Turbocharger K03 for Renault Commercial Master 5303 988 0055

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Product Description:

Technical Details

Part number:53039880055
OEM number:8200036999 - 7701473757 - 7711134973 - 1441100QAD - 14411-00QAD
Manufacturer Part Number :53039700055
Material:Turbine wheel material is k18
Packing Size:210*230*260mm
Features:Smooth and strong power output



2001 Renault Commercial Master 2.5L dCi

2001 Opel Cars Movano 2.5 DTI

Product Description

Turbocharger K03 for Renault Commercial Master 5303 988 0055

Turbocharger K03 for Renault Commercial Master 5303 988 0055

Turbocharger K03 for Renault Commercial Master 5303 988 0055

Factory Show

  • Certified by ISO 9001:2009 and ISO/TS 16949:2008 standards, CNBM is a leading manufacturer and exporter of Turbochargers and Racing products in China since 1994.

  • Producing TURBOCHARGERS of Garrett, Holset, KKK, Schwitzer, MHI and IHI models. Totally 300 different models, exporting to over 30 countries incl. EU, North & South America, Middle East & etc..

Turbocharger K03 for Renault Commercial Master 5303 988 0055

Turbocharger K03 for Renault Commercial Master 5303 988 0055

Turbocharger K03 for Renault Commercial Master 5303 988 0055

Turbocharger K03 for Renault Commercial Master 5303 988 0055

Turbocharger K03 for Renault Commercial Master 5303 988 0055

Turbocharger K03 for Renault Commercial Master 5303 988 0055

Packing & Delivery

Packing Detail:

  • Neutal Packing or the package as requirement

  • One turbo in a Carton

  • Wooden case is a good choice for ocean shipping

Delivery Detail:7-30 Days.(As Per Quantity)


  • High Speed, higher torque and improved response.

  • Lower Fuel Consumption.

  • Turbo and all its parts 100% changeable with original.

  • Perfect Follow-up Service

In Addition,we are also business in parts of Turbocharger such as:

