Car full gasket asbestos material Available in OEM and ODM

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Place of orgin: Beijing China   Brand name: CMAX  Standard or non standard: Standard     Certificate: ISO 9000

Packaging & Delivery

Packaging Detail:

Neutral cardboard/Neutral carton

Delivery Detail:

7-50 days


  Material: Asbestos rubber sheet or Non asbestos rubber sheet

  Available in customized specification

  Available in OEM and ODM

Salient Features:

  Resistant to temperature&stressful conditions

  Withstand chemicals. acids, heat and pressure

  Effective sealing

  Long lasting operation

  Made from excellent raw material

CNBM is a professional motor and car oil seal manufacturers, manufacturing  more than a thousand varieties,  involving a series of models : Santana, Jetta,  Beverly, Isuzu, Toyota, Otto, John Shalikashvili and  micro-car series seal, and manufacturing machinery, household appliance industries the oil seal, O-rings,   gasket ,the best-selling products throughout the country and around the world.


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Q:I have a 2005 Nissan Altima 2.5SL. I currently have everyhting stock except a magnaflow catback exaust system. THe next upgrade to my car is gonna be a cold air intake. Which do you think is betterInjen or AEM?-There about the same price(AEM is cheaper) so that deosn‘t really matter. Which one is better or which one would you reccomend?
neither your car already has one
Q:So I‘ve seen some pros and cons to cold air intakes and snorkels for Jeep Wranglers. Intakes gather too much dust when off-roading, and snorkels is like breathing through a straw when using my Jeep for my daily job and school. Is it possible to make a switchable CAI and Snorkel? For daily use, I could switch it to to CAI but whenever I go off-roading just simply switch to a snorkel.
Not ever seen a switchable one. Seems like a lot of work for a very small return.
Q:Changed a peice to my air intake and I found oil in the pipes and the main seal of it. I just want to know what could be causing it. I changed the pcp valve already.
I'm only answering because you look sexy.I'm a smart alec so I apoligize upfront. Because you provided a wealth of information about your car, I will generalize it. Some cars have a hose from the valve cover to the intake manifold with the PCV valve. Others, like a car that I own also have a hose from the Valve cover to the air intake duct (or as you called them pipes), another hose from the Idle Air Control Valve (IACV) to the intake duct. Both of these have a potential of leaking oil into the air duct. So what do you mean you found oil in what main seal?
Q:i am making one for my 1990 prelude and wondering if there is a specific location for the filter to be towards the front or the back of the engine ? also how low ?
I would bet that your 1990 Prelude already has a factory installed cold air intake. In the mid 1980s, to lower emissions, most automobile makers began installing cold air induction at the factory. Most of those breath air from between the inner fender panel and the fender liner. A great many naive young people rip that factory cold air induction system out and replace it with an aftermarket product that is no better than the factory setup, and a lot of times an aftermarket product that is not even as good as the factory setup.
Q:how do u install the cold air intake on a 94 honda civic and what is the best exuast system setup to get for it to get that deep tone bumble bee sounds and would i need headers to get that sound
I force a Toyota so I won't bag on jap autos. i visit bag on people attempting to make a civic rapid. they are not. a chilly-air consumption will furnish you perchance 3hp strengthen and in all probability not something. Your vehicle gets louder and lose some resale and since the 1st reaction suggested, if achieved incorrect, you run the possibility of sucking water into your motor and messing issues up tremendously undesirable. in case you choose a rapid vehicle, sell the civic, purchase a Supra or 300Z or some thing like that. those autos have been made to circulate rapid on an identical time as your civic replaced into made to final 10000 years and get dazzling mileage doing it then have intense resale whilst time got here to sell it. take excitement on your vehicle for what it is and in case you choose a rapid vehicle, get one. in case you requested approximately towing with the civic, you may get the comparable reaction. that's in simple terms not made for it.
Q:if I‘ll install cold air intake on my 2006 honda civic si how would it change fuel efficiency ?)))) and what is the average of additional power which I could get after installation?)))
turbo, better tires, exhaust, struts and springs, intake, bigger iner cooler nus
Q:so the only thing i can get for my g8 that wont void the warrenty is a cold air intake. whats a good brand and what do they run tx.
The best cold air intake that you can get is the factory cold air intake. Your intake all ready has duct work that gets its air from outside the engine compartment. The really funny part is that most aftermarket cold air intakes do not get there air from outside the engine compartment. They get there air from directly behind the radiator (one of the hottest places that they could possibly get air from) so they are really hot air intakes not cold. also the fancy aluminum pipe does not flow any better that a plastic pipe (it just looks better to some people). They do not give you any noticeable H.P. gains what so ever. Look at it this way if you completely remove the air filter and all the duct work going to it you may gain 2 or 3 horse power so how is putting a shinny pipe on it going to make it flow better than a completely unrestricted flow. does not make sense huh. All they do is cost you a bunch of money look shiny and make you car sound like it has a vacuum leak. So unless you just have to have that shiny metal pipe leave the air intake alone you will be sadly disappointed. Just run a good paper Wix filter it works just as good if not better as anything else.
Q:I have a 1992 bmw 325i and was wondering if an air intake would be worth it. If it would give it more power or if it would be bad for how it runs. If anyone knows about what this would do please let me know thanks.
Intakes don't tend to give massive, noticable gains. You WILL see gains on a dyno, but nothing you;ll feel. The real, noticable, benefit of an intake, is the throaty motor sound you get when using them. They give you audio horsepower:-) Good Luck! -Ben
Q:On a 2004 g35 coupe , How much horses would it add , a kn one.
Yes, the make of car would be good info. As an example, Subarus attach the arm to the pivot shaft with a nut to hold it down. The only problem is, the shaft isn't splined, so if the nut comes loose the arm doesn't move when the shaft spins. Ingenius, huh?
Q:The cold air intake kit at autozone is $250. The one on ebay is $30. They look the same!
You can honestly go to autozone and get every part you need which in most cases should just be the cold air intake and maybe the pipe if you want the pipe which should still cost less than $100 and get someone like a friend or yourself to install it.

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