Turbocharger GT22 736210-0005 736210-5005 for JMC Komatsu

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Product Description:

Quick Details

  • Type: Turbochargers

  • Car Make: JMC

  • OE NO.: 736210-0005

  • Model Number: GT22

  • Warranty: 6 Months

  • Cooled Type: Oil cooled

  • Fuel Type: Diesel

  • Engine Code: JX493ZLQ

  • Related Part No.: 736210-0005 736210-5005 1118300SZ IC30035S

Packing & Delivery

Packing Detail:

  • Neutal Packing or the package as requirement

  • One turbo in a Carton

  • Wooden case is a good choice for ocean shipping

Delivery Detail:7-30 Days.(As Per Quantity)


  • High Speed, higher torque and improved response.

  • Lower Fuel Consumption.

  • Turbo and all its parts 100% changeable with original.

  • Perfect Follow-up Service

In Addition,we are also business in parts of Turbocharger such as:

  • Turbine Housing

  • Compressor Housing/Cover

  • Bearing Housing

  • Repair Kits

  • CHRA

  • Valve

  • Shaft Wheel 

  • Compressor Wheel/Impeller

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Q:how many Db is a stock exhaust system on a honda crf250?
Many girls have a really close relationship with their fathers. Me and my dad are cool to this very day.
Q:i recently bought a 2005 hyundai tiburon se and it is in great shape, i love the car. i am just starting to do little things to it, and i want to add a better exhaust that is not that expensive and not that loud but loud enough to get people attention and sound nice. please help me out in finding the best one to purchase because i have no idea what I‘m looking for. Thanks!
If you make incorrect corrections to such exhaust system, you arer asking for troubleI would leave it alonebut if you want any exchange of ideas for what you want, go to the Hyundia mechanics and let them do it
Q:Is this a good exhaust system for my honda civic?
Ok man here is what you want to do if you want a cheap but decent sounding exahst. Go on OKorder and search for a jdm muffler. They will be about 23 bucks and then just have a local muffler shop cut you old muffler off and put that one on. Don't even mess with the cats or anything. My buddy did it to his del sol and it sounds pretty good
Q:i want to give my truck a better sound since im driving now, do any of you guys know a really good system for my truck? price isnt a problem. i have a 2001 GMC 2500hd crew cab
It depends on how much work you are willing to put into it. I have always found that Borla cat back exhaust were pretty nice sounding ones. You can also just buy a muffler and put it where the stock one is. They make Flowmaster which also sounds nice, but just cheaper.
Q:also were i can buy one
well most company now are making many street exhaust system under 93dbs, DC Sports, Skunk2, and Greddy to name a few go under there sites and they have a list of each one.
Q:How does it hold up to the weather elements and is it easy to scratch/damage on the road from debris?
It's very resistant to corrosion, most of which comes from the engine. As to toughness, just as tough as the rust-prone carbon steel they used to use. Ford has been using stainless on the Crown Vicky exhaust for over ten years, they are the most popular cop/taxi car around. When I got my '89 Mustang, it had stainless exhaust pipes from the factory. I would polish the tips with Brasso, an abrasive but good metal cleaner, until they were beautiful !! Did that for like ten years, until I removed the factory exhaust because it was too small.
Q:i dont really understand what the difference is between different pipe set ups you got X pipe straight ect. care to explain (i could be wrong on the 2 suggestions i gave care to help me out understand exhaust systems more), does having a different pipe alignment help with horsepower or somthing because i know that turbos are related to the exhaust so would the direction of the pipeing increase your hp gain?thanks
The direction wouldn't really help. More to do with the type of bends and width and design. The bends mandrel bend and press bend. Mandrel keeps the bend constant which usually cost more but allow better flow. Press bends are cheaper but restrict and interrupts flow of the exhaust gases. Yes, the exhaust is related to the turbo. Normally the exhaust goes straight out of a car N/A normal engines. In a turbo the exhaust gases go through the turbine/turbo which spins it at high rpms which forces more air and more fuel to the engine making the engine work harder creating more power than normal engine of the same size. Arrangement(exhaust) depending on how many cylinders you got say 4 easier to explain. You get 4 into one or 4-2-1. Which means the 4 cylinder exhaust from the manifold meet into 1 pipe and out the exhaust. which is pretty pointless for a 4 cyl more useful for a big engine or high horse power vehicle. The 4-2-1 would be 4 pipes meet into 2 pipes into 1 pipe good for low down power more useful for smaller engines. Anyhow any good exhaust shop owner should be more than happy to explain it to you if they want your buiness.
Q:I want to replace by cars exhaust with a straight pipe from start to finish. Can I do this in the US?If not, can I at least remove all the pans except for the catalytic converter?I dont know if it matters but the car is turbocharged, has 1 catalytic converter and two independent exhaust pipes (each with its own pan).The replacements exhaust is not DIY. They are aftermarket but made for the car.
A cat converter is not required. REQUIRED is to pass a smog test, do that with a straight pipe and you're good to go, the fact that 80,000 engineers can't do it is not a factor. You MUST pass the smog test.
Q:I would like to purchase an aftermarket exhaust system for my car. I have done some research and have found a Pacesetter Monza. A Borla exhaust part 11734. A Mandrel custom made exhaust. And a Trubendz custom made exhaust. I would like the exhaust to be relatively quiet because I still want to be able to hear someone while hitting the gas but i don‘t want it to be stock. I want some grunt. Plus i would like to have good airflow and a solid all round exhaust. Please help me find the right exhaust for my needs. I have about 300-350$. I will be installing myself.
in case you bypass over this ordinary shift element like in case you carry it in 1st does it nevertheless sputter or does it do merely it a particular portion of RPMs. If it gets to a element and nevertheless is sputtering after it then i think of you're able to be on the merely right song. replace the regulator first then if that would not restore it then purchase a gasoline tension guage and hook it up (someplace on the gasoline rail there will be a situation that appears like a tire fill plug) At idle and whilst below load (or revving) the stress must be 30-40psi and whilst the engine is slowing down (particularly whilst utilising) the stress must be much less. If the engine off tension or idle tension is below 30psi then the gasoline pump could be responsible. If pressures are wholesome then seem into cleansing the MAF sensor (with the aid of spraying electric purifier down the holes) and probably changing the spark plug wires (till if its coil on plug then that wont count) Which jogs my memory, it extremely is time for a spark plug exchange.
Q:I want to buy a dual exhaust for my 1965 Ford Mustang. I don‘t know what resonators do or what would be better help.
They further reduce the sound of the existing exhaust to a lower tone.

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