  • Turbine Housing

  • Compressor Housing/Cover

  • Bearing Housing

  • Repair Kits

  • CHRA

  • Valve

  • Shaft Wheel 

  • Compressor Wheel/Impeller

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Q:what exactly makes a cold air intake better than a regular perfomance cone filter?
Magnesium occupies layers in a super lattice structure. Magnesium stuffed into calcite sites and vice versa causes lattice defects (dislocation faults) Generally there is slightly more Ca than Mg in dolomite minerals (calcite rich dolomite).
Q:Is it easy to access? Sorry if this question is stupid. I no nothing about cars.
the air intake system is also referred to as the throttle body which has a black tube that connects to the air filter its were your vehicle draws fresh air into the engine for combustion uld be on the front or rear of the engine depending on make of your car and engine.P.S the only stupid question is the one never asked.
Q:i have a 96 camaro it has a 3800 v6 motor and i was taking my air intake off and found some oil in the air box now on most of my cars i have found a light spray of oil but in this one you could see some i do not know if this is something normal or if it builds up after time if you don‘t clean it and could that be the cause of spitting and sputtering i carb cleaned it and a lot of black came out i am letting it dry right now what else could i do to help clean the motor inside i thought about sea phoning it but is there any better products that i will see some improvement please let me know thanks
Oil rigidity gauges are often meant to be around the middle inclusive of your foot on the pedal. it truly is because extra rigidity may be as undesirable as too little. So i might want to have your gauge calibrated by technique of letting a save quickly put in a mechanical gauge. you may want to as nicely be using oil too thick. Of the alleviation valve may be stuck. maximum vehicles are round 40 psi operating, and 10 psi idle. i don't like chilly air intakes. The inventory intake is already going to be chilly, and may want to have extra effective water safe practices. do not see the point of putting the clear out interior the open.
Q:How much horsepower will a Cold Air Intake add to a 2003 HONDA CIVIC LX??
that will fit you can go smaller but you cant go bigger that # is the height than with than rim size
Q:I have a Dodge Charger i been thinking of putting a Air Intake on my car but im not sure if the warranty will get cancel any of you guys how the warranty on cars work
Its saddening how little the average person knows about warranty, and their rights. For them to deny you warranty coverage they have to prove that the modification caused the damage that you are requesting be warrantied. For example, if your engine has an oil leak, they cant blame that on the intake, their-for it will be covered under warranty. The only problem area I can think of would be the MAF sensor, it senses the amount of air that is coming through the intake. Aftermarket intakes with oiled filters could possibly ruin this part due to some oil residue getting on it. This part is only around $100. But this should not happen unless you oil the filter excessively. Also if you buy a KN they will talk to your dealer, or even the manufacturer directly and fight for you, if your dealer is denying you warranty work due to the KN intake. KN also says their filters do not give off any oil residue. If you are getting an intake system, get KN they claim their filters give off no oil, and they will fight for you with the dealer if you are being denied warranty, even if it has to do with a MAF. CONSUMER PROTECTION PLEDGE We want to make sure that when you buy a KN Lifetime Air Filter or Air Intake System, you can be confident your vehicle's warranty will not be impacted. We also want you to feel confident that even if you experience difficulties with a dealership repair department, we will step-in and resolve the issue, so you won't have to. KN pledges to our customers that they will not be taken advantage of and charged for a repair due to a manufacturer warranty denial blamed on the presence of a KN product. Steven Rogers, CEO The truth is that oil does not come off our air filters, even under extreme conditions
Q:Also, will it mess with my warentee if my ford dealership installs it.
low-fee aftermarket chilly air intakes decrease gasoline financial gadget, exceptionally in the iciness. this is the main consumer-friendly lawsuits purchasers have. in the Sixties and Seventies aftermarket chilly air intakes have been popular because of the fact maximum autos got here with below-hood warm air intakes like the fashionable short rams. Even the crude aftermarket chilly air intakes have been better than those and the decrease restrict of the aftermarket intakes more desirable gasoline financial gadget by using lowering the choke result on the carburetors. present day gasoline injected engines do no longer replace gasoline financial gadget slightly in step with intake restrict - precisely 0. you may get an undetectable enhance in means at complete throttle close to the means top yet once you're working below those situations a form of seconds a year you're doing some thing very incorrect. below all different situations there is not any means enhance. the fee could be larger. final month a chum at paintings took his Scion with a okN intake with the aid of water that replaced into deeper than he concept. The okN sucked water into the engine, hydro-locking it. Mike have been given the water out sufficient to get the engine firing by using removing the intake manifold and plugs (in the midst of nowhere) and the engine have been given him the place he replaced into going until now it threw a rod. that form of complete engine destruction is the #2 grievance of oem intake vendors.
Q:i have a 1996 mustang 4.6 gt sohc im wanting to get an cold air intake for it.what are the advantages of getting one,is the engine louder and how much horse power do they give???
If you have other stuff done you will get more hp with the cold air, but if that's the only think you plan on doing you wont get much hp or mpgs Add an catback exhaust with an cold air intake and you will love the sound they make together and you will notice a difference in power
Q:im gettin a new car in da next 3 months and i wanna kno if i can put any cold air intake on my Corolla(toyota) and jus move it over to my RSX(acura) once i get it?
the answer is NO just remove the cold air intake put the stock back on. then sell your intake and with the money an intake for the new car.
Q:I bought a pilot cold air intake and I‘m wondering if I should‘ve gone with something more expensive.
Not possible to weldmay be can braze
Q:installing a cold air intake?
The cold air intakes (CAI) are not hard to install. I would recommend the short ram type over the CAI though. It's much less work and the performance is similar, a little less hp generally. If you live in areas with a lot of rain or snow, don't get a CAI. These pipes run your air filter low to the ground so the risk of water getting in your filter is higher. These kits require you to remove the old stock air filter box along with your air filter. They also require you to remove the old air tube and install theirs. The process is rather easy. Good kits require no modifications like cutting or drilling. These don't ruin your engine. Your car is probably out of warranty so it seems no hassle. I would get a short ram type for this car. You will see better acceleration and higher rpms. Fuel mileage might increase a little. Your engine will sound deeper, but noiser too. Make sure to properly oil the KN type filter if it comes not pre-oiled.

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