Yellow Kevlar fiber packing

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Yellow Kevlar fiber packing

  • NameYellow Kevlar fiber packing


  • Published2014-05-07 09:30:17

Detailed description

Yellow Kevlar fiber packing

With aramid fiber as the main material, repeatedly dipping lubricants, lotions and other precision PTFE compiled. There is preferably a high resilience, chemical resistance, low cold flow and high line speed, and the comparison with other types of packing, the crystallization medium and the particles can resist higher temperatures. Can be used alone or combined with other packing. Mainly used for multi-media particles, easy to wear conditions.

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Q:What is the basis for the classification of gaskets?
Look at what occasions, what environment, what media, what pressure, what temperature to develop a variety of different gaskets
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GB/T 97.1-2002 flat washer level aThis standard specifies the nominal specifications (thread diameter) for 1.6 ~ 64mm, standard series, hardness class 200HV and 300HV grade, product level is a class of flat washers.
Q:Why don't gaskets use metal gaskets in general?
The sealing gasket is made of metal or non-metal plate material, and is made by cutting, punching or cutting. The sealing gasket is used for the sealing connection between pipes, and the sealing connection between the parts of the machine and the parts of the machine.
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There are no patent restrictions, even if there is a time limit
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Q:The sealing principle of metal wound gasket?
Sealing principle of metal wound gasket:The sealing surface when the pressure load, to produce compressive stress, can improve the sealing contact surface, when the stress increases enough to cause the surface of the plastic deformation obviously, it can fill the gap seal cover, plug leakage channel. The purpose of using metal wound gasket is to use the gasket material to produce plastic deformation easily under the action of pressing load, so that it can fill up the tiny and uneven surface of the sealing surface and realize the sealing.Extension of knowledge point:Metal wound gasket is a sealing gasket is used widely at present, in order to return to the best elastic gasket semi metallic gasket, by V or W shaped steel strips with various fillers alternately wound together, high temperature, high pressure and adapt to the use of ultra low temperature or under vacuum conditions, by changing the gasket combination of materials, can solve the problem of all kinds of chemical corrosion medium on the gasket, the structure density can according to different requirements to lock force production.
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Hello, I'd like to ask about the gasket used in the petrochemical industry. What about rubber or asbestos?Gasket
Q:IFG-5500 what's the material in the gasket?
MediumWater, aliphatic hydrocarbons, oil, gasoline, saturated steam, inert gases, most refrigerants

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