Car full gasket asbestos material Effective sealing

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Quick Details

Place of orgin: Beijing China   Brand name: CMAX  Standard or non standard: Standard     Certificate: ISO 9000

Packaging & Delivery

Packaging Detail:

Neutral cardboard/Neutral carton

Delivery Detail:

7-50 days


  Material: Asbestos rubber sheet or Non asbestos rubber sheet

  Available in customized specification

  Available in OEM and ODM

Salient Features:

  Resistant to temperature&stressful conditions

  Withstand chemicals. acids, heat and pressure

  Effective sealing

  Long lasting operation

  Made from excellent raw material

CNBM is a professional motor and car oil seal manufacturers, manufacturing  more than a thousand varieties,  involving a series of models : Santana, Jetta,  Beverly, Isuzu, Toyota, Otto, John Shalikashvili and  micro-car series seal, and manufacturing machinery, household appliance industries the oil seal, O-rings,   gasket ,the best-selling products throughout the country and around the world.


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Q:I have a Cold Air Intake for my 2000 honda civic. But got rid of it and now i have a 03 mustang and I was wondering if my cold air intake would fit it? I‘m just a girl so I don‘t really know that much about cars. I just know I want my cold air intake in my mustang.
the cooler the air is the better it will run
Q:I bought a new throttle body spacer for my 2003 silverado 4.8l v8. It‘s an Air Aid spacer. What would be a good intake kit? I‘m looking at Volant and KN right now.
There are some elements to think about the following. at the starting up, its a spotlight with 85k miles you're talking about. inspite of the inventory intake with that many miles, the motor develop into guaranteed to quickly run its route it form of feels. the different ingredient to think about is that it wasn't the intake which could have led on your grief, although the filter out you used inline with it. If it is a cheap aftermarket filter out like you're saying, then yeah i'd anticipate issues no longer to bypass so properly after a lot time. next time you wanna do something like that, its surprising to do somewhat analyze and locate out whats counsel to bypass.
Q:im getting a cold air intake for my 07 mitsubishi eclipse gt and i was wondering how to install it
Open package , read instructions , get tools and install. Kind of as hard as making Jello. BTW most of those kits will set off your check engine light and make a lot of noise but actually do nothing for performance. Enjoy!
Q:I have a 2006 Mustang Gt 300, 4.6 V8. I want to add on a cold air intake, I‘ve been pricing them on-line but I don‘t want to get gyped for horse power. If there is anything else that will give me more horse power for a cheap price, let me know.
Yes, the 76 mm's will fit. Anything a tad bigger or smaller will work but nothing too extreme like 10 mm's off the original.
Q:i have a 2004 honda civic and want to get an air intake for it, but most of the ones i have come across are specifically for manual. do they not make one for auto or will the manual fit? also is short ram another option? i have a 2004 honda civic lx automatic tranny. thanks
it just a aluman tube ana kn filter i cant see a diferance if stick or aoto it might work better with a stick because you can rve motor up then dump clutch . if bolt up use it if it says on box or ontalion instuction for stick only well dont yse. that one. their ones in aoto zone i seen that would bolt up
Q:I have a 1997 Mazda 626 LX 2.0L 4 Cylinder DOHC. Can I install a cold air intake? If so, which kind?
save your money, none of this fake air intakes have been proven to work, and there is no cold air filter better than the one that came with your car. Keep in mind that anything you do to make the engine work harder, is going to make it blow up sooner. These fake plastic sewerpipe air filters get many complaints here, some times the car will not start, or the computer kicks an engine check light. The manufacturer may claim bolt on but it does not. There is no place for important sensors, and on and on. before trying to make your engine run harder, ask your trusted mechanic whats the best thing for your car and see what he says.Sorry if this is not the answer you were looking for, but I have read many comments from people who payed up to 300 dollars, and got almost nothing they could even notice other than the intake of air is louder. this does not equal horsepower.
Q:I have a 2012 dodge avenger 2.4L and was thinking of putting a cold air intake cause 1) I travel 110 miles to and from for school and I heard it help with mpg 2) the horsepower and tourqe is fine for me but you can never have enough right?So my question is should I buy the mopar air intake for 400$ or a cheap one my chef said I can get on eBay for 50$
Save your money. 1) A cold air intake does nothing to improve the engine efficiency. Your mileage will remain the same, or even become worse. A cold air intake will allow cooler air to enter the engine, theoretically increasing the mass flow. More air - more gas - more power. In real life the computer will see the cooler air and actually INCREASE the fuel admitted and over fuel the engine. (Think of what the choke did in the olden days) Not exactly increasing the efficiency! 2) Extra horsepower? Why, you will only use the fractional and not noticeable extra hp when you floor the accelerator and that you can only do for a few sec or you will go waaay over the speed limit. Saving gas: Go easy on the accelerator. No sudden acceleration and no sudden slow downs. Learn to look a head and take your foot off the gas as the car ahead of you comes closer. Practice driving for as long as you can without ever touching the brakes. Look ahead and judge the traffic flow. (I said that, but you may have missed the point.) Do not waste your money on premium gas, 96 % of all cars in North America are designed for 87 octane gas. Putting higher octane in doesn't add any power nor increase the efficiency at all. (Close your eyes to the totally dumb and 100 % misleading gas company advertising, please)
Q:i heard people add a thing called air-intake to make the car have better performance,whats the really difference?? how much power will i gain,my car currently have 1800Lis it only the sound differences?? do i need a larger muffler?
It is more than a sound difference, but it will not make a huge difference in performance. The cold air intake will permit less restricted air into the engine. However, depending on your car model, engine and other factors, you will likely see only between a 5-15 horsepower increase. If you change your exhaust system to one with less restricted air flow, you may see a similar increase. I am not sure it is worth the money for only 5, 10, or 15 HP. Good luck.
Q:good or bad cold air intake?
sucks! cold air intake should have some sort of plumbing to lead cold outside air into it. not just open sitting next to the hot engine. a hood scoop setup is an example of a good cold air intake.
Q:Will a cold air intake from any previous years also fit a 2008 Mazda6? I have the 2.3L IL4. Older intakes can be found for $50 while an intake for the 08 I have not see for less than $150!
It's not a death sentence. One possibility is that you avoid motorcycle wrecks and die of something else. Another is that you get crippled in a wreck in such a way that you're discouraged from riding a motorcycle. People keep blocking my driveway so I can't get my motorcycle out. LOL. I own it, but it can't kill me if I can't ride it.

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