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1) Manual work--hand-weave.

2) Professional design, various colors are available.

3) Rustless aluminum frame.

4) Rust proof, insect prevention, stale proof, anti-high temperature.

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Q:My sofa injured father & friends & Ashley wont let me trade it back..It closes on people when they sleep on it
Is Ashley the manufacturer..?... or just the 'dealer'? I would find the tag that tells who manufactured the couch and call them directly. Search for them on the net if you have to. Keep going up the management ladder at Ashley until you get some satisfaction. Bottom line is that you are not happy with the product....make them make it right.
Q:What does a Holland America sofa bed look like?
It looks like any regular sofa bed, but is actually comfortable. It will be opened and made up as a bed in the evening, and closed up for use as a sofa the following morning, all by the cabin stewards. I have no photos, though. Addendum: Veendam is a sister ship to Maasdam, which is my personal choice among HAL ships. The sofa beds I have enjoyed on Maasdam, both doubles and queen size, work exactly the same as those found at home, and the back cushion stays in place while the seat cushions are stowed. Perhaps Veendam has another style, of course.
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Q:What color walls go with cream sofas ?
lets see here... dark red dark blue (navy??) dark purple medium purple (looks stranger, but good) dark brown basically dark colors will look good...just not too dark or the room will look too small... definitely no dark cieling lol keep it white or a light cream maybe a darkish gold too....
Q:How to paint a leather sofa?
No. Anything you use on it will either ruin the sofa or color any ones clothing that sits on it. Bad idea.
Q:Where can i find/buy slipcovers for three seater reclining sofa?
try walmart
Q:Outdoor furniture, rattan why fracture
There are two kinds of rattan: one is vine and another is PE.
Q:how can i get Vaseline off of my sofa?
use a damp cloth and wipe it out, then dry it out with a hair dryer. do not rub in or rub vigorously , u might dirty it further, hope that helps.
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