Popular Outdoor Rattan Sofa set for garden waterproof cushion

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1,PE rattan and 100%manual knitting
2,powder coated aluminium frames.
3.waterproof cushions.
4,tempered glass

Create a tropical paradise in your own backyard with this stunning 8 seaters lounge suite, designed not just for style and good looks but flexibility and comfort.uality Features

1.power coated aluminium frame

2.UV resistant PE rattan

3. 100% handmade knitting

4.waterproof cushion

5.high quality and reasonable price


Single sofa = L:96cm x D:90cm x H:64cm (1pc)

Single arm sofa = L:140cm x D:90cm x H:64cm (2pcs)

Armless sofa = L:75cm x D:90cm x H:64cm (2pcs)

Corner sofa = L:90cm x D:90cm x H:64cm (1pc)

Coffee table = L:125cm x D:75cm x H:30cm (1pc)

Sidetable = L:43cm x D:43cm x H:43cm (1pc)

Seat cushions = 10cm thick

Back cushions = 8cm thick

21 sets17 sets8 sets

Package Includes

2 x Single arm sofas

2 x Armless sofas + 1 x Single sofa

1 x Corner sofa + 1 x Coffee table  + 1 x Sidetable

2 x tempred glasses

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All our products are covered by a full 12 months genuine manufacturers warranty.

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T/T 30% in advance,L/C at sight.


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Q:Will my sofa's match?!?
I dont think beige and white would look good, you should have them match.
Q:Can anyone recommend a good sofa manufacturer in the UK?
Thomas okorder.com/
Q:what color carpet and paint matches golden sofas?
Neutral carpet is best. Try something beige or deeper if you can find it. If your father will be living there, I would suggest light colors on the walls. This is easier on the eyes. Ivory tones would be fine. If he does want color, pastel greens or blues would work.
A full size bed will be too wide to sit on. Your legs will stick out straight in front of you rather than bend like on a regular sofa, sell it. Then look on craigslist again and find a nice used sofa for your living room.
Q:how to remove cat urine from sofa?
Maria gave you the best answer. Beware though. It the urine has been there a long time and the room is quite warm, the urine may have saturated the whole cushion or sofa. Maria's suggestion is just great and you should follow her method. But once it's aged and gone right through you may have to have the cushion dry cleaned. Be sure to BLOT and NOT RUB too much. Rubbing could spread it. I had the same problem when my 2 cats...14 yrs ago. One passed away. But one is still with me.. When they were kittens, they urinated on my sofa...once! But I was away for a couple of days and my cat-sitter didn't notice. When I came home I followed Maria's method and it seemed fine...on the surface. But as I laid down to watch TV and a rush of air came from the cushion I detected an odour. I had the cushion dried cleaned. Good luck.
Q:Which color blanket fit my cool grey modular sofa?
The dark grey could look good but it is not a cool grey like your sofa. So be aware that the sofa will look more blue in comparison to the throw. Otherwise, you could go with the ivory colour but it would have to be laundered more often.
Q:how can i stop my german shepard sitting on the sofa?
You can set up his own little area so he could be comfortable too. For the days he doesnt sit on the couch give him a treat and spend some time with him because he did a good deed. I have this problem with my st bernard. She just needed some disapline and she was fine. Now she gets treats for being good. Good Luck, i hope this helped!!!
Q:What do you think of vegans who own leather sofas...?
I agree with spongecakes - why are they vegan? If religion or health and thus just following a vegan diet, then so be it. If they're against the death of creatures and every time they go in their living room, they see the skins of several dead creatures, followed by sitting on said skins...and this is somehow okay to them? I wouldn't understand...but... If they were a to-each-his-own kind of person...I would be making a squishy face about it and wouldn't at all understand, but oh well... If however, they were one who preached to others about killing animals/eating meat/eating whatever AND went home to sit on that couch...it would be more than a squishy face - that would not sit well with me as it strikes me hypocritical (which I don't like anyway, but like even less in this case as it can be used as ammo for the anti-vegs which impacts us all). As for not being able to buy a new sofa, if you do want to sell the one you have and get a replacement, all of the sofas I've ever had have been free. There are always free couches on craigslist (as well as cheap ones for sale) and friends/neighbors/people moving that want to get rid of one. Alternately, you can get one for about $20 at a garage sale. And to clarify replies to one of your prior posts - when one refers to checking if products are tested on animals, they are referring to toiletries, cleaners, and similar items (all of which are often tested on animals). These were not references to furniture/cds/a plastic cup you have sitting on your desk.
Q:How to get smells namely tabacco out of a sofa?
Try calling a professional upholstery cleaner. They might be able to get most of the odor out. Smoke odor never really comes completely out! Good luck!
Q:places to find cheap comfortable sofas?
comfort and stylish are subjective. Shop, in a store, for yourself with a budget

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