Professional Outdoor Rattan Garden Sofas CMAX-MJT056

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Professional Outdoor Rattan Garden Sofas  CMAX-MJT056


1.      UV resistance and waterproof 

2.       High quality PE rattan & aluminum frame 

3.      36 months warranty

A:  Material: Imitated PE rattan/wicker incorporated with high quality Aluminum frame


1)Frame: powder-coated, light, strong and rust-resistant aluminum 

Tube thickness : 1.2mm 1.5mm, 1.8mm 

Circle Diameter: 28, 25, 22, 19, 16mm or customized 

Square Diameter: 50*50, 40*40, 25*25, 20*20, 30*19, 15*15mm or customized

2)Rattan: non-recycled PE Rattan, durable and UV resistant

Flat rattan width : 6, 8,10,12 mm.

Round rattan diameter: 3mm.

Rattan color available: Charcoal, dark brown, chocolate, cream, beige ect

3)Cushion and pillows: 180g-250g waterproof polyester with zipper.

Sofas, beach chairs, sunbeds and lounge: with 200px thick cushions usually  

100px thickness for the chairs.

The regular size of pillow: 45*1125px.

Color is optional.

4)Table Glass: 5mm or 8mm tempered glass top, safe and strong.


B. Features:


·         Popular and modern style

·         Waterproof and UV resistant

·         Cozy and relaxing sitting experience

·         Suitable for indoor and outdoor places

·         Excellent hand woven craft with fashion design

·         Graceful third dimension is the reason why many customers like it

·         Durable, non-toxication, washable, flexible, corrosion-resistant

·         Uniformity, head and foot part is almost the same size, so the line looks smooth

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Q:what colour sofa with dark brown room?
Q:what should i put behind my sofa?
a plant of some sort , maybe a tall one. Or a table with a vase full of lillies or something..
Q:Any such thing as a dog-proof sofa?
I would go with leather- it is much better than fabric but maybe a lighter color tan instead of chocolate brown.
Q:why wont any sofas fit into my house?
Firstly I have to just say that it was very stupid of you to order furniture without finding out if it would fit through the door first. That is like rule number 1. of furniture buying and because it was a mistake on your part and the company followed through with their part of the agreement I highly doubt if your lawsuit has any grounds or if you will get the money back. We have to learn from our mistakes so yes loosing that amount of money is pretty terrible at least you have learned from it. If you cannot get any of the sofas you picked through your doors then it will be a case of actually taking the windows of your apartment out and hoisting the sofa up and through which is a major job. I would talk to the companies/companies you got your sofa from and actually get someone round to measure your door and get back to you with a list of smaller sofas/chairs that will fit. That way you can forget the lawsuit and you won’t loose all that money as they will hopefully let swap sofa's.
Q:How to turn a twin bed into a sofa?
You could look into making a 'slip cover' for the top mattress out of upholstery fabric. It will make the top mattress match the decor of the room, and hold up well as a 'sofa' cushion. The trundle is hidden and not seen, make or find a bed skirt of the same or a complimentary fabric that skirts the edge to hide the trundle from view. can use the new European pillows, they are large square pillows, usually about 23 inches square. Make matching or complimentary slip covers for them. Pillow cases for them are sold at linen stores. These large pillows make the bed look more like a sofa when you use two or three of them across the back or wall side of the bed. You can use smaller square pillows or queen sized pillows as arm rests on the ends of the bed/sofa if you want to. You could use regular bedding shams and comforters or bedspreads and skirts, just choose heavier, well made fabrics.
Q:what's a half moon sofa called?
Just that...A half moon sofa. Easy enough I googled it and they sofa set images popped up. There's even a maker by the name if I'm not mistaken.
Q:Leather or Fabric Sofa?
Go with microfiber. idk about pets because we dont have pets but we do have kids around around and drawing on stuff with pens. idk about stores but you should get a microfiber sofa that you can just unzip if your pets or kids go pee pee on it, or spill milk you can just put it in the washer and then put it back on. very easy and clean. IT doesnt cost that bad, and it looks great even after a while. It looks great if you want the comfy feeling because itll look like you can just sit down and watch a great movie with your family instead of, OMG, THERES A STAIN HOW AM I SUPPOSE TO GET THAT OFFF, oh noooo! If you worry about stains, its washable. leather, can rip and a little costly, and it wears off after a while.. when the kids and pets jumping and playing around, and it will look saggy in a while, we have a leather and a microfiber couch. haha. good luck(: MICROFIBER.
Q:Where can I buy a lip sofa?
sleepes Beds Rus S.os jasons beds
Q:Has anyone tried Simplicity Sofas?
I have been thinking about buying Simplicity Sofas but haven't got around to it yet. I've been doing some checking though, and I have not heard anything bad about the company and lots of good things. You might want to check some of the independent review sites.
Q:where is a good place to get a sofa bed from in the UK?
You can get a sofa bed at Good luck!

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