Pneumatic Muffler

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pneumatic muffler

1.standard: Metric, Inch,NPT size:04~16mm

3.thread size: M5~1/2"

4.stock available

pneumatic muffler


Features :

A.This serial silencer is used to reduce the dynamic noise for the pneumatic components or device exhaust.

B.They may directly mounted in the port of components or device with compact size,easy installation and high nose reduction result.

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Q:Main points of type selection of pneumatic control valve
For pneumatic pipes, a little leakage is allowed, and the leakage of the hydraulic pipe will cause pressure drop and pollution to the environment.(three) the requirement of lubrication is differentHydraulic system of the working medium for hydraulic oil, hydraulic valve does not exist on the lubrication requirements; pneumatic system of the medium of work for the air, the air is no lubrication; therefore, many pneumatic valves need oil mist lubrication. The valve parts shall be made of materials which are not subject to water corrosion or take necessary rust preventive measures.(four) the pressure range is differentThe working range of the pneumatic valve is lower than that of the hydraulic valve. Pneumatic valve working pressure is usually less than 10bar, a few can reach less than 40bar. But the hydraulic valve has high working pressure (usually less than 50Mpa). If the pneumatic valve is used under the maximum allowable pressure. Accidents often happen.(five) the use of different characteristics;General pneumatic valve than hydraulic valve structure compact, light weight, easy to integrated installation, valve work frequency, long service life. Pneumatic valve is in the direction of low power and miniaturization. Low power solenoid valve with 0.5W power has appeared. With computer and PLC programmable controller connected directly, can also be installed on a printed circuit board with electronic devices connected through standard gas electric circuit board, save a lot of wiring, suitable for pneumatic manufacturing assembly line of industrial manipulator, complex etc..
Q:Why is there any white thing on the outer thread of the pneumatic element PC?
The raw meal belt is made of imported materials and advanced technology, with high quality and complete specifications, and can meet the requirements of different industries and customers. Insulation products with excellent chemical stability, strong and good sealing performance, is widely used in mechanical, chemical, metallurgy, electric power, shipbuilding, aerospace, medicine, electronics and other industrial fields. The definition of raw materials also known as Teflon tape, PTFE is the abbreviation for PTFE English tetrafluoroethene.
Q:What is pneumatic element, what is the function?
Something that converts the energy of compressed air into kinetic energy. Such as cylinders, steam engines, etc.
Q:Pneumatic oil filter oil in what
If the filter is followed by a pressure reducing valve, and then there are 1 transparent cups, that is called oil mist. Oil mist using compressed air to oil mist lubricating oil cup (pot) from mixed in, sent to the pneumatic pipeline system for pneumatic components for lubrication. It's time to refuel here.
Q:Where are the industry standards for pneumatic components?
3, GB/T 2348 - 1993 (2001) hydraulic pneumatic systems and components, cylinder bore and piston rod outer diameterNEQ ISO 3320:19874, GB/T 2349 - 1980 (1997) hydraulic pneumatic systems and components, cylinder piston stroke seriesEqvISO 4393:1978
Q:What is the oil in the cylinder in the pneumatic original?
Compressor oil from the air compressor is the most harmful substance to pneumatic components. It needs to be thoroughly removed by using an oil mist pre oil-water separator.
Q:What is the gas in the two pneumatic combination?
Pneumatic two piece is a filter, decompression, oil mist, the compressed air purification for the integration of two devices. The oil in the oil mist filler is: turbine oil No. 1, (International Brand: ISO, VG32), which has a very thin viscosity of about 7E degrees, lubricating oil (equivalent to 5E ~7E degrees of sewing machine oil)
Q:I've never touched this piece of pneumatic components. How do I get started?
SMC is a modern and practical technology of pneumatic SMC in cooperation with the Beijing Institute of Technology, used as a textbook for college and technical secondary school, there is no basis for students, including almost all of the pneumatic knowledge, of course products to SMC model, explain the structure and use of knowledge, but SMC are the most representative at the same time, most varieties, the structure principle of different brands of similar components, this book can be more perfect in theory.
Q:Pneumatic components generally used in what industry?
The expansion of application of pneumatic technology is the sign of pneumatic industry development. The application of pneumatic components mainly includes two aspects: maintenance and matching. In the past, the sales of domestic pneumatic components were used for maintenance, and in recent years, the sales share directly as the main supporting parts increased year by year. The use of domestic pneumatic components, from tens of thousands of dollars worth of metallurgical equipment to only 1~2 hundred yuan chair. Railway switches, locomotive wheel rail lubrication, train brake, street cleaning, hoisting equipment in special workshops, military command vehicles, etc., have been specially developed domestic pneumatic components. This shows that pneumatic technology has penetrated into all walks of life and is expanding.
Q:How does the pneumatic valve change the AC to direct current?
In addition to the three types of control valve, there are logic components that can achieve certain logic functions, including fluidic components with no moving parts inside components and pneumatic logic components with movable parts. In structure and principle, the logic element is basically the same as the directional control valve. It is only smaller in size and diameter. It is generally used to realize the logic operation function of the signal. In recent years, with the miniaturization of pneumatic components and the extensive application of PLC control in pneumatic systems, the range of application of pneumatic logic components is gradually reduced.From the control mode, pneumatic control can be divided into two categories: discontinuous control and continuous control. In the intermittent control systems, usually use the pressure control valves, flow control valves and directional control valve to achieve the program behavior; continuous control system, in addition to use pressure and flow control valves, but also by servo proportional control valve, etc., in order to carry out the continuous control of the system. Classification of pneumatic control valves.
We can produce according to the polyurethane, polytetrafluoro and rubber samples provided by customers both standard and anomaly. Our every property target of products is corresponded to the quota of international. They can wholly replace the imported ones. Our products have been exported to countries and regions all over the world, such as Europe and Southeast Asia. We can design and research all kind of seals and sundries out of standard according to customers' requirements.

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Western Europe 15
Eastern Europe s 28
Southeast Asia 15
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South Asia 3
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