Cylinder head gasket

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Product Description:

Quick Details

Diesel Engine
No. of Cylinders:
6 Cylinder
Place of Origin:
Guangdong China (Mainland)
Brand Name:
no brand
Model Number:
2 Years
Viton O-ring
Single layer

Packaging & Delivery

Packaging Detail:1. 1pc/polybag, 10pcs/neutral box, 30-50 pcs/carton. 2. 1set/neutral cardboard, 20-40pcs/carton. 3. our own brand paking: KUO-YU, NICE IN. 3. Other packing as request.
Delivery Detail:30-45 days for large quantity, 3-5 days for small order


Item: Cylinder head gasket
OEM no.: 37594-70200
Material: Metal
Finishing: Viton coating
Viton O-ring

Product Description


OEM number:






Packing detail:

 1. Brand packing

 2. Neutral packing

 3. According to customer's requirement

Deliver time:

 30 working days for 1000pcs after confirmation.

Place of origin:

 Guangzhou China


 Our products mees to the requirements of the medium and high-end market.


 Small order is accepted

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Q:I have a 99 ford escort zx2 and i seen the air intakes on ebay,i thought about buying one,do they work? Does it make a difference from the 20 dollar one to the 200 dollar ones.What are the benefits?
Well the cold air intake only work best in bigger engines and if youll put it in a 4 cyl it will sound like a bee. Air intakes help by making the car sound better and help alittle by increasing the hourse power. As far as money wise. go for good brands like Flowmaster, Magnaflow, Specture. Not sure about the $20 maybe it was a used one. check out youtube and here how each brand sounds depanding how many cyl you have too.
Q:Someone told me that it is bad for the central air system to cover the intake vents with furniture, even though the furniture sits on legs and is not flush with the floor.any ideas or answers?
insufficient return air can be very detrimental. The goal should be not effectively reduce the opening size. So, if the return air opening is 6 x 24, that's a total of 144 square inches. Your furniture should be high enough so that the area directly over the return air opening will provide at least 144 (in the sum of all four sides). If it's a sofa, no matter how large, that sits above the return air opening 3, here's the deal: 24+24+6+6 60 x 3 180 of open space around return air. Now, if the return air opening is against an outside wall and the sofa was pressed against the wall, you have to take on 24 dimension out of the math: 24+6+636 x 3 108 of open area. This may seem like a complex way to answer a simple question, but this is applied in industry all the time and is especially important if you're dealing with forced air heat.
Ok, I'm going to insult you a bit, then try to help. First, if you can't install a cold air intake, then you probably should find a new hobby that doesn't involve working with your hands. Ok, with that out of the way, moving on. There's 2 potential parts they could be talking about. One is the mass airflow sensor, which sits at the end right between the piping and the filter. The other is, there might be an additional filter located somewhere in the tubing. Look at your stock intake ducting and compare it to the new one to see if there's anything you need to change over, and that everything lines up the way it's supposed to. If it doesn't, either they sent you the wrong piece, or it was poorly designed and you got ripped off. Either way, you will have to either send it back and get the right part/refund, or drill a hole and do what you need to make it work.
Q:The car exhaust system is divided into several parts
Generally there are exhaust manifolds, flexible sections, pipes, ternary catalytic converters, mufflers, mufflers
Q:Passat 1.8T2 times the intake system refers to what
The secondary air intake can be the power to enhance the effect of concentrated in the low speed area, because at low speed, the air is blocked by the throttle, making the intake manifold negative pressure, then the secondary air intake by this Stock pressure, inhalation of additional air, and this additional air is caused by fuel and throttle lighter main reason, but after the speed increase, the throttle will be fully open, on the one hand when the air will not be restricted, It will not produce negative pressure. On the other hand, when the air enters and the vacuum degree decreases, the amount of air that can be introduced by the secondary air intake device becomes insignificant compared with the intake air volume of the intake pipe.
Q:i am making one for my 1990 prelude and wondering if there is a specific location for the filter to be towards the front or the back of the engine ? also how low ?
Well if you're making a cold air intake, you might as well do it right. The air around your engine will probably be warm, which means it is less dense, negating the effect of the intake in the first place. Usually cold air intakes draw in air from inside the wheel well, where air is usually the coldest. Rule of thumb is to get it as far away from the engine as possible. However, the real gain in power is probably negligible. Until you couple it with a better exhaust system and possibly a chip that will increase your fuel intake. The focus is to get more fuel and air into the engine and more out. Also, just a hint for automotive tuning. You want to start with your brakes and suspension before you even think about doing power modifications. Not only will this prevent you from getting killed, but it will greatly improve the handling and overall performance of your vehicle. Unless you turbocharge your engine or something, you really won't notice much of a difference. Except possibly a cooler sound out of your muffler. haha
Q:Like i said i have a cold air intake and a o/r x pipe on my Mustang Gt. Also i have dynomax race bullets. The check engine light is on.but that should be just from not having cats anymore. And this might be a stupid question but it cant be normal for when i stop driving and get out of my car and i go touch my cold air intake.its really really hot, kinda figured it would be cool to the touch.
okay, first off you cant get flat spots from wheel bites, thats just stupid second off the only way you get flat spots is from powersliding like that one person said haha now, you might have to ask your local shop for wheel advice like which ones don't flat spot, the ones i have owened that don't flat spot are BC surf and sport wheels, Bones, and Darkstar
Q:Hey Skyline freinds :) hope your reading this also Tricky!!i have a suspicion there is a restrictor in my Nissan skyline's R34 GT 1998 Non-turbo Air intake, can anyone elaberate on this or confirm it or tell me not to be silly? and if not, would it make much diffrence if i where to install a cold intake pipe form the carby to the far left vent inlet on my front body kit?thanx!
Erm, first of all it is injected and not carby.secondly, yes it will make a difference in performance, but only marginally. If it is a box you're worried about on the side of the intake tube (before the Air Flow Meter), that is just a silencer to keep induction noise down. It can also be removed to allow a better path for the air to flow. Only slight performance gains can be expected from these, but it is a start ;)
Q:What does cold air intake do for a car? I have a 350z and im thinking about getting it
the short answer-it allows denser (colder) air in greater quantities to reach your engine. it will provide a gain but particularly on larger block engines the gain will be noticeable. BUT its safe to say that a CAI is generally done together with: -increased throttle body (if required) -performance exhaust system -engine tuner chip together these are the basic modifications that will provide a meaningful and noticeable power enhancement at a reasonable price (plus bolt on installations available for most performance cars). Research these modifications (and others, as lot of modified Z's on the roads) on a 350z owners forum these installations should give you on a hp gain of plus 20% over stock. (just do a search under 350z forums, lots of enthusiast forums for you to talk with guys that have modified their rides from mild to twin turbo) cheers 04 cobra (whipple blower with 15lbs boost, 575rwhp on dyno)
Q:why is it important p1193 air intake temperature sensor 2000 dodge neon?
The temp of the incoming air helps combustion of the fuel. That is why a cold air intake increases performance. If you disconnect the air intake tube so the engine gets the hot air under the hood, performance will deteriorate. The air intake sensor reports the air temp to the ECM which adjusts the fuel mixture for best performance.

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