) In some places, you can put it out on the curb with a free sign on it and it may very well disappear all by itself.
Q:Does anyone have any advice or recommendations for buying a sofa/sectional? I want to purchase a well-constructed, comfortable, and attractive sofa to last me, say, a decade. I am willing to spend up for quality within reason.I'd appreciate recommendations for the best or worst options out there.Thanks!
Go leather and buy something that is not heavy. Natuzzi is usually the best in class and is usually reasonably affordable. Beware of bicast leather which is low quality leather.
Q:If you have can you tell me is it worth it. Ikea has a couch that I really like and I was just wondering if it would hold up to the warranty. Please let me know about your purchase and how it is holding up. Thanks :)
I had a sofa from Ikea and it hold up good for a couple of year if you don't have any kids or wild beast scratching it all up. I don't really like it since its construction is not the best. It may look good but wont last long. I want a sofa that cost 400-500 to last 6 year but what can you do. It's decent sofa but I rather send a little extra at some other place to get a better quality one.
Q:I purchased a Rowe sofa close to 5 years ago for around $1000. The frame recently broke- quite bad, too, as it's now entirely on the floor- and, when I called the original retailer, I was told I would have to pay for labor on the sofa, although the warranty is a limited lifetime warranty that protects against breakage caused by manufacturing defects. There is no mention of labor costs in the warranty. Does anybody know about sofa/furniture warranties, specifically this company's? Does anyone have a phone number, besides 800-421-7693, that I can call and actually speak with a human?Thank you!
I havent used this company, but I had a sofa bed where the actual bed collapsed and pat of it was resting on the floor rather than being attached to the side of the couch..(which meant that it was useless as you couldnt sleep on it and there for you couldnt fold it away and sit on the couch).it was still under the 5 yr warranty all I had to do was to get the couch to the retailer and they repaired it with no cost to me.... I dont see why you should have to pay for labour costs when its under warranty good luck
Q:the sofa is orange and the armchair is with are the kids going to look?
Jealousy is such a terrible thing.. kids with sofa=redheads kids with armchair=babies with a beak and wings
Q:My apartment has the standard antigue white walls and beige carpet. I'm thinking maybe a sage/olive green? Are these good choices? What color would you choose?
I think soft yellow. The Primary color scheme is red, yellow and blue, but you can make a choice of shades of color you use. The carpet will fade in the background and not be noticeable because it is a neutral

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