Car Full Gasket Asbestos Material

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Place of orgin: Beijing China   Brand name: CMAX  Standard or non standard: Standard     Certificate: ISO 9000

Packaging & Delivery

Packaging Detail:

Neutral cardboard/Neutral carton

Delivery Detail:

7-50 days


  Material: Asbestos rubber sheet or Non asbestos rubber sheet

  Available in customized specification

  Available in OEM and ODM

Salient Features:

  Resistant to temperature&stressful conditions

  Withstand chemicals. acids, heat and pressure

  Effective sealing

  Long lasting operation

  Made from excellent raw material

CNBM is a professional motor and car oil seal manufacturers, manufacturing  more than a thousand varieties,  involving a series of models : Santana, Jetta,  Beverly, Isuzu, Toyota, Otto, John Shalikashvili and  micro-car series seal, and manufacturing machinery, household appliance industries the oil seal, O-rings,   gasket ,the best-selling products throughout the country and around the world.


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Q:hey does anyone know what the air intake silencer looks like on a 2004 1.8L nissan sentra?
Its a black plastic box that is attached to the tube that the air travels through to the air filter.
Q:What is inertia booster intake system?
How the air intake system works The air intake system includes an air cleaner, an intake manifold, and a valve mechanism. Air through the air filter filter out impurities, the flow through the air flow meter, through the inlet into the intake manifold, and the fuel injection of fuel injection nozzle to form a suitable proportion of oil and gas, by the inlet into the Cylinder ignition combustion, generating power.
Q:Just wondering, do some trucks have a hot air intake, which helps it start up in cold weather?
Older carburetted trucks had a heat riser that was attached to a shroud around the exhaust manifold, a thermostatic valve opened it when the engine was cold to direct warmed air into the intake. It helped vaporize the gasoline better. Some diesels have electrically heated intakes, and some of the older ones have flame heaters in the intakes. The flame heater had a fuel nozzle and an igniter (a spark plug) that heated up the intake so that the hot intake would warm the air. They were a lot of fun if some idiot tried using ether to start the engine along with the flame heater. Most diesels now use either an ether system, since ether ignites at a lower temperature, or glow plugs which heat the upper cylinders directly.
Q:Hey Skyline freinds :) hope your reading this also Tricky!!i have a suspicion there is a restrictor in my Nissan skyline's R34 GT 1998 Non-turbo Air intake, can anyone elaberate on this or confirm it or tell me not to be silly? and if not, would it make much diffrence if i where to install a cold intake pipe form the carby to the far left vent inlet on my front body kit?thanx!
Erm, first of all it is injected and not carby.secondly, yes it will make a difference in performance, but only marginally. If it is a box you're worried about on the side of the intake tube (before the Air Flow Meter), that is just a silencer to keep induction noise down. It can also be removed to allow a better path for the air to flow. Only slight performance gains can be expected from these, but it is a start ;)
Q:Is a $50 cold air intake good enough?
Dennis is right, its a waste of time and money if you want to get more HP out of your car put a small turbo or super on it you'll gain about 15x what you'd gain with this POS i've proven this time and time again, 1994 Camaro and a 1999 Camaro who'd you think would win? one has 12lb of boost the other a performance chip, cold air intake and a bunch of other useless crap on it but no turbo. i blew the crap out of that car and mine was the 94 won by a mile.
Q:I just bought a cold air intake but it didnt come with instuctions
eMail the company. They will send them to you.
Q:A Secret Dragon Weapon R intake or a Short ram intake from AEM i have a 2000 Mercujry Cougar 2.0L 4 cylinder manual trans
I always go with AEM products especially intakes. They are very good products cuz it is made to fit your exact car with little to none modifications. AEM intakes including cold air gives you that horsepower gain and its a all around great company. I personally have 2 cold air intakes and 1 short ram intake on 3 of my cars i currently own. They are a bit pricey but you get what you pay for.
Q:i have a 2002 grand am gthow can i add more HP and torgue
exactly,it intakes the air and fuel miture and delivers it to the cylinders.the air cleaner,WELL!!!!
Q:i have a 1997 prelude with an option racing cold air intake. i want to put in a ko filter. how much horse power will it add? it will cost about $45 dollars for a cai filter.and will it be hard to put in?
Not a chance for 30 HP2 at the most. Changing the filter is very easy, and should be performed on a yearly basis if using a cheap filter. If you change to a KN, you will only have to recharge it not replace it.
Q:Is this cold air intake too good to be true?
Ok Ill tell yea the facts. Its not stolen. Its not cheap. Its a peice of crap. IT IS NOT A COLD AIR INTAKE! What you are looking at my friend is a SHORT RAM INTAKE. It will increase your pony power by like 3-4 more than your stock, but youll have to put up with a VERY NOISE engine (It dose sound cool though when you first start your car but drive your car around for 20 minutes and it gets old and anoying fast). Alot of people call them cold air intakes but a real cold air intake DOSE NOT COLLECT AIR FROM THE ENGINE BAY- (think about it the air in your engine bay is HOT) Cold air intakes out sorce to collect air from a air pocket or infront of your radiator, air thats comming from out side the car not already in. The reason its so cheap is cause all it is a pipe and a air filter. You can make them your self for under 20 bucks. And a warning if you chose to get one beware of water. Short ram intakes make it super easy to get water in your engine. If you want more pony power cheap go grab a performance chip. Also you can make a cold air intake yourself by finding a air pocket (i slightly losened my high beams and modified my intake to reach it) ((it was called the bfi intake for my car)).

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