Outdoor White Rattan Sofa Furniture

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Product Description:


1) Dia12mm big round Synthetic PE rattan is with UV resistant and water-proof.

2) Aluminum frame is with powder coating.

3) 5cm-6cm thickness cushion, waterproof and colorfast cushion.

4) Coffee table with glass (according to the photo), 5-8mm thickness tempered glass.


1) Manual work--hand-weave.

2) Professional design, various colors are available.

3) Rustless aluminum frame.

4) Rust proof, insect prevention, stale proof, anti-high temperature.

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Q:How much for an Ashley Leather Sofa?
I bought a brown Ashley leather sofa about a year ago and it cost $900. It was on sale and I think the original price was $1,100.
Q:Where is a good place to get designer leather sofas?
The okorder.com
Q:which paint goes with a mint green sofa?
tan or other browns, or mayyybe dark green, depending the actual shade of the sofa. or lighter green. Avoid scarlet reds and yellows. ew.
Q:Can you recommend a good brand of sofa?
I just got a used Broyhill couch and it's in wonderful condition. A lady at church gave it to us when she moved, and it's several years old. But it's almost like new. Still very firm, the cushions still fit well. It's great.
Q:Rattan furniture, rattan furniture is good?
Rattan furniture general material are rattan (Mado) + material is usually made of wood, which is composed of two species, so called rattan furniture.Rattan furniture rattan (refers to Mado, Kusato and so on, plastic rattan) material, with Mado wood combined, can also be pure rattan structure; rattan can be combined with iron and aluminum; rattan can also be combined with wood or metal frames; like these are collectively made out of rattan furniture.Jane said do not know if you understand, have a deeper understanding of the need to use Baidu Search: I Youteng Ju, believe you can know some.
Q:Old cat pee on leather sofa?
Is the surface damaged in any way? Depending on the quality, there are things you can do to repair it. use rubbing alcohol to wipe down the area, which should remove any odors present on the surface. The real issue is if it damaged the material or soaked into the cushions. Most quality sofas have access to the cushion cores and backrest foam to replace if it soaked in. If it is in the foam, no amount of cleaning the surface will remove the smell, it is fairly cheap and easy to replace the foam.
Q:Does anybody know where I could get a L shaped sofa bed?
Q:How do I remove epoxy paint from my leather sofa?
turtle wax makes it but its called power out professional strength its in a red and yellow can..it works for everything
Q:what kind of sofa material is good to the family has dogs? leather? ?
If you plan on letting the dogs on the couch I wouldn't get leather-it will be easily scratched. That's alot of money to pay for something that is gonna get messed up.
Q:Outdoor furniture? rattan why fracture??
There is also a case of To's own quality, a large number of recycling materials added in the production process, this greatly reduces the wayward vines, it is very easy to break, in the choice of when to hand pull the cane, to see if it is easy to break. Hope to be of help to you

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