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Oil seals  
1.Various of type eg: TC, TB, SC,SB...
2.Material: EPDM, Silicon, FPM, NBR...
3.ISO9001: 2000

Oil seals

ISO9001: 2000 standard
OEM/ODM are welcomed

Good quality and best prices

1.Material: NBR,HNBR,PTEE,FPM,MVQ,EPDM,PTFE,and so on

2.Application: trains,automobile,motocycles,trucks,buses,agricutural machinery and any equipments

3.Certification: GB/T19001-2000-ISO9001: 2000 standard

4.Production Control:prouduced by priecise CNC machine

5.Strong point: we have our own mold center, can develop most kinds of high tech requireds.

6.Experience in export business:exporting country are include USA,India, Iran,Sri Lanka and so on. United Conveyor Supply Company in American and Our company have long term and friendly business relationship.Export products are include rubber widescreen,elbow,oil seal,o-ring andso on.

7.According to customers' drawing,customized specifications are welcomed.

8.All administration of manufaturing are undercontroled by Railway Ministry

9.Designing and manufacturing all of oil seals, gaskedts,o-rings ,and so on.

Q:I‘m 16 and plan on getting a car within the next week. I plan on getting a 2007 Scion TC for my first car. I want to get a Cold Air Intake however I only want to get it if it saves my gas mileage so the intake eventually pays for itself. Also, how much gas will it save me? IDK where navy E-1 is getting his info. its all wrong. cold gas does not atomizes better. 2. NO cold air intake does not save gas. its all the opposite. also what do you call CAI. if the filter is inside the engine compartment no its not an CAI. its all the opposite. its a Hot air intake which YES will save on gas$ Hot air helps atomize fuel better, when the Air temp. sensor tell the ecu that hot air is coming in, the ecu adjusts the timing and adjust all parameters concerning air to fuel ratio. its not like your sporty car will give you the economy of a GEO but maybe 2 or 3 mpgs at most and that is with a hot day and the right humidity %. bottom line don't expect much. btw the better mpgs you get the more sluggish the car will feel. just my .02?
Q:I got a 1999 Mitsubishi Eclipse, and i have a AEM short ram installed, and i was just curious about when i should clean the air filter? and how do i do it? i installed it about 5 months ago and have not cleaned it. i haven‘t really gone on any long road trips though.Question 2: Whats the difference between the long cold air intake and the short ram? i have the short ram, would i notice any difference with the long one?i didn‘t get the long one because with the 99 eclipse it can suck water up on rainy days? is that true because it stays pretty close to the ground.10 POINTS TO WHOEVER ANSWER BOTH MY QUESTIONS THE BEST! :]
Cleaning the air filter depends on the environmental condition you usually drive in everyday. If you live in a dusty, back road type of environment, then cleaning your filter every 4-5 months is necessary. If you live in the city with lesser dust for the filter to catch, then every 8 months will suffice. There are kits sold out there for cleaning reusable air filters like KN filters. The kit includes a spray cleaner and another spray, usually oil base, to finish the whole process. It's pretty easy. Of course, the kit has it's instructions. Just go over it. I usually clean mine once a year and I have the long arm CAI. With the short ram, the gains are usually in the low end torque. Not much to gain in normally aspirated engine since it takes in the hot air in the engine bay. Short rams in turbo charged cars are okay since the air that goes to the engine is cooled in the intercooler before engine entry. A lot more can be gained with a CAI in a normally aspirated engine. Horsepower and torque gain is better and usually found to kick in at mid-high rpms which is what you want in normal driving or for racing. There is a tendency for the long arm intake in the 95-99 Eclipse to suck up water mainly because it's too close to the ground. As long as you don't drive through a flood, you should be okay. Normal rainy conditions do not seem to affect my car and like I said, I have the long arm intake. I've had mine for about 9 years. I use KN filter and never ventured with anything else.
Q:Ebay has them from 30 to probably alot more. They look the same and all im trying to do is buy it for 1. improved gas mileage 2. teach and learn a little about cars by taking and putting things back together. 3. Ofcourse because its better and increases HP alittle but thats besides the point. What is good for the money? Does ebay have knockoffs or are the for real?
You know what, I think they are all very similar. You can try this, buy a cheap one and insert a Tornado in it. You wil get better result and cheaper. The most important is the air filter KN or AEM air filter. Keep in mine the filter will be very close to the ground and will be very dirty in short time.
