• Turbo Turbocharger 409410 -5006S 7N4651 OR5796 4N6859 6N7155 System 1
  • Turbo Turbocharger 409410 -5006S 7N4651 OR5796 4N6859 6N7155 System 2
  • Turbo Turbocharger 409410 -5006S 7N4651 OR5796 4N6859 6N7155 System 3
  • Turbo Turbocharger 409410 -5006S 7N4651 OR5796 4N6859 6N7155 System 4
Turbo Turbocharger 409410 -5006S 7N4651 OR5796 4N6859 6N7155

Turbo Turbocharger 409410 -5006S 7N4651 OR5796 4N6859 6N7155

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Technical Details

Description :                                   T04B91Turbo Turbocharger 409410 -5006S 7N4651 OR5796 4N6859 6N7155 for CAT/Caterpiller 3304/3304DIT Engine
Turbo model:




409410 -5006S

Related part No.:                       409410-4/5/7/8/10 7N46517N2342 OR5796 4N6859 

Engine code:



CAT963/950B; 120G Grader; CAT generating set


Product Description

Turbo Turbocharger 409410 -5006S 7N4651 OR5796 4N6859 6N7155

Turbo Turbocharger 409410 -5006S 7N4651 OR5796 4N6859 6N7155

Turbo Turbocharger 409410 -5006S 7N4651 OR5796 4N6859 6N7155

Turbo Turbocharger 409410 -5006S 7N4651 OR5796 4N6859 6N7155

Factory Show

  • Certified by ISO 9001:2009 and ISO/TS 16949:2008 standards, CNBM is a leading manufacturer and exporter of Turbochargers and Racing products in China since 1994.

  • Producing TURBOCHARGERS of Garrett, Holset, KKK, Schwitzer, MHI and IHI models. Totally 300 different models, exporting to over 30 countries incl. EU, North & South America, Middle East & etc..

Turbo Turbocharger 409410 -5006S 7N4651 OR5796 4N6859 6N7155

Turbo Turbocharger 409410 -5006S 7N4651 OR5796 4N6859 6N7155

Turbo Turbocharger 409410 -5006S 7N4651 OR5796 4N6859 6N7155

Turbo Turbocharger 409410 -5006S 7N4651 OR5796 4N6859 6N7155

Turbo Turbocharger 409410 -5006S 7N4651 OR5796 4N6859 6N7155

Turbo Turbocharger 409410 -5006S 7N4651 OR5796 4N6859 6N7155

Packing & Delivery

Packing Detail:

  • Neutal Packing or the package as requirement

  • One turbo in a Carton

  • Wooden case is a good choice for ocean shipping

Delivery Detail:7-30 Days.(As Per Quantity)


  • High Speed, higher torque and improved response.

  • Lower Fuel Consumption.

  • Turbo and all its parts 100% changeable with original.

  • Perfect Follow-up Service

In Addition,we are also business in parts of Turbocharger such as:

