Rattan Garden Dining Outdoor Chair Furniture Patio Wicker

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Product Description:

1.Structure of Garden Furniture Outdoor Dining Set Description

1). Frame: Iron/Aluminum  mainly, tube thickness optional.

2).Rattan: SGS PE RATTAN/WICKER, in flat/half round/round

3). Fabric: Outdoor UV-Resistant/Waterproof

4).Glass: 5mm/8mm/10mm Tempered Glass


2.Main Features of the Garden Furniture Outdoor Dining Set

1). SGS HDPE rattan: Flat or Round options with sizes 8*1.4mm, 9*1.5mm, Dia3mm, Dia5mm  etc, SGS tested. Good UV radiation. 

2). Aluminum Frame: 22*22*1.2mm etc, strong and durable. With powder-coding to against rust. Different color available.

3). Cushion Fabric: made of polyester and cotton, 280-560g/SQM, waterproof, high quality texture, won't fade or wash away.

4). Sponge Cushion: completely high-density sponge with woven-fabric cover.

5). Cushion workmanship: with durable zipper to be washable, carefully corded inside and piping outside.

6). Packing Options:  Double bubble wrapped  Or 3 layer/5layer/7layerExport Carton. 

7). Modern Outdoor Patio Furniture that Blurs the Lines Between the Indoors and Outdoors.


3.Garden Furniture Outdoor Dining Set Images 


Rattan Garden Dining Outdoor Chair Furniture  Patio Wicker

Rattan Garden Dining Outdoor Chair Furniture  Patio Wicker

Rattan Garden Dining Outdoor Chair Furniture  Patio Wicker

Rattan Garden Dining Outdoor Chair Furniture  Patio Wicker

Rattan Garden Dining Outdoor Chair Furniture  Patio Wicker

4.Garden Furniture Outdoor Dining Set Specification

Dining Set Chair: 82x85x2075px, aluminum tube: D22/19/13mm.

1).Table: aluminum rattan tea table:115x60x1175px , with 5mm tempered glass


             rattan: PE, frame with powder coating

2). Dining Set: aluminum rattan 1seater Dining Set: 82x85x2075px, with 250px thickness sponge cushion, 1pc pillow, 250g/m2 short fiber waterproof

             tube: D22/19/13mm

             rattan: PE, frame with powder coating

3). Dining Set: aluminum rattan 2 Dining Set: 143x85x2075px, with 250px thickness sponge cushion, 2pcs pillows, 250g/m2 short fiber waterproof rattan: PE, frame with powder coating

4). Dining Set: aluminum rattan 3 Dining Set:204x85x2075px, with 250px thickness sponge cushion, 3pcs pillows, 250g/m2 short fiber waterproof rattan: PE, frame with powder coating

Modern Outdoor Commercial Patio Furniture from OKORDER.COM.

Unless you plan to go for a hike then the best way to enjoy the outdoors is on your outdoor patio furniture.

5.FAQ of Garden Furniture Outdoor Dining Set

1). How do you guarantee the quality when choosing materials?

Strong powder-coated aluminum frame, SGS tested PE rattan

2). Why such materials are workable for outdoor situation?

Good UV radiation, high temperature resistant, weather resistant, color fadeless.

High quality & waterproof cushion, washable, flexible, corrosion-resistant. Both suitable for indoor & outdoor place.

3). How do you make sure to meet personal enquiry?

Customized models, rattan designs, fabric colors, sizes all available. Popular and modern design.

4).How does the furniture made of?

100% hand-woven by skilled craftsmen

5). Modern innovations in patio furniture are more than what you see.