Q:and whats the difference between RAM, cold air intake and TYPHOON air intakes?????
ram is also known as short ram. a cold air intake is a full intake that gathers air from underneath the bumper and is the best performance set up for any car. a short ram intake means the intake extends only a short distance from the throttle body. its better than a factory intake but not as good as a cold air. the RAM although it gets more air than stock its all hot air from the engine, so youre better off with a cold air intake. Typhoon is a specific intake made by KN
Q:So, based on my last question decided people were right and im not getting a turbo for my 2006 honda civic lx coupe, but i still want to tune it a bit so i was thinking of getting the magnaflow cat back exhaust system, high flow cat, and a cold air intake and calling that good for modifying it. My question is does anyone know the decibel rating of the exhaust system cause i dont want to get a ticket for being too loud
Don't bother, you're not going to get any noticeable power gains from that. The most you'll see is 5-10 whp, and is that really worth the hundreds of dollars for the new exhaust and intake? Just keep it stock and enjoy the car, and if you want to go fast, spend the money on another car, rather than the parts for the civic.
Q:I've looked around on google, but I could only find like KN intakes from 1995 and up. Does anybody know if there is even a cold-air intake available for a 93 XLT explorer? And also how do I figure out which ones are street legal?
The coldest cold air intakes are the ones that the vehicle came with use a drop in KN
Q:There‘s a KN intake for a 3.5 but doesn‘t work for the 2.5
The only thing a cold air intake adds to a computerized engine is the sound of the intake. Cold Air Intakes (CAI) are terrific in theory, and worked great before cars became computerized. With the advent of fuel injection as standard equipment along with computerized fuel / air control management, cold air intakes are no longer even feasible. The basic problem arises when you start making changes to the air intake, you also cause the computer to attempt to adapt to the new intake system, altered airflow and temperature of incoming air. You'll frequently have problems with your sensors when changing air intakes from stock to the after market intakes, and usually the only positive that results is the sound of the air intake. Performance is very rarely affected in a positive way by using an after market air intake since the computer will attempt to restore the original settings based on the original intake system for which it was programmed.
Q:What is the difference between a cheap cold air intake system from ebay and a KN Cold air intake? Is it just the filter? As long as the piping is aluminum there shouldnt be any difference except for maybe the filter itself right? Why is there such a big range is the prices? Am i just paying for the KN name?
If you plan on heavily modifying your car, you can get the whole system - Piping, filter, etc. If you're just trying to get a little extra kick and maybe a few more MPG you can go with just the filter. You will never see a heavily modified car with the stock air intake. It's more of a supporting mod than anything else, and a good place to start to get more power from the engine.
Q:so do cold air intakes really do what they say? the basic claims are small horse power gain 1-5 and better gas mileage and better throttle response i hear and read people say they do work they don‘t so much i just really wanna know what the real deal is before i buy one can anyone help me out?
It really depends on the car you have and the engine it like having an hd television without the hd cable kind of pointless.
Q:What is the difference between a AIR INTAKE AND A RAM AIR INTAKE?
The two most common types of aftermarket intakes are 1) Cold Air Intake and 2) Short Ram Intake. The Cold Air involves plumbing that places the air filter away from the engine bay, usually down behind the bumper, lower to the ground. This is where the cold comes from, since the air is cooler down low and out of the engine bay. Cold air is more dense, meaning you get better combustion. The Short Ram intake is a small pipe that comes off the intake manifold. The air filter is under the hood, not far away from the intake manifold. The theory is that there is less restriction, and therefore better airflow. Which you choose depends on the car and your pocketbook. A short ram typically runs about $175, where a cold air intake is at least $250 or so. Turbocharged vehicles (like my 1.8T GTI) don't typically benefit from a Cold Air Intake.

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