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What is the car bumper made?
Now most of the use of plastic. Can save more cost. But like those who have modified pieces of carbon fiber also has glass fiber. But the cost is relatively high.
What is the role of the car bumper
Is it safe?
Is the car bumper made of plastic?
Most of the car's bumper is made of plastic
How much money the car front bumper
10-15W of the car is generally about 1,100 yuan 10W the following general 700-900 about 5W 400-200
What is the car bumper?
The previous bumper is really a bar. Now doing more and more, not the appearance of the bar. So, called "front" "back".
What is the difference between a car crash beam and a bumper?
Bumper and anti-collision beam is not the same thing. As the first barrier to passive safety of the car, the bumper is an important safety device for absorbing and mitigating external shocks and protecting the front and rear of the car. General cars are basically bumper, distributed in the front and rear front, mostly by the plastic, resin and other materials made of high elasticity, especially the production of the inside are containing silk, etc., and deputy factory production is not these things , Elastic greatly reduced. Bumper is mainly used to slow down the impact of a slight collision on the car, even if the crash is also easier to replace.