New Design White Rattan Sofa Furniture

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1) Dia12mm big round Synthetic PE rattan is with UV resistant and water-proof.

2) Aluminum frame is with powder coating.

3) 5cm-6cm thickness cushion, waterproof and colorfast cushion.

4) Coffee table with glass (according to the photo), 5-8mm thickness tempered glass.


1) Manual work--hand-weave.

2) Professional design, various colors are available.

3) Rustless aluminum frame.

4) Rust proof, insect prevention, stale proof, anti-high temperature.

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Q:Will my Beagle pup chew my sofa?
it not the breed that chews things its just some dogs love to chew i don't think he will chew up your sofa but to make sure when you sit in the living room leave him on the sofa and if he is a chewer he'll do it in front of you my pups used to dig in the lether sofa but i would put them on the floor if they done it and they stopped
Q:What's better for a family- a sectional or sofa/loveseat?
i would say a sofa/loveseat because it looks more elegant than a plain ole sectional couch. i like to arrange my furniture too much with a sectional you can't do that much but its your choice.
Q:how to keep my puppy off of the sofa?
make it hard for her to get on it, put pillows and stuff in the way. Scare her...clap and yell no! and pick her up and put her off (I know it sounds mean, but since you won't have to keep doing it once she stops she'll get over it) You can also get a squirt gun and squirt her every time she gets on it, and say No! Also, make sure there is a good alternative for her, like a pillow or blanket or another piece of furniture that she is allowed on.
Q:is there any way i can stop mice chewing my sofa?
Do you live near a field of some sort? Sounds like you're always going to have to have traps out to control the mice in your area. Get a cat, make sure it has a nice scratching post and train it to use it so it won't scratch your sofa.
Q:Anyone have an estimate of changing the color of a sofa?
Find out who makes the sofa and order it through another furniture store. Everything can be special ordered, that store just doesn't want your business.
Q:Any tips on getting nailvarnish off my sofa?
Usuanlly a non-acidtone nail remover will remove the spot without eating thru the fabric, but the trick is to blot it and not rub it. Considering that you have a white sofa though, and depending upon the type of fabric depends upon how it hold holds the stain. If it's on a seating cushion, and it still dosen't work your best bet is to flip it.
Q:My dog is humping the sofa cushion...?
Has she been spade?
Q:Reupholstering a chair & sofa?
I've had a sofa and a few chairs reupholstered. The sofa was the most expensive because of the amount of materials needed. I think I paid about $175 for that and about $100 each for the chairs. But I didn't have to pay labor because my mom did them for me. Some tech colleges offer upholstery classes and you can do your own for less than paying a professional or sometimes the people in the class are looking for projects to do.
Q:How well do slipcovers do on sofas with loose back cushions?
Slipcovers For Sofas With Cushions
Q:Will it look stupid to have 2 loveseats and a sofa in my living room?
If your livingroom is big enough for 2 loveseats, I say go for it.. lol. As long as it all matches nice, and you are happy with it. Home decorating is something that is very individual. It has to meet your needs, not the needs of anyone else. So I say do what makes you feel good about your home.

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