QY Pneumatic Cylinder Seal

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QY Pneumatic Cylinder Seal

Hardness:Shore A75

Working Temperature:-40 to + 80degree

Working Medium:Air


Features :

A.Convenient one touch fittings provide instant tubing connections.

B.Elliptical release ring facilitates pneumatic installations in confined spaces .

C.Light manual pressure on the elliptical release ring is all that is required to instantly disconnect each tube-no special tools

required .

D.Nickle-plated brass threaded bodies ensures anti-corrosion and anit -contamination.

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Q:Pneumatic components, characters, symbolsMuffler, throttle valve, cylinder, pneumatic valve, etc.
Quick exhaust valve: compressed air flows from 1 to 2. If inlet pressure (1 pressure) decreases, 2 compressed air is discharged into the atmosphere through a silencerThrottling valve: adjustable one-way throttle valve
Q:Graphical symbols for pneumatic componentsThis is a manual valve on the Oh!
The median functions -1, 2, 3 and 4 are closed and are not communicated with each other;The bit function -1 through 2,4 through 3 (marked on the 3 pass 4 is obvious error)The actual professional mark is to use P, T, A, B, instead of the top 1, 3, 4, 2.
Q:Pneumatic components generally used in what industry? What type of machine?
The expansion of application of pneumatic technology is the sign of pneumatic industry development. The application of pneumatic components mainly includes two aspects: maintenance and matching. In the past, the sales of domestic pneumatic components were used for maintenance, and in recent years, the sales share directly as the main supporting parts increased year by year. The use of domestic pneumatic components, from tens of thousands of dollars worth of metallurgical equipment to only 1~2 hundred yuan chair. Railway switches, locomotive wheel rail lubrication, train brake, street cleaning, hoisting equipment in special workshops, military command vehicles, etc., have been specially developed domestic pneumatic components. This shows that pneumatic technology has penetrated into all walks of life and is expanding.
Q:What is the 3 position 5 way valve? And the relation between the cylinder and the pneumatic component and the valve
Gases and liquids are collectively referred to as fluids. Fluid transmission and control are widely used in factories, such as large presses, hydraulic shears, and relatively sophisticated robotic hand operated by servo valves
Q:It is a standard pneumatic drive element. What functions does it have on the cylinder?
Two 、 wear rule of cylinder and its reason(1) the wear rule of cylinderFrom the longitudinal section of the cylinder (along the axis of the cylinder): irregular, tapered, or tapered". The maximum wear parts: cylinder with the piston at TDC on the first piston ring corresponding to the upper reach of the piston ring wear, cylinder order form "". Under special circumstances, the location of the maximum cylinder wear in the middle (drum). On the same engine, the wear of different cylinders is different. The wear of the front wall of the first cylinder and the back wall of the last cylinder of the water cooled engine is more serious.From the cross section of the cylinder: uneven wear, wear irregular oval. Each cylinder along the circumferential direction of the maximum wear parts: general is the intake valve near the wall opposite the maximum wear.
Q:What is the difference between pneumatic components PC8-03 and PC8-02?
Do you mean the connection? If it's the joint, 02 refers to PT1/4, and the 03 refers to the PT3/8, the joint is one side of the pipe and the thread, and the two are inserted into the 8 pipe
Q:What are the components of a cylinder in a pneumatic system?
In pneumatic systems, the cylinders are usually performing work, such as feeding and fetching. Or the act of supporting or clamping.
Q:How to use the pneumatic components to control the automatic reciprocating movement of the cylinder?
A crank motor connecting rod slider mechanism is driven by a pneumatic motor (a rotating cylinder). Or with a two-way pilot air control valve to design a loop to control the cylinder cycle. The two position five way two-way control valve and the cylinder block are connected into a whole, and the double headed cylinder rod is fixed and fixed, and the trigger positions of both sides of the valve are adjusted, and after the ventilation, the cylinder drives the reversing valve to move back and forth.
Q:Pneumatic components generally used in what industry?
An element that works by force of pressure or expansion of a gas, the component that converts the elastic energy of a compressed air into kinetic energy.
Q:What is the profit margin of pneumatic components industry?
Prior to the domestic large pneumatic companies engaged in the sales industry, pneumatic, this thing to do too many people.
We can produce according to the polyurethane, polytetrafluoro and rubber samples provided by customers both standard and anomaly. Our every property target of products is corresponded to the quota of international. They can wholly replace the imported ones. Our products have been exported to countries and regions all over the world, such as Europe and Southeast Asia. We can design and research all kind of seals and sundries out of standard according to customers' requirements.

1. Manufacturer Overview

Location Zhejiang,China (Mainland)
Year Established 2001
Annual Output Value US$2.5 Million - US$5 Million
Main Markets North America 20
South America 10
Oceania 1
Mid East 2
Eastern Asia 1
Western Europe 15
Eastern Europe s 28
Southeast Asia 15
Africa 2
Northern Europe 2
Southern Europe 1
South Asia 3
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No. of Production Lines 5
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