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BENZ6010500801 6030500301 1020505501

BMW11311709580 11311738370

CHEVROLET93244916 9321950792244916

CHERYREF372-1006020 REF372-1006060 481H-1006030 481H-1006010

DAEWOO90232446 K90264937K90264937W961829649026493790156995901569869631621412710-80D0093235615,96666394, 94604433,96325213,

FIAT FIAT480 4199663 4351726FIAT100-33 4362489 7646365 FIAT640FIAT3000FIAT-T1700 FIAT P-1600 4388356 7623542 46540207 ,

FORD89FF6250AA C21478HM6250BA86BM6250BAD3DZ6250A78HM6250AA914F6250AA 93059800E C2105751136DDN-6250C7NN6250B C7NN6250E AR61351AR61352

HYUNDAI24110-41000 24100-32800 24100-27500 24110-22012 24100-02510 24100-02200

ISUZU4BC2, 4BD1, 4BE14JA1, 4JB14ZE1G161Z6BD14HF1

IVECO: 98427674,



WL84-12-420FE85-12-420 F240-12-420 F210-12-420 ,G601-12-420,

MITSUBISHI4D304D314D324D34 ,4D55,4D56 4G33 4G544G63 4G64 4M406D16T120



PEUGEOT: 0801.E8 , 0801.F8 , 0801.J8 , 0802.16 , 0801.90  , BT083 , 0801.N7 ,

PERKINSMF240 MF265 31416307

RENAULT 7700742906 7700695661 7700655334 7700735509 7700699231 8200089894 7700686473 7700620111

SUZUKIF8A F10A 12710-60D50 12710-62H50 12710-82001 12710-76G50


TOYOTA13511-44040(5R) 13511-31020 (12R)13511-35010 (22R)13511-71901 (2Y)13511-73902(4Y)

13501-54020(2L) 13501-54060 13501-54070 (3L)13501-17010 (1HZ)13511-64071(2C)

