Cylinder Oil Seal

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Oil Seal

We're professional to produce various of Rubber products with different material and have exported for 20 years.

we can provide you the all kinds of oil seal with high quality and reasonable price.

Our target is "All Customers first, Quality First, and Credit First"

This is the detail of our oil seal:

1.seal material:


2.seal application:

trains,automobile,motocycles,trucks,buses,agricutural machinery and any equipments

3.seal certification:

GB/T19001-2000-ISO9001: 2000 standard

4.seal production control:

prouduced by priecise CNC machine

5.seal strong point:

we have our own mold center and engineer, can develop all kinds of high tech requireds.

Powerful mold quantity in stock.

Most popular type stytle including TC, TB, SC, SBC, TBG...

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Q:Does the gasket have brass? What's the standard?
The copper gasket is generally used with thread sealing place, it is the principle of the sealing surface with two copper pad extrusion deformation, the copper pad two surface with two binding surface tightly without gap, so as to obtain the sealing effect.
Q:What is the basis for the classification of gaskets?
Look at what occasions, what environment, what media, what pressure, what temperature to develop a variety of different gaskets
Q:How to choose the gasket when installing the pressure gauge?
Medium corrosion PTFE gasketIn other cases, graphite, rubber or other forms are available
Q:SUPOR electric pressure cooker sealing ring plastic frame quality problems, broken, in Laixi, Laiyang where to sell?
You can check the local SUPOR customer service phone, and then you put the pot model to tell him, he will help you to check there is no such thing, if the insured need to spend money to buy, if they do not have, you can get them to you from the factory into our own expenses, the premise is your home a pot over the shelf the local SUPOR phone you can find to buy a pot with SUPOR national customer service service table, there is
Q:How can the swivel washer be disassembled and replaced? Ten
You see the faucet switch that there should be a glue brand OEM OEM, put the Alice down, there is a screw removed, and then put the switch part rotating down, there should be a brass valve, with a bayonet on the spool, direct screw buckle will be able to get out of the valve core. The inlet valve is closed and then engaged.
Q:Engine oil tank seal is not strict, how to do the oil spill?
The chassis leak need to determine which parts, if it is the oil tank gasket seepage oil, replace the gasket can be, and if it is oil leakage, replace a new gasket should be ok. Clutch height may be the clutch plate wear seriously, clutch hard and press plate have certain relation.
Q:What is the gasket BGS-3000?
PTFE suspension powder is indispensable
Q:How to make a faucet washer?
To prevent leakage of water faucet, there is no way to use the gasket, why make it, is the use of raw materials belt
Q:Buick air conditioning pipe gasket, how do you leak?
Air conditioning refrigeration tubeChasing the answerChange the leakage of coolant, or not put the leather ring. Either the joint is corroded or the pipe is changed.
Q:What material is good for sealing gasket of steam pipe?
I'm not sure. Let's see what the filter medium is Then determine if the material is water, it is drinking water or water, compared with silica gel drinking water, living water, rubber line,

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