Metallic Compensator

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metallic compensator Absorb large axial displacement between straight tube and support frame,eliminate the pipeline


metallic compensator

metal JointFeatures

1. Expansion Joints To Absorb large axial displacement between straight tube and support frame , and small horizontal displacement;

2. To resolve minor deviation because of piping connection and eliminate the pipeline residual stress;

3. Easy cleaning and maintenance.


Applications For the chemical industry, metallurgy, electricity, shipbuilding, construction and other industries.


Application temperature-50 300. 






SUS304/316L / SS400





Inner core



Restriction Screw



Top tube






Flange standards are based on JIS, ANSI, DIN, BS, JB, and other standards.


Bellows are manufactured on the basis of the U.S. manufacturing expansion joint manufacturers association standards and can work after more than 10 ³ cycle experiments. 


Production size: Ø40mm-Ø7000mm

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Q:Stainless steel pipe, wire joint leakage how to make up?
1) want to save trouble, buy special glue to block, general hardware store can buy;2) the silk joint opens, the more winding some raw rubber tape, then turns tight to see whether can solve the problem;3) if it is a silk joint, replace the wire joint;4) the pipe is re tapped or replaced with a new pipe;
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Q:How was the pipe joint named?
Clip type pipe jointThe utility model has the advantages of advanced structure, good performance, light weight, small size and convenient operation, and is widely used in the hydraulic system. Working pressure up to 31.5MPa, requiring high dimensional accuracy of the pipe, cold drawn steel pipe is required. The card sleeve is also of high accuracy. Piping systems for oil, gas, and general corrosive media, tables 15~26, GB3733.1 to 3765-1983
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Q:What are the types of tubing and pipe couplings?
According to the number and direction of the connection, there are straight through, right angle, three pass and other types; the connection with the body has threaded connection, flange connection and so on. In addition, there are some special purpose pipe couplings.
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Q:About thread, pipe joint standard question
The world's three major thread standards, individuals feel very good, although six or seven years of work
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Q:How to choose the connection mode of clamp type flexible pipe joint correctly
The overall price of steel ring is lower than that of pipe endSummary: the middle and high pressure pipeline is recommended to use the pipe end connection, and the middle and low pressure pipeline is recommended to use the steel ring connectionThe customer can choose the clamp type flexible pipe joint (steel ring joint) or clamp flexible pipe joint (pipe end connection) according to the demand to reduce the purchasing cost.
Our products are of advanced design, rational structure, stable performance, and flexible and high anti-fatigue properties. With our quality assurance system, we improve comprehensive test means and attain the ISO9001 quality system certification and pressure pipe component production license.

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Location Jiangsu, China (Mainland)
Year Established 2004
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Export Percentage 41% - 50%
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Factory Size: 5,000-10,000 square meters
No. of Production Lines 5
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