Wicker Conversation Set in White with Cocoa Brown Cushions

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Product Description:

Wicker Conversation Set in White with Cocoa Brown Cushions

Outdoor Furniture Description

Simple and stylish are the perfect words for this set. Steel frame for extra durability.


Outdoor Furniture Features

Fade, chip and crack resistant

No assembly required

Aluminum Structure: Less likely to get rusty

Extra-thick Round PE Rattan: More Endurable and More Elegant in Design

Extra-thick Cushions: More Comfortable

High-density Sponge: More Comfortable and Endurable

Premium Quality Fabric with zipper, replaceable and washable

Outdoor Furniture Image

Wicker Conversation Set in White with Cocoa Brown Cushions

Wicker Conversation Set in White with Cocoa Brown Cushions

Outdoor Furniture Specification

What are the materials?

Our rattan furniture is woven by hand with environment-friendly PE rattan on strong powder-coated metal or aluminum structure with soft cushions and pillows. The cushions are usually replaceable and washable.

 PE Rattan/PVC Rattan/Poly Rattan/Synthetic Rattan: durable and UV and weather resistant

-- Round Rattan is usually more durable than flat rattan and more expensive.

-- Plenty of rattan colors are available for selection and the well-received colors are listed as follows: Changing Brown, Charcoal, Dark Brown, Cream, Beige, Grey, White, etc.

-- Rattan Size: Our common round rattan diameter: 2.4mm, 2.5mm, 2.9mm, 3mm, 3.3mm, etc. Our common flat rattan width: 6, 8, 10, 12 mm, etc.

What are the volume (cbm) and the loading capacity in a 20GP or a 40HC?

Our furniture is light in weight and it’s always charged against the volume (cbm) for delivery.

Estimated Loading Quantity in a 20GP:10SETS

Estimated Loading Quantity in a 40HC:22SETS

Wicker Conversation Set in White with Cocoa Brown Cushions

Wicker Conversation Set in White with Cocoa Brown Cushions

Wicker Conversation Set in White with Cocoa Brown Cushions


Why choose you?

We have 10 years experience in producing office furniture and provide all services for your import. 

What is your minimum order quantity?

We have no minimum order quantity requirement for hand woven furniture.

What's your guarantee for the quality?

Usually one year after shipment against manufacturing defect, but our furniture can be used for more than 10 years when properly maintained.

Do you accept customized design?

Yes, OEM is welcomed. We could make also your logo or with your hand tag and carton printing, etc.


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Q:What can I do? my dog chewed up my mom's sofas!!!?
Wow Well it is obvious you cannot trust your boyfriend with a simple Task so simple as to baby sit a little dog Hmm I mean Hello if this dog was left alone long enough to destroy 2 sofas Wow I think Your Pup and Boyfriend are in desperate need of some Obedience Training they both need to attend and as for how to deal with your parents Well you have no Idea what the cost of a sofa is I just paid $3500.00 for my sectional sofa so I can imagine there Fury when they seen there furniture I mean really look @ it from there point they have worked long and hard to be able to afford that and now your dog has destroyed it I think I would be Very Very up set also In My opinion the dog would go I am so sorry to say that as I am a extreme Dog lover but if you can not control it then it would have to go I think I would have put it in a boarding Kennel just to be on the safe side Good luck on this one Respectfully Yours Anne
Q:i want to sell my oxblood chesterfield sofa but where can i sell it??
i've got tried to sell multiple sofas over the years and interior the tip i've got given them to charity. Even giving them to charity could be perplexing too. persons are inundated with 2nd hand furniture and it is the reason you will in trouble-free terms ever be presented a less costly. i've got in basic terms had 2 appealing chairs amassed via the council. I paid £750 for each chair. that they had hardly been used and that i in my opinion had to offer them to a charity yet no person needed them. i could no longer have self assurance it yet it is what you're up against. If somebody has presented you any funds at involved by them yet will take them off your hands i could in basic terms take the money and run, i in my opinion could. that's particularly disappointing i comprehend yet as constantly that's all to do with grant and insist and as we now stay in a 'throw away' society there has a tendency to be greater grant than there is call for and that's not probably probably to alter so do in basic terms away with them the proper way you are able to.
Q:Will an 8 inch futon mattress work on sleeper sofa?
It might, but most sleeper sofas have mattresses about 4 inches thick so the problem might be to get it all to fold up. You'd have to try it.
Q:Will costco give me a discount on a sofa set?
If you are a member of Costco you are already getting discounts because of the membership. I'm not sure if they will give any further discounts on the sofa set but you can always ask.
Q:do u like to sleep on ur BED or SOFA !!!!????
I get the Sofa...wife , 4 yr old and the dog have taken over my awesome bed *sniffles*
Q:What is the best type of sofa fabric to have on a sofa- leather, fabric, microfiber, micro suaed , ?
I have a raised looped patterned fabric on my livingroom suite....dog or cat hair does not stick to it...love this material. I cannot have leather as cat claws (just jumping up and down from the furniture) will ruin it..hair sticks to microfibre and it shows stains... I am really happy with this material...it is the best in my eyes.
Q:How do you fix a tear in a leather sofa?
Look on the bright side - now you can reach in and remove the DSM sachet before sowing it up with a horse-needle.
Q:Has anyone here have any issues with Ikea Sofas?
The Ektorp sofa has an awful reputation. I almost bought one last year but I did some research first and I'm glad I did! All the problems you've experienced are the similar to the stories I read. Apparently, the covers are well known for fading. I would try to take it back and get a refund or at least a replacement sofa. Good luck.
Q:My cat has fleas! Am using revolution now, should I use something else? Fleas came from sofas I got.?
NO collar, they are worse then ineffective. in the event that they get moist they sell off a load of insecticides immediately onto the cat's neck epidermis, giving the cat an overdose and doubtlessly doing liver harm. The drops are sufficient. They artwork, however the fleas do no longer die till they get on the cat and chew or are in touch with the floor, so any interior the atmosphere won't die till they circulate lower back on the cat. The airborne dirt and airborne dirt and dust (specks) are flea poops, do no longer hassle approximately them. in case you used benefit, Frontline or Revolution, the cat would be flea loose in 3 days. in case you used something else and not seeing progression do no longer re-dose the cat or you're able to desire to kill her. those are stable, risky insecticides and a cat can truthfully get a poisonous exposure in the event that they are used extra beneficial than as quickly as a month. bathe the cat in warm water and first gentle dish detergent, to get rid of those on her physique, if she nevertheless has them after 4 or 5 days. Rinse a minimum of two cases, so no cleansing soap residu is on her. Vaccuum the fixtures and rugs, floor boards and such to kill stay fleas off the cat. do no longer supply garlic, that destroys cat's kidney function. Lemon juice would not artwork, neither do herbs.
Q:sofa: military green, decoration tips?
Are you renting or do you own the place? If you own the place, I'd get rid of the carpet for one. The lime green wall doesn't look too good w/ the sofa. I would go w/ A really earthtone white w/ the main wall being an earthtone green, like olive green. As for the pillows, I'd take a swatch of the fabric from under the couch just look around for colors that would go well, as it's too hard to tell from the pic what the real color texture of the couch is. Do the same w/ the rug so on. If you like the lime green wall,then I would suggest just getting a couch cover that matches the walls to really make it stand out w/ the wall. Some thing w/ just a tad of the wall color.

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