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im looking for a site that has direct fits for your car. systems like magnaflow, flowmaster, dynomax, or other performance exhausts
vermiculite is goldish colored.perlite is white I wouldn't dry them out in the oven; i'd compost it and buy new stuff. they are very inexpensive
Need a nice exhaust system. not too loud for a 2006 E60 530i. suggest anything?
Billy Boat or Dinan.Billy Boat might save you a few bucks, but quality is equal between the two. Dinan retains factory warranty for factory parts connected to the aftermarket exhaust, but honestly, i wouldn't worry about it since your car is most likely out of warranty anyways.
Land Rover can be partially submerged in water; how (if at all?) does the exhaust system differ from other exhaust engineering to prevent damage?
Land Rover Exhaust Systems
What is the best thing i could do to my crf250r. Get a full procircuit ti5 exhaust or revalve the suspension to my weight? I race arenacross
the purely way that it can void the generating unit assure if it motives yet another area of the automobile to fail. maximum situations, it can do no longer some thing to the generating unit assure. so for you to be alright to positioned a cat-back gadget on the automobile, yet i doesn't take the converter off less than any situations (Ford faster diesels are an exception)
buy on ebay used exhaust system for 2006 crf250r
if you need a new exhaust for your 2006 CRF250, there are lots of choices. one is OKorder. you can buy online. good if your living in california. there are lots of shops and stores that offer after-market pipes and exhaust systems for dirt bikes
They will be for a 2008 HD Road King. I‘m not looking to shake windows in my neighborhoodjust something louder than stock. I‘ve been looking at Cobra slip on‘s.
This would take some experimentation on your part. But one thing you need to know is that its not the same as other soldering. So you're going to have to get a propane soldering kit. Like 20$ or less at Home Depot or Lowes. And also a wire brush, emory cloth, etc. But in attaching cooper to galvanized pipe, I would try looking for a compression fitting for going from that size of galvanized pipe to the copper pipe and not do any soldering. If the galvanized pipe has no threads, get a die to thread it.
I also plan on upgrading the Intake System. I just had this car up on a lift when having new tires put on and just realized hw immaculate it is. The undercoating kept everything flawless! No dents, knicks, scratchs, rust anywhere! The exhaust however is starting to rust a bit and I want to replace it. I see a lot of low cost cat back systems (around $150) and headers ($200) but wonder if the more expensive ones make a difference? I want something that is going to last!
To buy a set of headers that will make a real difference, you'll need to spend at least $400. But you need other supporting mods.
Also what exhaust part should you buy to get a nice aggressive sound and improve horsepower.
Starting at the head(s). Exhaust manifold gasket, exhaust manifold, clamps (or welded), 02 sensor, pre converter, catalytic converter, 02 sensor (some cases) pipe, pre muffler baffle (some cases) muffler tail pipe, finisher. Misc hangers throughout. Usually just a muffler will do it to get a different sound. Some people do a cat back system which is piping and muffler(s) and sometimes a connecting pipe from one side to the other in dual exhaust systems. (sometimes called a crossover or X pipe)