Professional Outdoor Rattan Garden Sofas CMAX-MJT5229

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Professional Outdoor Rattan Garden Sofas  CMAX-MJT5229


1.      UV resistance and waterproof 

2.       High quality PE rattan & aluminum frame 

3.      36 months warranty

A:  Material: Imitated PE rattan/wicker incorporated with high quality Aluminum frame


1)Frame: powder-coated, light, strong and rust-resistant aluminum 

Tube thickness : 1.2mm 1.5mm, 1.8mm 

Circle Diameter: 28, 25, 22, 19, 16mm or customized 

Square Diameter: 50*50, 40*40, 25*25, 20*20, 30*19, 15*15mm or customized

2)Rattan: non-recycled PE Rattan, durable and UV resistant

Flat rattan width : 6, 8,10,12 mm.

Round rattan diameter: 3mm.

Rattan color available: Charcoal, dark brown, chocolate, cream, beige ect

3)Cushion and pillows: 180g-250g waterproof polyester with zipper.

Sofas, beach chairs, sunbeds and lounge: with 200px thick cushions usually  

100px thickness for the chairs.

The regular size of pillow: 45*1125px.

Color is optional.

4)Table Glass: 5mm or 8mm tempered glass top, safe and strong.


B. Features:


·         Popular and modern style

·         Waterproof and UV resistant

·         Cozy and relaxing sitting experience

·         Suitable for indoor and outdoor places

·         Excellent hand woven craft with fashion design

·         Graceful third dimension is the reason why many customers like it

·         Durable, non-toxication, washable, flexible, corrosion-resistant

·         Uniformity, head and foot part is almost the same size, so the line looks smooth

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Q:How to remove black permanent marker stain from sofa, anyone?
You didn't say what kind of sofa. I had this happen on a leather lounge so in my case I got a damp cloth and rubbed until it got lighter and lighter and wasn't noticable anymore.It took ages and i was worried it would ruin the lounge but it was okay. Also, in regards to the first answer I can see her point that permanent means permanent but if you think about it further, you can also get permanent marker on your skin but it eventually washes off right? Otherwise when someone wanted a tattoo they would just use a permanent marker rather than a needle with ink. It is just called permanent because there are also white board markers which can be wiped off. Also, if the sofa is material then you could call a cleaning company and find out what the chances are of that coming off and how much they charge. Or a cheaper option could be a cleaning product available out there in the supermarket, like a carpet cleaner. Some actually can be used for sofas as well if you read the back. Or call a furniture store and ask them about it and see if they sell any special products.
Q:What paint color would go well with a paprika twill Pottery Barn sofa?
What Color Is Paprika
Q:Modeling under SOFA stamp?
Stuff that my lazy brother eats and gets everywhere in the floor. Random stuff. and that i discovered a $20 dollar bill one time. And my favourite t-shirt that became into all properly folded so i assume it fell off the luxurious of the ironing pile. and that i discovered a variety of social gathering toothpicks with the swords. Pirates of the Caribbean action picture cost ticket. airborne dirt and mud bunnies A sock that i think of is my brothers you at the instant made me choose to seem. generally crap that basically finally ends up there.
Q:What color walls go with cream sofas ?
Keep in mind accent items are the easiest things to change. It depends somewhat on the size of your room, the colors of adjacent rooms and how much natural light the room gets. For example, you don't want to paint a small room a dark color and you don't want to paint a room with little natural light a cool color. Some suggestions (all Benjamin Moore): Van Duesen Blue (shouldn't be used in a small room) Decatur Buff (pretty versatile, but a slightly cool color) Buckhorn (a little dark for a small room) Sierra Hills (would probably work anywhere) Maplewood (too dark for a small room) Sterling Silver (cool and would not work with rust, but would work with some burgandies) Butternut brown (not for a small room)
Q:HELP! I spilled melted margarine on my microfiber sofa!! Any suggestions how to remove the stain?
I also have a micro suede sofa, try shout, put it on, and scrub the stain around with an old toothbrush, I found you have to clean the whole cushion though or it does leave a ring mark. I use shout on any stains(i have two little kids), and then shampoo the whole cushion, if you don't have a shampooer, use the shout, then take a damp cloth and wipe the whole cushion. It will go back to being soft then.
Q:Are Ikea sofas comfortable?
Actually I have an Ikea sofa Karlstad in my living room and it's not the most comfortable couch, but I got it because I needed one real bad and at least I can change the color if I want. A couple of people have slept on it without complaints. I have a small place and it works for what I need. My boyfriend hates my couch though-lol. Anyway, it has a warranty on it which is nice and it's not the type of couch that has a slipcover If you want to change it you actually take it apart and it's got these very thick pieces of velcro which are virtually invisible unless you take the couch apart. It never looks raggedy, it's always tight so you would never know by looking at it that you can change it. That part I really like. Knowing that when I get tired of the color I can just go to Ikea and for about $50 I can get a new couch again. It's definitely a practical couch, but it's no Laz-boy or anything. I put a couple of pillows on it and it's pretty comfy for me. I think my boyfriend is just a guy, he likes those big ugly leather chairs that you can kick your feet up on.
Q:Does my 14 yr old step daughter deserve to be punished for wetting our new sofa?
Absolutely do NOT punish her for this. It is humiliating to her as it is. Punishing her will only make it worse. The best thing you can do is be understanding and assure her that this is not her fault. She is more important than your sofa. You can replace your sofa much easier than rebuilding her spirit once it is broken. You will not be able to take back any negative words or actions taken against her for this ACCIDENT. It would be more appropriate to get her medical help for this problem. That is the very least you can do.
Q:Leather sofa fiasco!!!!!!!!???????
Say it exactly like that,,, Don't buy a leather sofa 'cos I don't approve..,, After they they stop laughing, tell them why.. after they laugh some more, tell them you found that out on some vegetarian website and from other kids in this forum.. Is there a law in your house that you have to go near where the sofa is? I also wonder if you can get close enough to your parents to talk since they eat meat and they have meat in their bodies and I'm sure you don't approve of that either.. You must be living indoors all the time because I doubt you go out at all since everywhere you go, there is a danger that you will be near some leather or animal product which of course we already know you don;t approve since you are the don't go near leather sort of person.. FYI- I want to say goodbye since we probably won't hear from you again after I tell you that the computer you used to type this question also has some animal by product and of course, you don't approve being near it..,,
Q:Who makes a sleeper sofa that is comfortable?
do you have an Ikea near you? we recently purchased a really comfortable one from there for just over $1000, and its one of the fancier ones that they have.
Q:Anyone ever used a slip cover on a reclining sofa?

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