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Oil seals  
1.Various of type eg: TC, TB, SC,SB...
2.Material: EPDM, Silicon, FPM, NBR...
3.ISO9001: 2000

Oil seals

ISO9001: 2000 standard
OEM/ODM are welcomed

Good quality and best prices

1.Material: NBR,HNBR,PTEE,FPM,MVQ,EPDM,PTFE,and so on

2.Application: trains,automobile,motocycles,trucks,buses,agricutural machinery and any equipments

3.Certification: GB/T19001-2000-ISO9001: 2000 standard

4.Production Control:prouduced by priecise CNC machine

5.Strong point: we have our own mold center, can develop most kinds of high tech requireds.

6.Experience in export business:exporting country are include USA,India, Iran,Sri Lanka and so on. United Conveyor Supply Company in American and Our company have long term and friendly business relationship.Export products are include rubber widescreen,elbow,oil seal,o-ring andso on.

7.According to customers' drawing,customized specifications are welcomed.

8.All administration of manufaturing are undercontroled by Railway Ministry

9.Designing and manufacturing all of oil seals, gaskedts,o-rings ,and so on.

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Q:I have a mac performance cold air intake 80 mm on my 07 supercrew 5.4 and i want to try something else, is there any good suggestions or something that would add a little more horsepower,,,, just incase this info is needed i also have the mac performance catback exhaust,,,,
Keep what you have and get a tuner like a Diablosport, you'll get more power out of a good tune than you will throwing cold air intakes at your truck. The 04-08 5.4L's have very conserative tunes from fromt the factory and respond well to aftermarket tunes.
Q:i just bought a honda civic 1997 and everything was nice and at a reasonable price so i purchased it. he told me before hand it had everything but an air intake. so i said ok since those are minor and pretty cheap to buy. and when i drive my car it has a nice whistle air sucking sound like a turbo and it‘s pretty cool. so do i even need an air intake. what can happen if i dont put one in. what does it do anyway?
If you don't you will be sucking in hot air, and possibly dirt/dust into your motor. An air intake just takes air and puts it in the motor. Motors run by using air and fuel in a mixture to produce combustion that makes your car move. So without an intake of some sort. Your hurting your car. It would be like you sitting in front of a heater and only using your nose to breath. You see how that would be difficult? lol p
Q:I have a 97 corolla and it is an automatic 4 cylinderso its usually great on gas.when i hooked up an injen cold air intake that cost me way too much money it started to really affect the gas mileageI hooked it up according to the instructions and it looks and sounds great but I have been noticing that the gas is going down way too fastmy stock air filter only had one hose going to it so i used iton the new setupI had to plug one of the holes into the pipe because but there was a tube sticking out for another hose. which hose is it? if any?what is that for? can that be the problem?I also have a flowmaster exhaust system (muffler) on my caris my car taking in too much air and then expelling it too quickly or efficiently so that its doesnt have time to properly combust?ii am thinking of switching it back to the old one unless I can get some help!thanks tuners
im not sure about hendrick,but i remember a few yrs ago infinion the hendrick cars had transmision problems and tony stewart won and the announcers said that gibbs uses jericho transmisions unlike the hendrick teams.
Q:2001 Honda Civic cold air intake questions?
lol. Yankee fan with annoying car alarms.
Q:hey, i found the cold air intake that i wanted, but one of them is long, like the tube is long and the other looks like its twisted upside dwnany difference?
if its the shifter itself that's hard then it might be the cable or the shifter assembly that needs to be freed up i would have someone else look at it to see what they say before the service which is a good thing to do
Q:its been almost three years since i bought the intake for my mazda 6 and up to now i havn‘t cleaned it am i damaging my ride.???
The air filter's on most of these cold-air intakes are called wet filters, meaning that they are lubricated and feel slippery when you put it on. They usually require a special cleaning agent, but I'm assuming you can go to VIP or NAPA or AutoZone and pick up the K N filter cleaning kit and use it without a problem. I've installed cold-air intakes on 4 of our company trucks and a Saab 9-5 Aero and all of them told me 3 years or 50,000 miles, whichever comes first for cleaning the air filter. Don't worry about the intake tube itself, there shouldn't be anything in there. Just remember to put a non-paper rag into the intake tube so that nothing gets inside of it when you have the filter off. Just pick up the K N cleaning kit and follow the directions. I've done it a few times, it's pretty easy. Good Luck!
Q:I have a 2005 Acura TL and I would really like to do a few things to it over the summer. Some of the things I have planned are new high performance rotors, the V-Spec spoilers and side skirts, and a cold air intake system. However, when it comes to the intake system I don‘t have too much knowledge in the area. What brand intake system should I buy for my TL to get the best performance? Money is not a problem, I just want to know what is the best for my TL and will give me results. Thanks
Well the rotors, spoiler, side skirts are just for show, they wont add any more braking power or aerodynamics. The cold air intake is also a waste IMO, it'll add 3-4 horse power MAX, and you have to worry about steep puddles (it's not unheard of people ruining their engines because they ran through some water, and where the CAI is located, it sucked it up.) Your best investment for handling is to add stiffer struts, and good tires, lowering wont improve anything. Your best investment for improving power would be a turbo or super charger. Since money isnt an issue you could probally have one installed for $2000 and tuned by a shop.
Q:I have a 2008 4.2l v6 f150 with a six inch lift on it. Would it b worth it to put a cold air intake in it. Would it even make a difference and if so how much? Also if u say yes which brand and model should I get? Thank you
If for some reason you ever have another oil fire you should pour salt sugar, flour or any other dry ingredient onto it. Of course if you have the proper type fire extinguisher you should use that. Be safe.
Q:Is there already in production? How much would it cost me? Any links?
road race motorsports $159 I have a 2008 lancer gts and im about ready to order it. I think they are the only ones out there that have a cold air intake for it.
Q:i bought a used Mazda MX-6 and other than cosmetic additions the only thing added was a cold air intake and a exhaust, what will a cold air intake do? hows it work?
Colder air is more dense than warmer air, so it slightly improves the combustion process. It is also better quality than a stock intake, so it is providing more air for the engine. as long as you have exhaust to accommodate that increase on the other side of the engine. Most stock intakes pull air from the engine bay, which can get quite hot. Relocating the front of the intake outside of the bay (and with a better filter and piping) provides colder air and more air than otherwise. The gains depend on how poor the stock components were. Some cars gain considerably more than others from simple bolt-on modifications. Some cars have gained a 5% increase on a dyno from a CAI, but your car comes stock with a better intake than the one I'm talking about.

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