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Q:I have just bought a new house with a terracotta carpet in lounge and I desperately want red leather sofas - will this match??? See, I kinda like the terracotta, but am committed to my red sofas. Maybe if i painted the 2 walls red and 2 walls terracotta? or burnt sienna? maybe a little mustard trim for the windows and skirting boards? Any ideas and views would be really really helpfu!thanks guys!
You'll look like a south american fiesta room...don't do this. ONE of the two must go. Truly Elegant Natural color leather is best and ageless. No red! Don't mess up the woodwork. Lots of for an oriental area rug, sort of geometric, not floral, that has your colors and work from there. Start with good taupe walls and perhaps add an accent wall later. Get the Red in accents and accessories. If, unfortunately, you have already bought the sofas, then the area rug, at least 5 x 8, will be the only saving grace, with some dark blue to tone it down. and keep it very near the sofa. Neutral walls!
Q:decorating living room with brown leather sofa?
Hi, You can accentuate the look of your living room with the help of energy efficient LED light bars. They are available in various colors and designs and are the easiest ways to decorate any room. In addition you can save on energy costs as well. Besides they are highlyu durable and are availble in various colors and patterns to suit your brown leather sofa. Cheers
Q:that has a goldish-camel dominant color with very tiny chocolate brown flecks in it???
red/maroon navy green
Q:I brought home a new microsuede sofa, and didn't even think about the static problem, until my 3-year old daughter sat down on it. (Her baby fine hair, looked like she had a finger in an electrical socket!) She's been crying since, because she's been shocking herself, and I'm wondering what would be the best thing to do. I am thinking Static Guard, but then I wonder if those first couple globs that drip from the first spray, might fall onto the sofa and stain it. And then I'm wondering if I were to use dryer sheets, would the fabric then feel like it had an almost waxy like residue left on it (as subtle as it might be). Has anyone experienced this before? The fabric is cocoa, so it's not like I can hide any stains in dark fabric. Thanks for your help!
static guard will work just fine ,if you're worried about glops hold a paper towel under the actuator to catch them -spray the carpet below too -it actually happens from the plastic it comes wrapped in . Poor baby! spray that thing soon! good luck to you your sofa and mostly your little one.
Q:i have one sofa and 2 love seats,they have been in the family for a long time ,and with money problems and debt , i thought i can do it yourself fix . the sofa is missing a leg in which i can get a new one from any store ,but wanted to know is there an easy way to fix like example the hands of the sofa have lost the cushion under it and some of the sofa seat things have rips in the fabric ,i tried sewing them but they still re-rip ,for i have toddlers at home ,has anyone done anything of the kind and is it more expensive then sending it somewhere or just buying a new one , the wood seems fine and in good shape ,it is just the cushion part and outer cover ,i thought of getting the slip covers but with the kids it wont stay in place at all so i want to fix the cushion and replace the cover
Sorry, the sofas are way past their use. It is better to replace the sofas. The time and effort to repair the sofas are probably more costly than replacing the sofas.
Q:How many Naugas do you have to Kill to make a Naugahyde Sofa?
Not neccesary . Naughas shed regularly. You just have to be there at the right time.
Q:I just adopted my cat today and I don't want to have to bring him back to the animal shelter. I don't want to declaw him either.I need to know what are some good training techniques I can try.Also, name suggestions would be helpful.
What texture is the sofa? I've found that over the years my cats don't scratch a leather sofa but they do cloth ones, especially textured ones. Like the others have suggested, a spray of water can deter innaproppriate behaviour. Make sure you provide a scratch pole too. OMG isn't cat declawing illegal. It is here in Australia. Don't do that. It's really cruel and painful :(
Q:What are my risks any bad experience would I lose money is it worth the risk return policy and headAche
I guess it would depend on the store's policy. Many stores will not accept return unless the item is damaged (not if it arrives and you think the quality was less than desired). I wouldn't order an expensive sofa online. I like to see, touch, and sit on my sofa before I buy it. Also, shipping can add quite a bit to the cost and, if the return policy is strict, you may have to shell out a lot of cash if you are unhappy with your purchase. My advice is to find something you like in a local store. If that isn't possible, and your heart is set on an online set, ask many many questions before committing to ordering. Best of Luck.

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