Rattan Sofa Furniture Set

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1) Manual work--hand-weave.

2) Professional design, various colors are available.

3) Rustless aluminum frame.

4) Rust proof, insect prevention, stale proof, anti-high temperature.

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Q:Outdoor rattan furniture can really do maintenance tips for the sun and rain the chair?
The quality of the good no problem, but can not stand exposure, you can match an outdoor parasol
Q:What does a sofa cost to make?
Wellit really depends what sort of couch you want but my couch my boyfriend and I got from PLush and it cost 1300 but it is a black leather really nice one
Q:How to make Sofa seats higher?
I have three throw pillows on my sofa, two on the chaise lounge and several larger ones on the floor. The pillows on the sofa; two are red and one black with red. On the Chaise lounge, they are brown and red. The rest are black and brown, the biggest in tiger fur print. I might add that my whole living room is oriental, from the furniture to the tiniest knick knacks in glass wall boxes. (A lot of dusting!)
Q:How can I repair a cigarette burn in my sofa?
They used to make this powdered fabric glue. You would take a piece of fabric from somewhere else on the item in question, slice the fabric up into the consistency of fine tobacco, mix it with the powder, put it over the hole or damaged area, place paper over it, and apply a hot iron. It would blend in with the surrounding fabric, and you'd have an instant repair. Try fabric stores, they might know what the stuff is.
Q:Is my puppy ok jumping off the sofa?
Find what motivates your dog. Some dogs do anything for food. Some dogs do anything for Toys. Some do anything for a good petting. Some do anything for only one type of food, like cheese, or hotdog.
Q:Do you work with the SOFA KING .....?????
Ya and it is Sofa King great, lol... Guess ya saw SNL the other night to. It was Sofa King funny!!!!
Q:Looking for seat cover Crochet patterns for rocking chair and sofa. Anyone know a site online for tutorials?
Knit 5; pearl 4 or whatever. Oh, and Jack you are much better looking than Mikey. The real answer is of course sheepskin. You use sheepskin as a Harley seat cover not some ugly crochet pattern.
Q:how do you reupholster a reclining sofa or chair (lazyboy)?
Cover over the existing fabric if possible otherwise you have to carefully deconstruct the present covering so as not to tear the fabric and use the salvaged pieces as patterns for the new fabric. Secure the fabric using staples, tacks, etc. Also look into buy a slip cover instead.
Q:pros and cons on using sleeper sofas for everyday use?
This Site Might Help You. RE: pros and cons on using sleeper sofas for everyday use? does anyone use one daily as a bed? if so which one do u use, also if u can find a link to the one u have/recommend please post that as well. and the pros and cons and everything u can tell me about it! i have back problems(runs in the family and i have big boobs which dont help :/) and the bed i...
Q:leather or regular sofa?
It's really a personal choice. Do you have kids? Lots of company? or maybe you want it to last a long time. If those are your issues, you may want to go with leather. I like sectionals, you can arrange them any way you want, and they look really cool.

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