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Cylinder head gasket

Cylinder head gasket

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Quick Details

Diesel Engine
No. of Cylinders:
6 Cylinder
Place of Origin:
Guangdong China (Mainland)
Brand Name:
no brand
Model Number:
2 Years
Viton O-ring
Single layer

Packaging & Delivery

Packaging Detail:1. 1pc/polybag, 10pcs/neutral box, 30-50 pcs/carton. 2. 1set/neutral cardboard, 20-40pcs/carton. 3. our own brand paking: KUO-YU, NICE IN. 3. Other packing as request.
Delivery Detail:30-45 days for large quantity, 3-5 days for small order


Item: Cylinder head gasket
OEM no.: 37594-70200
Material: Metal
Finishing: Viton coating
Viton O-ring

Product Description


OEM number:






Packing detail:

 1. Brand packing

 2. Neutral packing

 3. According to customer's requirement

Deliver time:

 30 working days for 1000pcs after confirmation.

Place of origin:

 Guangzhou China


 Our products mees to the requirements of the medium and high-end market.


 Small order is accepted

Q:I had recently purchased and installed a short ram air intake in an ‘06 Elantra. The ad and people from forums i have read stated getting a little more horsepower and the slightest increase in gas mileage. At 75 mph (in cruise control), i drove on a highway for about 15 miles (not curvy or hilly).the Elantra burned 2 gallons of gas.another test was at 105 mph.and i burned a little over 2 gallons.i‘m confused as to how this is possible.and why at such a low speed the gas was used so quickly.
Depending on where abouts you have put it depends on whats goin on.IF it is NOT sucking COOL air in from the outside and you DONT have a HEAT shield to sheild it from the engine heat then this could be why you are getting **** fuel mileage.Its sucking more hot air than cool resulting in loss of power and burns more fuelIF you had the filter sucking cool air ONLY from th OUTSIDE it wouldve worked fine.Try that idea
Q:and whats the difference between RAM, cold air intake and TYPHOON air intakes?????
Truth of the matter is, either intake will most likely gain you less than 3 hp, and in many cases you actually lose power. BMW engineers are very intelligent people and know how to design a car. I've seen many people buy these and lose power, myself included. I had the KN intake on my e36 328is, I lost power in the lower range, but gained 2 in the higher RPMs. That being said, the noise was so much better I kept the intake. Beware: The oils used in KN filters will wreck your MAF, look for intakes that use no oil, like AFE pro dry.
Q:1998 Chevy K1500 V8 5.7L
No cold air intake anywhere is gonna gain you 50 HP Rule of thumb is air inlet temp is worth 1% power gain for each 10* cooler the air is Most aftermarket kits will gain you 5-10 HP at best. The plumbing still gets heated in the engine bay. A racer's setup might gain 10-20 HP but thats a cold air setup thats wraped in heat sheild, inlet ducted to a hood scoop, etc
Q:cold air intake question???
Its not an actual cold air intake .It has no actual cold air box to capture cold air. but it will make you truck breath better.If you live in calif. You will have to take it of and put the stock one back on to get it smogged! Its not legal in calif.
Q:I have a 1989 camaro rs 305 v8 throttle body injector (tbi). It has a carb. And 2 fuel injectors. Is there a way to put a cold air intake on my camaro? I‘ve been trying to look for an intake and I cant find one.
hard to find i see. i tried online but no luck. the old carburetor style tbi has the cover with a snorkel and a choke flap in it. i would dig around local junkyards for old buicks oldsmobiles or even chevy trucks. some of them have a factory cold air intake that suck air from behind a headlight or in a fender. pull out various intake parts from them and try to combine to fit your car. plus its a lot cheaper than a 300 dollar chrome tube. if all fails then consider a hood scoop. happy hunting!
Q:I‘ve heard that Air Intakes imrove gas milage is this true? If so what type of intake will get you the best milage pop charger / hybrid / cold air?
i had put a KN cold air inductor on my first car and it added about another 25-30 miles per tank
Q:My 2 air returns/intakes are close to my living room. When the A/C comes on, I have to blast my surround sound to hear over the air noise. I want to close them off and cut new intakes in the adjacent laundry room, hopefully to lessen the air noise. Is this a good idea? Why and/or why not?
yes that will work however you will need to replace the laundry room door with a loover door because the return will be to great for 1 1/2 gap under the door
Q:I have a 2006 Nissan Sentra 1.8 which do you think is the best to us a Fujita, injen, or a JWT popcharger? I am looking at all three let me know which is the best? Also how will they hold up in rainy weather? Thanks.
I would use Injen. If you are getting a Short Ram Intake, then rain or snow does not matter. Cold Air Intakes reach down to the bumper where more air goes through. This adds more power than Short Ram, but then the filters need to be replaced more often and those performance filters from Injen and AEM and Fujita cost around $40. They will work in rain. It is just that you need to replace the filter more often. Maybe every 3,000 miles or 3 months as opposed to the normal every 6,000 miles or 6 months. Cold Air and Short Ram Intakes cost the same. Cold Air gives an average of 5HP more than the Short Ram. Injen is a better known brand and used more than Fujita. I never even heard of JWT.
Q:My husband would like to install a cold air intake in his 2007 Scion XB. I have no idea what brand to trust. Any suggestions would be helpful.
Cold air intakes are only worth while if a better performing exhaust system has been installed as well. If you free up the breathing going in, it will not make an ounce of difference unless you free up the breathing going out. The only thing you will acheive is more particulate matter getting into the engine. Most aftermarket cold air intakes do not filter as well as the OEM filter. Replacing the OEM filter on a regular basis will have the same effect as a Cold air intake (without high performance exhaust), while giving better filtration. Save yourself some money and increase the engine life. Stick with the OEM filter.
Q:I‘m getting a 2006 Pontiac G6. I love the car, except for the fact that it has a 4 cylinder. I‘m considering putting a cold air intake on it or something to boost the horsepower a little. I‘d just like something to enhance the performance, and frankly I don‘t know a ton about cars in general. Leave intelligent comments please
For all the hype, cold air intakes are a relic of the carbureted cars in the 60s and 70s. The air intake in those days was almost always at the top of the engine, where the air was downright hot. Bringing in cold air from outside the engine compartment was a big improvement. Since the 1980s virtually all cars have intakes that bring in cold air from outside anyway, except when warming up. During that time they bring in air from around the forward exhaust to speed the engine warm-up, which reduces overall emissions and improving fuel economy. both things dear to the hearts of bureaucrats. In addition, the upgraded intakes had low restriction air filters, which reduced the tendency of carburetors to run richer as the flow increased and the filter acted like a choke. Modern fuel injected engines really don't care about the filter restriction, which only makes a difference for the few seconds every once in a while that the engine is running at full throttle and high rpm. At any other time the throttle plate is far more restrictive than the intake - there is no improvement at all from a CAI. In short, the intake that is on the car is the best.

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