Outdoor White Rattan Sofa Furniture

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1) Dia12mm big round Synthetic PE rattan is with UV resistant and water-proof.

2) Aluminum frame is with powder coating.

3) 5cm-6cm thickness cushion, waterproof and colorfast cushion.

4) Coffee table with glass (according to the photo), 5-8mm thickness tempered glass.


1) Manual work--hand-weave.

2) Professional design, various colors are available.

3) Rustless aluminum frame.

4) Rust proof, insect prevention, stale proof, anti-high temperature.

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Q:how to deodorize a sofa that's been urinated by my cat?
Try Nature's Miracle. It works for my rug, maybe it'll work for your sofa. Though I would probably just get rid of the sofa. If the cat can still smell the urine, it will keep coming back to that same spot. Have you taken the cat to the vet to see why it's peeing outside the litterbox? It could be a bladder infection, or maybe he's just unhappy with you right now. If it's one of those problems, simply cleaning or getting rid of the sofa won't work. He'll just pee on something else instead.
Q:How much for an Ashley Leather Sofa?
I bought a brown Ashley leather sofa about a year ago and it cost $900. It was on sale and I think the original price was $1,100.
Q:Mismatched sofa?
Add some item like throws over the back of chairs in yellows and greens this will brighten it a bit what color are your walls go with a pale yellow it will brighten up the room immensely
Q:im getting a sofa but i want it to un fold as a bed, the one i want to get says sleeper does that mean sofabed
yes sleeper/sofa bed
Q:Pets and leather sofa?
Best Sofa For Dogs
Q:Beauty vs. Comfort in Sofas?
sofas are ment to be layed on if you want comfort buying a reclining sofa: there are not any that are attractive; my husband is 6'4 it took awhile but we found a beautiful recliner that is more than big enough for him made by ashley
Q:Has anyone purchased a matress or sofa from Ikea?
I had a sofa from Ikea and it hold up good for a couple of year if you don't have any kids or wild beast scratching it all up. I don't really like it since its construction is not the best. It may look good but wont last long. I want a sofa that cost 400-500 to last 6 year but what can you do. It's decent sofa but I rather send a little extra at some other place to get a better quality one.
Q:what are some quality sofa brands, and a good resource for customer reviews?
Here's the thing about online customer reviews - RARELY does anyone go online to give a good review - disgruntled people - with or without merit - will take the time to do write a bad review. I've been in the furniture biz for 30 yrs my dad 30 yrs before that. Most of these reviews online are skewed, one-sided, never reveal the true facts. I would not give them any credence whatsoever. I can guarantee you that the furniture companies I've worked for are not in the business to have unhappy customers...that makes no sense. What people fail to realize is that in most cases you get what you pay for. If you buy a $299 sofa for instance expect it to not fall apart in a year, then you're not being realistic. If you spend $1000 on a sofa, you should REASONABLY expect 5-7 years, depending on the variables. If you spend $1500-2000, you could REASONABLY expect 7-10 yrs. This also depends on the construction, fabric daily use abuse. And you will always pay more for a custom ordered fabric than the stock fabric, which will most likely be a cheaper fabric, but not neccessarily a less durable fabric (microfiber for instance is quite often a stock fabric. Any fabric though with a high polyester content will be your best bet for durability) Of the manufacturers I've worked for, I would suggest La-Z-Boy Bassett. (Rowe, btw, is not very good). Another good manufacturer is Flexsteel, but I don't know if you'll find one in your price range. Both LZB Bassett have been in the biz for well over 100 yrs. I can appreciate that you don't want to waste your money or have regrets. So compare these 2 suggestions go with what you feel most comfortable with.
Q:Can rattan products be put on the open air?
Yes, some can not, depending on the material. PE imitation rattan, other natural materials can not.
Q:what type of sofa bed to buy which is durable and comfortable to sleep on?
Hi, I don't have advice about companies but I have some experience in sofa beds, I think they are fairly comfortable for a night or two, good choice if seating is going to be the main purpose of the piece of furniture, but if you want something really comfy to sleep on and still use it for seating, go for a day bed with a pop up trundle, together they make a king size bed. I've slept on air mattresses and I think it's better to sleep on the carpet, they don't give you support, they are not soft, they are noisy and they loose air, I think they are good just for camping, and I would probably take a piece of foam instead of an air mattress.

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