  • Turbine Housing

  • Compressor Housing/Cover

  • Bearing Housing

  • Repair Kits

  • CHRA

  • Valve

  • Shaft Wheel 

  • Compressor Wheel/Impeller

Q:I have a 1994 ford mustang gt 5.0ho and i want too either put a cold air intake or ram air intake witch one is better? witch one will add more hp and mpg?! thanks
A Cold Air Intake adds more power and torque than a short ram intake. This is because cold air is denser than hot air and more can be crammed into your cylinders. some people prefer short ram intakes who live in very rainy areas where water could possibly get into the intake with a cold air intake. If you are a fast driver, an intake will not improve your MPG because you will be using the extra horsepower, but if you are a cruiser who does the speed limit and is light on the pedal, i've seen people pick up a couple miles to the gallon with an intake.
Q:I installed a AEM air intake on my ford expedition 4.6 Lt 1998. The air intake is supposely for a 5.6lt expedition. After a while my air intake started making a weird loud noise and i cant figure out what it is. Has anyone had this problem? I know is the intake becuase i installed the stock one back and it stopped making that weird loud vibrating noise. I dont know what to do i paid 400 for the air intake.
Its hard to diagnose the problem without hearing it for myself. An air intake on a gas engine that is naturally aspirated (meaning it takes air as it needs it, not forced into the engine) I wouldnt think that it could be anything too harmful More then likely it is loose on the intake side of the carb and is vibrating. If you can find a way to make that tight, maybe use a foam strip as a gasket (at any hardware store or even walmart) and tighten it onto that, hopefully you can save from having to get rid of it that way Also make sure youre mounting is all tight any vibration will make noise.
Q:Ive got a 2001 pontiac sunfire se 4dr, and i was wondering where i should relocate the intake for colder air. I cant afford the aem cold air and all the short rams ive tried (weapon x hks greddy) get just as hot as my stock so i went back to my oem box intake with the standard hose and a kn air filter (3.5 in diameter) I have plenty of pipeing (2.5 and 3 inch) to weld and 50 bucks for a new air filter or 2 so where should i relocate it thanks in advance.
yes it can be mounted in the front bumper lowest on the driver side corner at the ope *** the tube ing you use at that low point at the bumper drill some small holes to deflect water from be ing suck up in the breather.
Q:is this product worth purchasing for my v6 mustang? how much horsepower would it add and how much better would the fuel economy be?
save your money none of these sewer pipes with air filters live up to the horsepower claims, and generally there is usually a drop in mpg. The kind of gain you expect, and what you will get, is going to be disappointing. One problem is that the rpm has to be high , so 3,500 and above is not going to be any good around town or on the freeway. Also those power chips are another way to waste hundreds of dollars, they often times interfere with the computer,and can cause check engine lights to pop on, We see this question many times a week, Often times they put the cold air intake on first, and an engine light pops on, or the thing does not fit and you have to fabricate or drill holes. If this stuff worked, I would be the first one to recommend them, I read about them, then went and talked to my mechanic, He suggested not fixing something that is not broken, and that spacers, cold air filters, and power chips cause more problems than they solve, and are not worth the excessive costs. Check with your mechanic, and see what he has to say, best of luck
Q:i am interested in purchasing a cold air intake for my new camaro. Is it better to get an air filter or an oil filter? What sort of cleaning is required? Thanks for the advice!!
I agree you are able to drive without it, don't for very long, because you'll get sand and stuff inside your engine.
Q:I would like to know how KN Air filters help????because if a cold air intake doesn‘t help engine performance by adding extra air flow, then how does the extra air flow from the KN filter help????
It doesnt!! The best intake system and filter is the stock one. If you dont keep the KN filter completly clean and oiled, dirt can get into the intake a damage you motor internaly. Keep it stock and use OEM filters.
Q:installing a cold air intake?
The cold air intakes (CAI) are not hard to install. I would recommend the short ram type over the CAI though. It's much less work and the performance is similar, a little less hp generally. If you live in areas with a lot of rain or snow, don't get a CAI. These pipes run your air filter low to the ground so the risk of water getting in your filter is higher. These kits require you to remove the old stock air filter box along with your air filter. They also require you to remove the old air tube and install theirs. The process is rather easy. Good kits require no modifications like cutting or drilling. These don't ruin your engine. Your car is probably out of warranty so it seems no hassle. I would get a short ram type for this car. You will see better acceleration and higher rpms. Fuel mileage might increase a little. Your engine will sound deeper, but noiser too. Make sure to properly oil the KN type filter if it comes not pre-oiled.
Q:I have a V6 4.0L Ranger and im trying to buy a apollo cold air intake and i just want to know if it will fit before a go and buy it.
The factory one who it came with, which without a doubt admits cool air from outside the engine compartment and is engineered on your truck. The okayN shorty package leaves the filter uncovered to the engine bay, resulting in a hotter air cost, which potentially reduces efficiency. The fender-well kits are a little higher, but can not perpetually be made to seal perfectly. If you wish to have the benefit of a freer-breathing approach, set up a performance filter on your present consumption and be done with it. If you happen to use a okN or other reusable filter, preserve it easy.
Q:I‘m looking to buy a good oneIt‘s about $300is it worth buying?Will it give me an extra boost of hp and help my engine a bit?I have a 2003 mitsubishi eclipse gt v6. It has 200hp but it has a slow start until it reaches second gear.Should I get a short ram instead or the whole 9 yards?Any experience w/ cold air intake ( not the ricer kind $50 autozone) please share it with me , thanks!!
cold air intake is a marketing gimmick since your car already has one from the factory, and the throttle body flows max air now, how can you make it flow more ? power chips are another waste of money,some times the engine lights pop on and the computer can try to compensate, but creates a lean condition, which is not a good thing, since running lean can burn up the motor, the only way to achieve real horsepower, is to build and engine with the cam and heads, and add a fuel system and bigger exhaust, a turbo is one way to add power, the problem with starting with small engines, is it takes a ton of money to make horsepower. A stock engine was designed to run with longevity in mind, anything you do to change this will shorten the life of the motor, if you want longevity and horsepower, you must build an engine using expensive high quality parts, we all would like an extra 100 horsepower, but without some major cash outlay, it is not going to happen. save your money, adding a turbo is an option, but finding a quality set up that is dependable is going to be fairly expensive, because all turbo s spin at high speed, and need super heavy duty bearings, (preferably with thier own lubrication set up) so some turbo will be better than others, but save your money, do some more research, and find the right set up that meets your needs. you will not get 15 horsepower as someone suggested, from a cold air intake, often times aftermarket intakes allow you to hear the air intake of the engine, this does not mean you are making more power.
Q:best air intake for 04 ram hemi?
Welcome to the world of I'm going to throw money at my truck, car, motorcycle, etc. without doing any research as to what will improve my MPG, horsepower, torque, etc,. Today's engines are computer controlled to produce the best combination of horsepower and MPG, changing one physical portion of the induction or exhaust system will often upset the factory settings. The computer can only correct for changes to a certain degree, after that it's downhill for power and MPG. I just read about the vararam and it sounds more like a top end manifold since it states it flows 100% air at idle which sounds odd to me since all intakes are flowing 100% air at idle, fuel is added downstream in MPI engines. The results sound impressive shaving a second off quarter mile times for 4WD and 3/4 second for 2WD. Having more than a few years experience drag racing, I would suggest that the bottom end (torque) suffers for better horsepower in the upper RPM range of the engine, torque gets you off the line, horsepower takes over and gives you the speed. The sooner you can make more horsepower the faster you will go, it's a balancing act for best e.t.'s at the strip.

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