Rattan Sofa Rattan Furniture Wicker Sofa Wicker Furniture

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Rattan Sofa Rattan Furniture Wicker Sofa Wicker Furniture

Rattan Sofa Rattan Furniture Wicker Sofa Wicker Furniture








1) Made from PE rattan hand weaved in aluminum or steel frame, UV proof, weather proof for outdoor use 

2) 2 Years Warranty

3) Customers' designs and logos are available.

4)PE rattan colors:different colors optional.



PE rattan:8*1.2 mm thickness PE rattan (UV resistant, colorfast, water proof, moisture proof , easy to clean, durable, elastic, environment-friendly)

frame:1)aluminium  or steel frame

         2)full welding with powder coating

single sofa size:70*70*75cm


table:110*50*40 or dia60*50 cm


packing details:export standard packaging

delivery detail:within 30 days per 40HQ



Factory Information:

Founded in 2011, specializes in manufacturing high quality contract and garden furniture, such as alum, alum / rattan, alum / wood, alum / textylene and stainless steel furniture.


Our factory is located in Foshan City, Guangdong province,  Since the establishment, we have built a professional technical group for quality control and innovation development. With the powerful management and QA & QC team, we always provide high quality products without shipment delay to meet the demands of the market.

Looking forward to your visit to us!

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Q:Possible ghost or something paranormal in a sofa?
Emf meters only detect emf, not ghosts. Chances are that you or another person in the group got too close to the device and your electronic equipment (cell phones, cameras, etc.) provided the emf.
Q:do you put your feet on the sofa?
of course, its my sofa..i also don't wear shoes around the house and i don't track spit, dog mess , urine and other peoples filth all over my floors either. and my floors are clean enough to eat off of...and i don't have poop streaks in my garments..over or under...
Q:What kind of leather sofa can I get that my cats will not destroy?
The type of couch you get won't matter,they'll tear leather to shreds, if puddy is scratching furniture then its discipline that they need. sternly rep remand them vocally when they scratch and get them a scratch post where they can scratch their hearts out. There is also a spray that repels cats, maybe try spraying that where you don't want them scratching and put cat nip where they can scratch. Best of luck
Q:Thoughts on this sofa?
It is a modern look or rather plain-is it comfortable? You know though, you could add pillows and make it look a lot more comfy..Also you have to keep in mind the other furniture in the room and the look you are going for. Only you know that-so I'd say it's interesting and leaves a lot of options.
Q:Does Broyhill make good sofas?
I think they are a good quality midprice Co. I found websites that had the manufacturers specs and the warranty info for you , by searching broyhill manufacture sofa construction specs.
Q:How can i get rid of "pee" smell on my sofa?
I'd kick his *** but the humiliation of pissing on someone elses sofa.. don't mention it to him until the perfect moment.. then whip it out there and have your own way... :o) As for removing the smell.. OUST.. the stains.. VANISH..
Q:Solvent-based cleaner for sofa?
well this may sound crazy, but u can jusr use regular baking soda. If u mix baking soda with water, and rub it on your sofa, your sofa shold get preatty clean. It works well with dishes, the floor, furniture abnd lots more. But tey not to make the solution too watery.
Q:How on earth do I remove the cat piss smell from my sofa??
Pet stores have cat and dog spray repellent. I bought some once and it worked pretty good. Clean up the sofa, spray it with something like Oust or Odor Out (cheaper), then put the cat repellent on it. I keep blankets on my sofas so they don't get dusty and dirty when it's just us. I take the blankets off if we are having company. If it's a unneutered male, have it neutered. I have 1 neutered male that does not spray and 1 that still does. If it's a female, then she thinks she is dominant over you and will probably repeat the behavior. Make sure there are enough clean litter boxes available. Since I have 5 cats that come indoors, I have 3 litter boxes at various locations. 2 of my cats don't come in at all because they have obnoxious toilet habits.
Q:Where can I find a Victorian era sofa/lounge (read description)?
I've seen furniture of that type (I think they're called fainting couches) in mainstream furniture stores, where the customer can select upholstery fabric, like they can on any sofa or chair, and end up with a custom piece. Start with the most traditional furniture stores where you live. They may not have many, or even any, but a large one should. Skip discount places and department stores' furniture departments. We shopped for this sort of thing for our living room at one point, but in the end decided to go with more modern pieces, which we're still using. I remember we had our pick of four or five at that time, though, and this was in Texas, where you don't think you'll find a lot of Victorian-inspired furniture.
Q:places to find cheap comfortable sofas?
properly i dont recognize the position you adult men stay yet right here in nyc you'll get low priced stuff from arab furniture sellers. i imagine they're from yemen. it would want to avert as a lot as 30 % each so often

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