13511-60060(2F/3F)13511-64010(1C) 13501-13012 (4K/5K)13501-75010 (1RZ/2RZ),13501-30040(2KD-EX), 13501-30030(2KD-IN),

VW.:074.109.101B 074.109.101J 047.109.101R 058.109.022C 058.109.021K

026.109.101L 026.109.101Q 059.109.021BP 059.109.021BQ 059.109.022BC

059.109.022BD 028.109.101G 075.109.101A 111.109.021OK 054.109.022

054.109.021, 068.109.101B, 038.109.101R,

CUMMINS: 4BT , 6BT , 6CT , NT855 , K19 , K38 , V28 , M11 , NH220, 199180,

DAEWOO: D1146 , D2366

KOMATSU: 4D94 , 4D95 , 4D102 , 4D120/4D130 , 6D95 , 6D102 , 6D105 , 6D107 , 6D108 ,

6D110 , 6D114 , 6D125 , 6D140 , 6D155

ISUZU: C223 , C240 , 4JG2 , 4BA1 , 4BE1 , 4BG1 , 4HG1 , 4HE1 , 4HF1 , E120 , 6BG1 ,

6RB1 , 6HK1 , 6HE1 ,
8PC1 , 10PC1 , 10PE1 , 12PC1



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Q:i bought a cold air intake for my car (AEM cold air intake ) but when i was surfing the web i saw some other ones that cost waaaayyyyy less then the one i got. Whats the difference between the really expensive ones and the really cheap ones.They look the same too me.
LOL!!!!!!!!!!!!! HAHAHAHALOL!!!!! Im laughing my **** off on what the clown above said about CAI. He said it gains HP brings in cold air in. Um, hate to be the bad guy here but any moron that tells you CAI are better than stock is smoking crack. The CAI does not bring in cold air from the outside since most of them are cheaply designed have large gaps at the air inlet allows the HOT engine air temp in to the duct The factory setup is the BEST system CAI you can possibly own. There is no restriction on those compared to the CAI. There is no HP gain either from any of that crap
Q:I‘m getting a 2006 Pontiac G6. I love the car, except for the fact that it has a 4 cylinder. I‘m considering putting a cold air intake on it or something to boost the horsepower a little. I‘d just like something to enhance the performance, and frankly I don‘t know a ton about cars in general. Leave intelligent comments please
For all the hype, cold air intakes are a relic of the carbureted cars in the 60s and 70s. The air intake in those days was almost always at the top of the engine, where the air was downright hot. Bringing in cold air from outside the engine compartment was a big improvement. Since the 1980s virtually all cars have intakes that bring in cold air from outside anyway, except when warming up. During that time they bring in air from around the forward exhaust to speed the engine warm-up, which reduces overall emissions and improving fuel economy. both things dear to the hearts of bureaucrats. In addition, the upgraded intakes had low restriction air filters, which reduced the tendency of carburetors to run richer as the flow increased and the filter acted like a choke. Modern fuel injected engines really don't care about the filter restriction, which only makes a difference for the few seconds every once in a while that the engine is running at full throttle and high rpm. At any other time the throttle plate is far more restrictive than the intake - there is no improvement at all from a CAI. In short, the intake that is on the car is the best.
Q:should i go with the short ram air intake or the cold air intake i got a v6
Not as much as you might think or calculate. You have to figure in a mileage correction, either use a gps to figure it or mile markers on the road, always remember to add your correction percent before dividing by gallons.
Q:i have an 03 RSX and I have an aftermarket air intake that I want to sell. It is in good condition, I just don‘t know much about it so I don‘t even know where to begin with selling it. Thanks!
All my kids were on iron fortifited everything and iron supplements. My doctor told me breastfeeding doesnt contain enough iron and that cereal is a good source but often enough kids don't eat enough of it to get the iron the need. I guess its safe, as I did it and so did all my friends who have kids and none of us had issues
Q:ok guys i have a 02 Chevrolet Cavalier Z24 2.4 L (MT)ive done alot of exterior (body kits, lights, spoiler, borla exhaust system. well want to put air intake, but which one is the right choice? cold air is good but can cause hydrolock, ram air is good but i believe can over heat? going by what friends tell me. what is the best option and brand to get.
I LOVE my chi and wouldn't trade it for the world.
Q:if i was to buy one would i need a bigger exhaust system to let the air flow better or can i use the factory on and what are some good cold air intake brands
i would throw a kn cold air intake on it they usaly run about 300 dollars but are worht it, it gave my truck a 15 hp gain and i just left the stock exaust on it, all i have done is installed a glasspack muffler in place of the old muffler.
Q:technically speaking, wouldn‘t a car receive better gas mileage and run faster without any air intake at all? just that it‘s not safe.
Yes, but you have to mount the air filter somewhere. And the intake is for that reason. In reality the short air intake (or cold air) has very little resistance. Even the factory air box is plenty good enough if you don't have performance exhausts. Said differently, you get very (VERY) little performance gain, without additional mod (like performance exhaust. good Luck.
Q:I‘m 16 and plan on getting a car within the next week. I plan on getting a 2007 Scion TC for my first car. I want to get a Cold Air Intake however I only want to get it if it saves my gas mileage so the intake eventually pays for itself. Also, how much gas will it save me?
This Site Might Help You. RE: Does a cold air intake really save gas? I'm 16 and plan on getting a car within the next week. I plan on getting a 2007 Scion TC for my first car. I want to get a Cold Air Intake however I only want to get it if it saves my gas mileage so the intake eventually pays for itself. Also, how much gas will it save me?
Q:Ive got a 2001 pontiac sunfire se 4dr, and i was wondering where i should relocate the intake for colder air. I cant afford the aem cold air and all the short rams ive tried (weapon x hks greddy) get just as hot as my stock so i went back to my oem box intake with the standard hose and a kn air filter (3.5 in diameter) I have plenty of pipeing (2.5 and 3 inch) to weld and 50 bucks for a new air filter or 2 so where should i relocate it thanks in advance.
On bottom of front bumper right by the front bumper grills. However, this will be more expensive for you in the end. Cleaning and replacing filter will have to be done 3 times more often. You will also need a sleeve for the filter to prevent rain water from entering the filter.
Q:What would be the best cool air intake for a 2002 VW Jetta GLS 1.8T that‘s not Too too too expensive but still a good competitor?
For the money spent you will not receive any more performance than if you were to just drop in KN air cleaner in your *present cold air box. People spend hundreds of dollars on fancy chromed-up aluminum tubing cold air intakes with no increase in performance. If you had 200 - 400 horsepower under the hood these companies only advertise 12 - 24 horsepower gains. Your small motor will never see this increase.

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